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Memories of Shnitzel
3/8/2022 - I haven't written on here in too long. Miss your sweet cuddles, and sweet face. Your love will always stay with me, in my heart. I do hope you have a great yard, some beach to run on, and you love your life, feeling good, and being healthy. Just remember Mommy loves you SO much, and will never forget you, little dude. Sending you hugs from here. XOXOXOXO

3/31/2021 - Hi bud. It's been a long time since I have visited this site. I still think of you, often, and miss your sweet, sweet little self. I hope you are enjoying Spring, and watching over all of us. I miss taking you to Trolley Barn Park, and throwing your ball. You used to love that so much. We miss you at the river too. Gma Sue is always so sweet, and always took such good care of you when it was too hot for you in the boat. I LOVE YOU buddy, and miss you always. Mom.

9/5/2019 - Hi Shnitzels! I thought about you the other day, and your first time at the lake, with your little life jacket. You were such a good little swimmer! I always miss you and love you buddy. Just wanted to send you a little hello! XOXOXOXOXO

3/27/2019 - It's been way too long! I still miss you every day little man. It's always hard for me to write in here, cuz I miss you so much. Dad and I say hi, and we still drive by your favorite park on our scooters and think of you. I know you always watch over us, so thank you for that. I hope you are enjoying your time. Love you always buddy! XOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXO

3/29/2018 - Hi buddy! Sorry I have not been around lately. I updated your little area with some spring love, and flowers to bring light, just like you were. I still miss your little face, every day, and think of you all the time. Daddy and I miss you very much. Say hi to Francois and Rusty! WE LOVE YOU!

12/5/2017 - Hi Shnitzels! I decorated your little memory place with some things for Christmas. Hope you like. I miss you all the time, buddy. Wish you were here to enjoy the holidays with us, and your bro, Ninja. You guys would have lots of fun together. I know it. Anyway, I miss your face, and your cuddles. Hope all is well up in Heaven. Love you!

9/12/2017 - Hey buddy! I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I can't believe it's been almost 4 years since you left us. I still miss you just as much as I did then. There are certain souls that we are linked to in life, and yours was one that is attached to mine, and will always be. I hope your soul is happy. I would do anything to snuggle with you under the covies again. Your brother Ninja is a good boy, and always good at snuggling, but he could have learned a few tips from you. Haha. I hope heaven is fun and beautiful. Miss and love you to the moon! XOXOXOXOXOXO all the hugs and kisses.

1/25/17 - Shnitzel, I am so sorry I have not written to you in a while. I still cry when I think of you, and you are still missed very much. I keep your tag on my keys, always, which brings me a happy reminder of your sweet face. Your brother Ninja is a little crazy, and definitely does not have your temperment. I am sure you are laughing from heaven at him. He is crazy. I do think you two would be great brothers. Ninja would love to have a big brother and a yard. I just want you to know Mommy loves you, every day, and I think of you all the time. I hope you got to see Francois, and you guys are hanging out running free. Love you to the MOON baby Shnitz! XOXOXOXOXOXO

11/6/15 - Missing everything you do so much my little buddy! Miss your digs, cuddles under the covers, your excitement when I would come home from work. I miss how smart you are. I hope you are happy and healthy, and loving running amuck with all your fur amigos. Know Mommy loves you and misses your soul, your face, your little self, SO much! XOXO

6/4/15 - Thinking of you again little Shnitzel. I miss you. I miss taking you to Grandma Sue's and Dad's to play and swim in the river. You loved it so much. Hope you don't mind, we let Ninja use your life jacket. He is a crazy little guy like you were. I know you would love him. Anyway, I hope you are having a great day up in heaven, playing with lots of buddies. Take care of all my friends lost, and Grandma's and Grandpa's! Tell them hi for me, and give them Shnitzel kisses. Love you buddy. XOXO Mommy

4/8/2015 - Thinking of you today my little buddy. It's so nice to see the sweet messages from everyone. It brings peace to my heart. I wish you were here to meet Ninja. He is a very sweet boy. Not quite as good as you were (ha ha) but I am sure he will learn. We are trying to teach him. You two would have loved to play fetch together. I know Ninja would be your best bud. We miss you little man. Hope your days are great! Love you to the bridge and back. XO Mom

Shnitzel was such a loving, sweet, hilarious little fur kid. We could not have asked for a better buddy. He took care of Mommy when she had surgery, went on all our trips, got to see the world from little Shnitzel eyes. He was spunky, funny, loved his precious frisbee, and his favorite game was catch. Shnitzel was the best cuddler in the world, and always there for you when you needed him.

Shnitzel loved to go sailing, to the river, and ride in Grandpa's boat, and to the desert and play with the other pups. He had no fear! Shnitz loved the beach, and loved his favorite park Trolley Barn. He loved to chase his frisbee. Shnitzel even rode on Dad's scooter from our old house to the park. He loved the wind in his hair, and the grass under his feet. The beach and dog parks were also some of his most loved places to visit. He had so many friends, I can't even count!

What we didn't know about Shnitz does break my heart. He was born with chronic kidney failure. He only lived a little more than three years. We never would have known this, as we didn't have much money when we first got Shnitz, so we were not able to take him to the vet for initial checks, regularly. Our awesome friends Cara and John had a friend who had the litter. He was one of the second litter of a few pups, and they offerred to bring him to us, and he was free! We had previously babysat his older brother Chester, and loved him, and loved the breed. Shiranian's they called them. Half Shi Tzu, and half Pomerainians. Fiesty, fun little poofs! Shnitzel was such a good puppy. We never noticed anything unusual about him except he sure did pee a lot. After about three years he started to look like he was not feeling very good, and he threw up his food a few times. Mom noticed he just wasn't acting right, and we were finally able to take him to the vet. They did some tests, and had to keep him overnight. Day 1, we found out his kidneys were failing. This could have been due to it being overly hot that week, or just that his body was starting to not be able to handle it, and his kidneys were not working correctly. We were absolutely devastated to hear this news, and that his levels were astronomical. They told us they were not sure they could even get him back to normal, and much less even save him. We have never been more heartbroken in our lives. I have never, ever had a pet that I cared for as much as this little guy. When he was gone, my heart was just broken. It has taken me this long to put up the memorial. I am now so happy I did. I can now remember him always, and others can read his story, and we can share our love. I truly feel he was sent to us by God, and placed in our lives to remind us about unconditional love, and to open our hearts to it. I am so happy to have been his Mommy for the short time he was here.

His love, and docile personality made it easy to love him more and more every single day. There is not a day that goes by, that I don't think about his cute little fur face, with his little under bite. Rest in paradise baby boy. We will visit you often, and never forget you.


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