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Memories of Sherry
My Sherry was the first pet I got all on my own as soon as I moved out of my parent's home. She was with me for almost 12 years and will remain in my heart for the rest of my life. It was really funny when I introduced her to my parents for the first time. I told them that I had brought them their first grandchild. My mom took a long time to come around to the idea, but they began to love her too. She has left a lasting impression and four babies for us to continue to love. Dad has Snoopy, who looks just like his mom. I have Princess, an accident that has never been regretted, and Princess's two sisters are at my cousins' house, Chloe and Zoe. All three of them look like black Schnauzers, since their sire was one.

Have fun chasing the butterflies and fireflies in Rainbow Bridge, My Beautiful Sherry.

1/9/06 Hello my baby. Mommy misses you so much. I still have a hard time knowing you will not be hiding under the sewing machine or ever again wake me with a cold nose in the middle of the night. Princess is doing well, but Snoopy is missing you too. I will give hugs and kisses to Chloe and Zoe when I see them next. I love you, little girl.

1/13/06 Hello Beautiful. It has been only 6 days without you, but it feels like an eternity. I put your picture in my locket and have been wearing it close to my heart, which is where you will always be. The biggest comfort I have is picturing you running and playing in the meadows there at Rainbows Bridge, like you did when you were much younger out in the back yard, chasing your ball or rope. Happy will be the day when we meet again, but until then, enjoy you new furry friends. I love you my baby.

1/29/2011 You have been gone from our lives for 5 years now, but still a large part of my heart. Princess still keeps me company, and Zoe is still a happy girl, but Snoopy and Chloe have joined you in Rainbow's Bridge. Although they are also missed here, I am sure you enjoy their company. I look forward to seeing you again my beautiful girl!

1/12/2012 I still miss my first little girl, but you are now a grandma! Princess has 5 beautiful babies now just shy of a month old. They are healthy, happy, and wonderful little reminders of the love I still have for Sherry in my heart.

2/18/2013 Miss Princess has come to join you in Rainbow Bridge today. I know you won't mind sharing space with your baby, and I will continue to take great care of her children here with me. Madison and Bocephus are happy young dogs, so your legacy still lives. In fact, you even have a great grandbaby from Junior (who lives with your Uncle Randy) named Smokey. She is a cutey too. Cooper and Monkey have great homes to call their own and I still keep up with them too. Little Zoe is still keeping cousin Emily company and I get to see her now and then too. I asked Princess to give you a big kiss from me as soon as she got there. I still miss you, My Sherry.

1/7/2017 Eleven years later, I still miss you my Sherry. Princess has been with you for almost 4 years and I know the two of you are chasing bunnies together. Your grandbabies are now 5 years old and happy. Love them every day in memory.

1/7/2018 24 years ago, you came into my life and changed it forever... You now have great grandbabies, Prince and Ginger, so your legacy goes on. I also know that my daughter Gabriell has wonderful friends to play with in heaven.

12/30/2020 Buster has come to join you. He was a good dog. Brian probably only stayed as long as he did caring for his buddy, and now he has joined him in death. I think he was heart broken...

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