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Memories of Shy
Shy-Ann or Shy as she was better known was one of the Sweetest,kindest souls you could ever meet. I am so glad that not a day went by that I didn't tell her how much I loved her. Even through all of her illness everyday that I came home, she was there to meet me with a little move we called turning inside out. For as big as she was,she could almost completely turn herself inside out with excitement. No matter where I went,she was there. Even the baathroom !! She went to work with me, she went shopping with me and patiently waited for me to be done. She even attended a couple of Dr.'s appt.'s 2 1/2 hrs. from home. As long as she was with me,she was happy. The same was true for me. The worst day of my life was Sept. 28, 2009. That was the day I had to say " I'll see you later my best friend " as I didn't say goodbye, for she is waiting at the rainbow bridge for me. I will see her little crocked face again someday. I only hope she knows just how much she was loved for her time on earth. shy-Ann I love you and miss you more than I could ever explain. RIP Shy-shy.


Dear Shy,
It has been one month and a day since you went to the bridge without me. It seems like just yesterday. The pain never seems to ease. God only knows how much I miss you. I miss kissing that crooked face of yours. I miss the turning inside out. I miss all of you. I love you so much still. I read a short story about how you and god would send me my next dog. I never ever planned for another permanent dog in our home, but some how you made it happen. I know you never liked the fosters that you had to share me with, but one seemed to be special. That little black boxer mix that I worked so hard to make sure she got out of the shelter and found her forever home somehow ended up 1800 miles from where she started here with me. Please know that she will never ever take your place,but she seems to keep my mind occupied. I feel very strongly that you knew what little time you had left, and somehow you knew that my life would not be complete without someone here on earth to hold. Therefore you whispered to god to send me what I now call Sage. Please know that you took a special piece of my heart with you when you had to go. I love Sage and so does your little brother Wilson, but we will never forget you. We all love you and miss you soo. Another foster girl whom never knew the pleasure of a home or someone to call her own went to the bridge today. We are all heart broken, so please show her the way and make her feel comfortable. knowing you were there to greet her and show her the way eases some of the pain. Thank you so much Misty and Cathy for the gift of my Sage. RIP Luna ( a stray whom never made it out of surgery @ under a year to know the love of family of her own) We tried. We all love you so much and miss you more than anyone could ever know Shy-Shy. RIP !! I will write you again when my strength allows.

Dear precious shy, It has been one year today since you went to the bridge with out me. I still think I see you every now and than. I can't believe the pain of loosing you is still so strong. People say that time will heal, but I don't think so. I miss you and love you more than ever. I will carry this hole in my heart forever. I wish I could just hug you and kiss on your beautiful boxing dog face just one more time. I hope you are running free in the fields under the warm sunshine at the bridge. I know you will be waiting for me there. Until than my precious baby, RIP. I love you and miss you more than you will ever know. OXOX

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