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Memories of Shiloh

You think they'll live forever. You never want them to go away. You miss them when you come home for work and the howl telling you they're glad you're home. You miss waking them up for breakfast. You miss the barking while you fill the bowl full of their favorite food. You miss the walks to the park. You miss the stare they give you while you're eating and wonder why they can't have any. You miss the sound of their nails on the tile. You miss them jumping off the bed in the middle of the night to get some water or want a snack. You miss them running and chasing each other around the house. You miss petting them after a long day. You miss putting them on your bed and both of you falling asleep as you pet them. You just miss them.

Back in 2003 we were living in Denver. We had our Jake, another Beagle, who went to the bridge in March, 2013. We took him to Doggy Daycare where he was pampered and was able to socialize. One day the Daycare owner asked if we had room in our house to take in another Beagle. Shiloh was abandoned at the Daycare. He was barely 2 1/2 years old. The only thing I was concerned with was whether or not he would get along with Jake. My wife brought Shiloh home for the test. We never let him go. He was the sweetest, shyest little guy who got along with everyone. He was automatically part of the family. Got him the medical seal of approval and that was it.

A year later we moved back to Salt Lake. We began taking the boys to daycare just about everyday. At least we had the nights and weekends together with the boys. I spoiled them rotten. I guess I do that because they represent all that is calm and relaxing to me. And, they give unconditional love. Very rarely would we go on vacations for the simple fact I missed my little guys way to much to be away. We began taking them every year to California for Christmas to visit family. I would take them to the parks, for rides, never be away from them. Shiloh was especially sweet since he had that shy, standoffish personality. One thing he was never shy about was eating. Boy, did he love to eat.

We knew Shiloh was on the heavy side so it was time to take him to the vet and get him on a diet. Even the vet thought he was really heavy. Well, we got him down to a manageable weight.
A few years later Shiloh began losing weight. What seemed like daily, he was losing and eventually looked like he was starving. Well, he was diagnosed as diabetic. Immediately we put him on a special diet and began insulin twice daily. Of course, the little guy never thought anything wrong. He was as hungry as ever and the diabetes was a little inconvenience. We just monitored his diet and meds. Just a thoroughly happy pooch. And this happy pooch had a habit of getting hold of anything that fit in his mouth and swallowing it. Socks, underwear, rubber slippers, paper, money (yes money), $250 cash, dirt....you name it. Found the money, but couldn't spend it.....if you know what I mean.

Over the years that followed, Shiloh was in and out of the vet several times. One, to get his insulin correct, other times for various doggie problems. In fact these past 3 years he had gotten sick several times and had to be hospitalized. A couple of times, vets had suggested that Shiloh was up there in age and maybe it's time to let him go. I didn't allow it. every
time he would bounce back. Loved everything about life. Or was it us?? He eventually slowed down, hearing and eyes were not working the same. He began knocking into walls. His appetite was still good though. He was still the special guy who we loved more than life itself and I think he did to. We would still go for walks, only slower and shorter distances.

Shiloh, about a week ago, started losing his appetite and we had to mix chicken into everything we gave him. The guy knew the word chicken, that's for sure. You had to yell it but boy did he come running for it. A couple of days ago Shiloh didn't want to smell food let alone eat it. Not even chicken. You see, I knew one day Shiloh would give me the stare......the look in his eyes that would tell me it was time. I think he did so that Sunday morning. Had a rough day. About midnight, we took Shiloh to the emergency because he was having a hard time breathing.
Well, that night we said our last goodbyes to sweet Shiloh. I didn't want to leave him. All the memories began racing through my mind. I know we gave this boy a great life. And he appreciated that so much with his unconditional love and loyalty.

Been tough last couple of days. My routine with my Shiloh was abruptly stopped. Everywhere I am in the house there is a reminder. It's very hard. My heart is empty. My hopes and prayers say that the hurt will pass. But never, never will I forget the love that Shiloh gave me. I'll miss him forever.

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