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Memories of Shiloh T. Martin
Jan 31, 2001

Baby girl, it has been 20 yrs since you entered Rainbows bridge, and I still ache for you every day. You were our first German shepherd and we loved you so deeply, we have had two more since you passed.

With love and devotion, Dad

February 11, 2020

Dear Shiloh,

How is my beautiful baby doing? It has been 19 yers since you crossed over the bridge,I cannot believe you have been gone for so long, I still have a hole in my heart that cannot be filled because we loved you so much, I now live in Myrtle Beach and have not been back to MD, for 2 years, but when I do get up there, I promise Daddy will come by and visit your grave, I still miss and love you very much!

Love you Baby girl, always Daddy!

Dec 26, 2019

Hey Babe,

Merry Xmas Sweetie! Another is coming to an end and the emptiness of your passing is still very prominent. I have not been able to visit your resting place as we now live in SC, and I have not returned for 2 years. I promise you that the very next time I get up North, I will visit and bring you a loving gift for your grave. We love and miss you everyday!!!! Can't wait to see you at the bridge one day!

Love always, Daddy!

January 31, 2019

Happy Birthday Shiloh,

Today marks the 18th year that you entered Rainbows Bridge, it feels like just yesterday I miss you so much! I moved down South so haven't been up to visit your resting space, if I get back there, I look forward to visiting and bring you a chew toy and a bone. I love and miss you and will always keep you in my thoughts until we meet at the bridge.

Love always, Dad

Happy Birthday my Dearest Shiloh,

17 years ago you crossed over Rainbows Bridge and left me broken hearted forever, I still have that hole in my heart where you left it on that day. It seems like a long time but it has not diminished my memory of you one bit. We have moved again, this time to SC, so it makes it more difficult to visit your grave site, but I will do my best to visit on my next trip back to MD.

I have never stopped loving you and my memories are fun to remember,
Love Daddy

Good Morning Sweetie,

Today is 16 Years ago that you entered Rainbows Bridge, and the hurt of losing you is ever present! I have been meaning to visit your resting place and apologize that I missed xmas, but I and Mom will be visiting in the ne y few weeks and bring you some treats.

All my love, Dad


Hi My sweetie, I miss you so much, Mom and me will be visiting your resting spot very soon, once the weather turns. I will bring you a nice bone. I am looking forward to the day we meet again, with you, Shelby and eventually Sophie.

Love Daddy

My Dearest Shiloh,

Good Morning sweety, today is the 13th year anniversary of your crossing over rainbowsbridge. Mom and I still love and miss you very much; and cannot believe it has been this long. We still have many pictures of you in our home and get to see you all the time when you were happy and healthy, that makes us feel very close to you, it still hurts remembering the day you left, and we hope you are happy and playing with all the other pets there with you. We did not get the chance to visit your grave on Xmas this year, but we will visit in the early spring, and bring you a wonderful flower. We continue and will always miss and love you Shiloh, nothing will change that, and I cannot wait to see when my turn comes to crossing over there with you!!

Love Dad, your big playmate!!!

Good Morning Sweetie, I am thinking of you today.
Love Daddy


Hi Sweetheart!!!

This is a very sad day for me; it marks a day in my life that still brings tears to my eyes thinking of you. Although 12 years may seem a long time; I remember you and everything about the day 12 years ago. Time does heal most of the pain and sorrow; but it never erases the love and bonding we shared in life. I love and miss you everyday; along with your younger sibling Shelby. I've had the honor of having two wonderful, loving and devoted German Shepherds in my life, and nothing can or will ever change that. We are forever locked in an eternal embrace and that makes me happy.

Special hugs and kisses to you my sweet baby, rest easy!

Love Dad


My Sweet Shiloh,

Tomorrow marks the 12th year since you entered Rainbows Bridge, oh how I still miss your loving personality and your devotion. Mom and I visited your grave om Xmas 2012, removed the little bit of snow from your plaque to expose your wonderful picture of you. I remember the day so clearly we laid you to rest; on the small slope overlooking the that farm and wooded area, it is so pretty there. It is as clear today as it was that sorrowful day. We still have many pictures of you all over our house, and we never tire of seeing them. I hope you are at peace and waiting for me, I can't wait to see you again.

Love Dad


Good Morning My sweet Shiloh!

I hope you are having fun and waiting for me to visit you at the bridge! You have another sister now, her name is Sophia (Sophie) for short. She is a beautiful GSD just like you, not as big but just as sweet. I cannot believe it has been 11 years since you went to Rainbows Bridge, where did the time go? I'm sorry, I have to go, I get too choked up even after all this time........Love you

My sweet Shiloh, today marks one of the worse days of my life, it is the day you entered Rainbow's bridge, Jan 31, 2001. I still; after all this time; miss you so very much!! You were and always will be one big ole sweet girl. I still have many pictures of you throughout the house, on the refrigerator, on the mantle and a big framed picture in the office, along side your adopted sister Shelby, who entered Rainbow's bridge on July 5, 2011.

That is another worst day of my life, she was so much like you, and her passing left a second hole in my heart! Mom and I visited your grave on Xmas day 2011, we placed some flowers and two flags on each side of your plaque, which we cleared away some grass that was starting to cover the edges. We will never let that happen where your plaque is overgrown like many others are around you.

Hi my pretty baby (Shiloh)
I hung the rainbows bridge poem in a frame with your picture in the bedroom which is an office; alongside Shelby's plague. I say good morning and good night to both of you each day and miss you both so much. My love has never waned for you Shiloh and never will. I wish I had some digital pics of you so I could post them so everyone could see how beautiful you are. Unforutnately, all the pics I have are hard copy.
Love Daddy

Hey sweet Girl!
I was looking at some old pictures of you when we first moved into the single house, I had forgotten just how big and pretty you were, always playing and running around. I hope you have found Shelby and Katie, they both entered Rainbow's bridge the first week of July. I get a smile on my face when I think of the 3 of you altogther there! I just hope you all behave and don't get into any minor scuffles.......I know how 3 ladies can be when they get togther (ha!).
Love Dad

Dear Shiloh and Shelby,

I miss you both so much, the house is just so lonely when I get home from work and the weekends are worse. Shelby I hope you found Shiloh at the bridge; I can't wait to meet you both there one day, I will have the biggest smile on my face, and the hugs and kisses will be flowing. Take care of each other until I get there, then I will take care of both of you.

Love Dad

Dear Shiloh, July 8, 2011
It is with a very sad heart I am writing to you today; your sister Shelby has passed over to Rainbows bridge on July 5, 2011. She fought the cancer as long as she could, but it started to effect her eating and swallowing, it was just too hard to watch her suffer, so Mom and I made the decision to help her go home and be with you. This again was a very hard decision, just as it was with you; but we knew we could not let her go on suffering; she had lost 16 lbs in the last few months and was not her normal self. At times she would still want to play ball, but had a hard time opening her jaw to pick them up, she tried though, right up until the end. We had her cremated and her urn is a large dog house with her name and picture on the front, really pretty, just like her. I wish we would have done that with you, I regret it now. Shiloh, please take care of her when you see her, you are the big sister, but I know you will.
I love you both;

My dear Shiloh, just wanted to let you know, your adopted sister (Shelby) has been diagnosed with throat cancer and it is non-curable say the doctors. She has had several tests and specialist examine her and they all agree, it is just a matter of time before she comes to rainbows bridge. She is taking medication to slow the growth down and pain meds and she has been doing pretty well, but we have been told it is a temporary solution. I can't bare the thought of losing her; she has brought so much joy to us since we lost you, but I made a commitment to her that I would be with her through all of it and when the time comes; I will not let her suffer. They said she could last for few weeks or maybe 6 months, they just don't know, but she was diagnosed in Dec and probably had it for several weeks prior to that. We just take each day and make it as meaningful for her and us. I will keep you advised; so when she is called home; you can meet her at the bridge, kind of show her around and keep her out of trouble; she is a beautiful Shepherd just like you.

Love Dad

Jan 31, 2011
My sweet baby, today is the 10 year anniversary of your passing and going to rainbows Bridge. We still think of you everyday and have missed you so much. Today is a very sad day for us; but I hope you are running and playing with all your pals waiting on us to meet you there one day.

It is so hard to think how much time has lapsed since you passed, seems like yesterday and I rememeber it as though it were. We visited your grave on Xmas day 2010 as I promised, cleaned off your plaque, took some pictures and prayed for you, we miss you so much still, you had a big impact on our lives. Have fun and rememebr; always look towards the sunlight; thats the direction I will be coming from on the day our lives cross paths once again.

love Dad

Jan 12, 2011

My Dear Shiloh,

It has been almost 10 years since you crossed over Rainbows Bridge, I miss you just as much today as the day you departed. My heart is still very sad when I think about you and the times we had with you; you were my big sweet heart of a girl!!!!

I feel terrible; I haven't visited your grave for several months, time just seems to fly by; but I promise, I will visit you this Xmas and bring you a very special toy.

Shelby (your adopted sister) has been feeling alittle sick lately, we had her to the vet two times and they can't seem to find out what is wrong with her, she has a hard time eating, and is coughing, will get her additional testing if not better in a few more days. Shiloh, you would love her, she is just like you, very loving, friendly and very playful with her balls in the yard, of course; she doesn't try to get out of the yard, she is alittle more dependent than you were, you were an explorer for sure!!!

We still have many pictures of you displayed all over the house; our two little darlings; we tell Shelby all about you and she just sits and twists her head back and forth(like dogs do)when trying to understand every word we are saying.

Merry Xmas Sweetie and we will visit very soon;

12/28/10......Well, Xmas is over and we are now planning for new years. We visited your grave on Xmas morning, I cleaned off your memorial plaque and placed a flag at the base of the stone and took some nice pics. It is such a nice area where you are resting. I can't believe it will be 10 years next month, my god, I remember the day we laid you to rest as if it were yesterday, I still think and miss you every day. Your little sister, Shelby has not been herself the last few weeks, we have another Vet appt on Thursday, she has a hard time swallowing and appears to shy away from chewing anything, as if her throat really hurts her. We had X-rays taken and they didn't show anything abnormal but we know she is not herself. She looks alot like you, of course you were much bigger than she is; she weights about 80 lbs and you were 110 lbs of muscle and excitement, hard to keep you locked in the yard.......We still have many pics of you throughout the house and on the refrigerator and we always will. I will be leaving work for now, you take care, play safe and remember, we love you so very much forever!!!


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