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Memories of Shirley (Shirl)
Shirl came into my world 7 years ago. I went to the animal shelter to find the perfect pet. I knew when I saw him or her I would know. It would be an instant connection and he or she would immediately feel like family.
I saw her in the far corner. The tiniest little dog I had ever laid eyes on. An adorable tan (blonde). She was there with her foster owner. She told me that she was 10 weeks old. She was rescued from the pound where she was born. Her mother was brought to the pound pregnant and Shirl was born there. Shirl was there with her mother and her brother. Only two pups in the litter. Oddly they were both black. And much bigger is stature. So much so that I thought Shirl was mine because she had such a great story and in my eyes was born interesting.
I picked her up and she settled into the crook of my neck. This was her. My fur baby. My tiny shadow, my best friend.
Shirl never quite grew. She came to me at 2 pounds and grew to be a staggering four pounds. Often times people would stare in awe and state she was the smallest dog they had ever seen. They would ask how old was the puppy? They asked this until the day she died. Shirl always looked and acted young. Her spirit was that of a puppy. Running and jumping and never seeming to tire of her zest and love of life.
Shirl May have been tiny but her spirit was huge. She feared nothing. She never cowared or feared bigger dogs. Often times she would run up to them to play and sometimes even get in the face of a pit or a giant lab and seem to not even notice that she could be taken in one swallow. She feared nothing.
Shirl was happy in all she did. She loved the human connection. She loved everyone. And everyone loved her. She was with me through the best of times and the worst. Always my tiny shadow and constant companion. Anywhere I went Shirl was at my heels. Smiling her goofy little smile and doing what she could to get my attention.
Often times she would lay next to me or on my chest and fall asleep to the beat of my heart. She was the light of my life. The purest little being I had ever known. Her joy and her unwavering love always reminded me that the world could be an amazing place. If a spirit like Shirl existed there was beauty and love in this world.
I loved Shirl with my whole heart. I told her every day of her too short life I loved her. Even when she acted out and got in trouble I would immediacy tell her I loved her. She felt like a gift in my life. Her love was too perfect and in my heart I knew it couldn't last a lifetime. Nothing that incredible lasts forever.
Her favorite thing to do was to go on walks, take naps with me, beg for treats and do her adorable little tricks to get one. She loved her stuft skunk and her weasel. She loved my mom much like I love my own grandmother. She was perfect.
Shirl died far too young. Her death broke my heart. As much joy as her life gave me, her death gave me equal amounts of sorrow. I will miss her until the day I die. She was my baby. My best friend, my loyal companion and an angel that was taken far too soon.
I love you Shirl. I will forever remember you running in circles chasing your tail, stealing my socks and finding them in your bed, waking up to your adorable face and kissing your tiny head and thanking you for being my pet. I was the luckiest woman to have been your mom. In my dreams you are running free in the sun, chasing a ball. You are forever young. You are forever happy and now forever free.

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