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Memories of Sherman
Sherman we miss you so much. You inspire us. Everywhere we go we are reminded of the wonderful times we had with you. Life with you was always a gift. You had a happy life and enriched ours. The pizza man misses you too. There were so many wonderful times at Nod Brook and Stratton Brook Park. You always led us over Sherman's Hope Bridge in that park. You will live forever on the website named
http://www.stemcellwatchdog.com. There you will direct animals and people to the research that will help
lead to cures. LOVE, Mark, Grammie & Grandpa

Good Morning Little Puppy. I remember the day Mark called and said he was choosing you for his best friend from Bideawee in New York City. The first time I met you it was love a first sight at Tudor City Place. Mark said you jumped for joy from the couch to the bed when he got you home. No crate for you! Mark said you remembered the person who walked you at Bideawee and when you saw him you gave him a warm greeting.
You were so smart to recognize your green apartment door from a row of fifteen.
You got so excited when the pizza bicycle came by. Sherman: SMART LOYAL LOVING

Good morning Little Puppy. I remember when you came to Connecticut in 1999. We all had so much fun with you at Nod Brook. There you would run like the wind off leash, jump in the water to cool off in the summer, then run all over the place, sniff, dig and play with the other dogs. People would say what a happy dog you were. Sometimes you would sneak over the bank out of sight for a dip in the Farmington River. Fortunaately you came back when we called you. We went many times in all seasons. You would bark loudly as we approached the area in anticipation. You were so happy when you found a sliced old tennis ball. That was a treasure for you, not any fancy toys. Sherman: ADVENTUROUS PLAYFUL SPEEDSTER

Good Morning Little Puppy. We took so many walks to Stratton Brook, Iron Horse Blvd., McLean Game Refuge
We enjoyed ice cream at Tulmeadow Farms and you ran through the fields there. You had a favorite chair by the picture window where you let us know the activities of the neighborhood. Our neighbors miss you too and the kids drew pictures for us. No dog bed for you! You always let us know when the pizza man was here with a loud barks and jumps for joy. Sherman: FRIENDLY CURIOUS BRAVE

Hi Little Puppy. I went for a walk today and I missed you so much. The tears kept coming. You are still my best friend and always will be in my heart. Sherman: SOFT AND WHITE LONG EXPRESSIVE TAIL LIGHT AND DARK BLACK SPOTS ALMOND EYES FLOPPY EARS CUTE BLACK NOSE

Hi Little Puppy. We worked so hard on our website http://www.stemcellwatchdog.com. We want to be a tribute to you. You brought sunshine into our lives and we always think of you. You would be just coming in for your walk this afternoon. Grandpa, Mark and I have you in our hearts. Sherman: THERE WILL NEVER BE A DOG LIKE YOU.

Hello Beautiful Boy. Mark, Grandpa and I had a very sad day yesterday beause we miss you so. I put more pictures of you on your residency. You have so many unique qualities. Everyone should see how handsome you are. The pizza man misses you too. Sherman: PIZZA LOVER

Hello Little Puppy. Some have asked me if I would like another dog. I could never imagine another dog. You are in my heart forever.
No other dog could measure up to you. We all miss you so much! Mark is on LinkedIn and so are you! Sherman: IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER.

Hi Little Puppy. You were a very good neighbor. You never went pee pee or pooped on the neighbors' property. They always saw you out and about in all kinds of weather. You were very dapper in your red coat, red leash and collar. The kids next door baked us cookies and drew picture to cheer us up. The other neighbors sent beautiful cards. They loved you too. Sherman: VERY GOOD NEIGHBOR

Hi Little Puppy. Dee and Joe came over and asked about you. They liked you very much. Joe said you were part of the neighborhood. I know they will miss you. They were very kind to us and brought gifts which helped to make us feel better. We love you and think of you all the time. Sherman: REMEMBERED AND LOVED

Hi Beautiful Boy. Today we put handsome pictures of you on display. We put one by the computer. We remember how you would climb up onto the green chair and keep us company while we worked. We put another on the table next to YOUR chair by the picture window. We did not use a frame because it is more like you are there when we come into the room. Sherman: MISSED AND FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS

Hi Beautiful Boy. It is Memorial Day and we miss you! It was hard walking at Stratton Brook Park on this holiday. We were always thinking of where we were going to walk with you. We put yellow roses near you because you are and always were a dearest friend. Sherman: LOVE YOU FOREVER

Hi Beautiful Boy. We talk about you all of the time. Everywhere we go we are reminded of you. We are glad that we took you all of those places and that you were a very happy dog in our family. I watched Animal Planet and saw some dogs that were very naughty. You were such a good dog and had so much spirit. Sherman: FULL OF FUN AND A DOGGIE THAT GAVE US MANY CHUCKLES

Hi Beautiful Boy. We remember all the fun you had at the meadow, It is getting close to summer so I put a summer photo of you
running to your next adventure, so full of business. Sherman: JOY IN EVERY MOMENT

Hi Beautiful Boy. Today it will be 100 degrees. You would not like that. I changed the song for your residence. You made it a
wonderful world while you were with us. This song reflects how we think you saw your life. We miss you so much and dream of you often.

Hi Beautiful Boy. We talk about you all the time. We are so glad that we took you to all the nice places and that you were a happy dog in our family. You were such a good dog. Sherman: FULL OF FUN AND GOOD FOR MANY CHUCKLES

Hi Beautiful Boy. I went to New York and saw many dogs but none could hold a candle to you. I saw Amy our neighbor in the circle and she said her family misses you. It made me feel comforted and gave me some peace. Sherman: WE MISS YOU SO!

Hi Beautiful Boy! The leaves are starting to turn. You always loved this weather. I have not been to the park. It is not the same without you! Soon we will be raking leaves. You are always in Mark, Grammie and Grandpa's hearts. We have peace knowing you had a wonderful life. Sherman: THE LOVE OF OUR LIVES!

Hi Beautiful Boy! We are raking outside and we remember you barking in the window. I went to the park on Sunday. It was quiet and the trees are not as bright without you there. You liked this weather after the hot days of summer. We hope you are jumping over rainbows
and we treasure your coats and all your belongings. Our house is not the same without you! Sherman: OUR LITTLE GRISTER!

Hi Beautiful Boy! You are in the Huffington Post on our website, stemcellwatchdog.com! Mark had a piece published on their "Becoming Fearless" blog! We had our first snow, about four inches! We miss you so much and think of you every day! Sherman: WE LOVE AND MISS YOU SO!

Hi Beautiful Boy! This is the time of year when Ira Nozik came to take formal photographs of you. He brought in his table, lights and puppets. Did you stay on the table? NO! Did you sit still in the chair? NO! Grandpa had to hold you and I worked puppets behind the photographer! Somehow we got some nice shots of you to have forever. The livingroom was in chaos and Ira was flat on the couch. What did you do? You came on Ira's lap and gave him a big wet kiss! Ira was charmed by you as we all were. This photo above is one of those great pictures of our reluctant model! Sherman: FUNNY FUNNY LOVABLE DOG!

Hi Beautiful Boy! It is snowing out and you would not like this weather. I am happy that you had a joyous life full of fun and mischief. You were such a good dog. you never caused any damage to our house. You made our lives full and happy and now we feel empty without you. We think about you every day little puppy. Sherman: WE MISS YOU SO!

Hi Beautiful Boy! We just had the worst blizzard of all times. You would not like it. We got 27 inches. We think of you all the tine. Your walk is still there and we remember all our favorite times. It is Sherman's walk. Sherman: WE THINK OF YOU ALL THE TIME!

Hi Beautiful Boy! Soon it will be spring! It is hard to believe that you will be at the Rainbows Bridge a year. We still feel the pain and miss your spirit and wonderful personality. So full of goodness and love! You always loved spring after the rigors of the cold winter walks. You remain in our hearts and souls. Sherman: OUR CONTINUED INSPIRATION AND FOREVER LOVE!

3/13/12-3/13/13 THE SADDEST YEAR OF OUR LIVES SHERMAN, We MISS YOU! Love, Mark, Grandpa and Grammie

Hi Beautiful Boy! Tomorrow is the first of April. Most of the snow has melted. Dogs and their people are out and about. We miss you so much! We go to the dog park and see so many dogs. They are all very nice but none are as wonderful as you! Sherman: OUR LOVE

Hi Beautiful Boy! All the snow is melted. We miss you so much. You truly are an inspiration to us. At this time you would like your walks in the spring weather. We want you to know that we love you always just like your song. Sherman: OUR TRUE INSPIRATION

Hi Beautiful Boy! The other day Mark and Grammie were at the Flower Bridge in Simsbury. The sun was out then there was a little shower. Lo and behold appeared a beautiful rainbow. It was as if you were there looking over us. We have a new friend in our family named Bella. She became a member of our family because she is so much like you! She is black and cute and sweet and funny. She is busy learning her manners and happy to find a home like you did with the three of us. We know you would approve and we talk about you all the time and you are in our hearts forever. Sherman: OUR TRUE INSPIRATION!

Hi Beautiful Boy! It is almost fall 2013! Soon the raking will begin. Your little sister, Bella is doing well. She does not like having her nails cut and has some fears to overcome. We are going to do them ourselves because she knows us! Wish us luck from up there. We love you with all our hearts! We miss you so. We wish you were here to show Bella that we will keep her safe like we did you.
Please look after us. Sherman: THE BEST BIG BROTHER EVER!

Hi Beautiful Boy! The leaves are all down. Everything is brown. Soon there will be snow and blustery days. Your warm heart and great spirit will keep us warm in the winter. you loved the fireplace and your favorite chair. We think of you every day and you are in our hearts forever. Your photo is by the computer and in the living room. We remember your session with Ira Nozik? What a scream! You kissed him after the photo shoot was over and he was your friend! Sherman: OUR LOVE FOREVER!

Hi Beautiful Boy! We miss you so much! We think of you every day and wish you were here. You are the best dog ever! I wish we fed you Origen instead of Eukanuba! I wish you were in my arms as you passed on to the Rainbow Bridge! I know you forgive us and that you had a great life. Sherman: THE BEST DOG EVER!

Hi Beautiful Boy! It is hard to believe that you went to the Rainbow Bridge two years ago. We miss you so! You are responsible for saving a life. We adopted Bella because we miss you so much. She is a very good girl and makes us think of you all the time. We are very firm with her because she was a spicy meatball when we got her. It was a very cold winter here in Connecticut with a Polar Vortex breaking off from up north. We hope it is warmer on the Rainbow Bridge. Bella is a black version of you! She doesn't go to the meadow like you did because right now we are afraid to let her off leash. Sherman: YOU ARE IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER!

Hi Beautiful Boy! You are my best friend! Sherman: MY TRUE LOVE,GRAMMIE

Hi Beautiful Boy! It is September, 2014 and the first day of Fall. We miss you every day Your sweetness and spirit live on and you are so dearly remembered every day! We can picture you curled up in the chair near the picture window with your tail wrapped around you. You were always so loving and never growled at us. I found one of your cut tennis balls and will keep it forever. Sherman: IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER!

Hi Beautiful Boy! It is now Christmas season 2014. It snowed for Thanksgiving. Your and Mark's photo is on the UCONN Boneyard website as an Avatar! We think of you every day. Sometimes we cry and sometimes we smile about all the great times we had together! We miss you so much! We feel that you are looking down on us from above and keeping us safe. Sherman: YOU ARE ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS!

Hi Beautiful Boy! The 2014 holidays are over. It is icy outside and 28 degrees. You are in our thoughts every day and every time we go to Stratten Brook we think of you and go over the red covered bridge that you loved so much! We are walking there in January like we never could before. The red bridge is so beautiful in the winter against the snow. Just know that you brought so much purpose and joy into our lives and inspired to help Bella to have a good life in your footsteps. Sherman: IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER!

Hi Beautiful Boy! It is Memorial Day and we remember you every day in every way! We went over the Hope Bridge in your honor today! Christos had brain surgery this spring and is now recovering. Yesterday we saw a red-winged blackbird. It was like you appearing to comfort us. Sherman: WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS!

Hi Beautiful Boy! It is autumn 2015 and you are in our hearts every day. I remember when I raked leaves outside you barked your head
off. You loved your walks at Tulmeadow and spooked the horses. You ran off leash through the oats and always came when you were called.
Sherman: WE LOVE YOU SO!

Hello Beautiful Boy! It is Thanksgiving 2015. We all are so thankful to have you in our hearts forever and to have shared time with you on earth. We speak of you every day and you continue to inspire us. Sherman: IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER

Hello Beautiful Boy! It is time for Christmas decorations in 2015. We remember how you opened your own presents yourself! We will get back to you later! Sherman: IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER!

Hello Beautiful Boy! It has been such a log time since I wrote but you are in our hearts every day and never forgotten. I had surgery on both of my eyes over the last few months. Now I can see better and I am thankful for that. Mark helped me to recover and I am so grateful to him! It is now fall 2016. The leaves are starting to fall and pumpkins are on the stands. I remember how you ran in the meadow. We walked there recently and doggies are still enjoying it. I am changing your photo to have you run in
the meadow. Mark has a beautiful new car and he has taken us for some nice rides.

Hello Beautiful Boy! It soon will be Christmas 2016. We think of you every day and miss you so much. Bella wears your red coat and one day it fell off. She stopped walking and I saw the coat was in the road. She saved the coat because we all love it because it was yours. We have a Christmas tree and still love you so much. Because of how much we loved you Bella is in our home and you are watching that we take good care of her. Sherman: IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER!

Hello Beautiful Boy! Tomorrow is Christmas 2017! We think of you every day and wish you were here. Mark and I have had eye surgery. Pray for Mark to have improved vision on
January 2, 2018! He is going to get hybrid contact lenses and I hope it goes well. Thank you
for sending us Bella. She is much like you and looks after us like you did. We have a drawer upstairs where all of your things are cherished. Bella wears our red coat to keep her warm in the winter time. It looks good on her. We miss you every day! SHERMAN: IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER!

Hello Beautiful Boy! Please watch over Mark as he deals with his diabetes and eye condition. We
know you do watch over him but do so more now. We think of you every day and remember all the
good times at the meadow and how we all fought for our rights against the hunters. We miss you every day! SHERMAN: IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER!

Hello Beautiful boy! We miss you and think of you every day. Thank you for bringing Bella to us. She is your little sister. Mark has new contact lenses which are comfortable. He is having Yag surgery on his left eye to help him see more clearly. Plwase watch over him so this will be a success. We love you so much. The leaves are starting to turn and we remember so many great times at Nodbrook. The hunters are still there. That was your place. We do not let Bella off leash as she doesn't like most other dogs. She has a kind heart to us and takes very good care of us. Sherman: IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER!

Hello Beautiful Boy! We think of you every day! You are our guardian angel from above. You sent us Bella and in your and her spirit we are helped through each day. I am trying to get a photo of you and Mark at the meadow like in years ago. We use meadow123! as a password for most of our online business.
We love Bella, your sister and she reminds us of you. She is black and tan and not white and black like you but she has a similar personality. We go to most of the places where you went but there is more of a problem with off leash dogs. We go to Elizabeth Park and Auerfarm where is less of a problem with off leash dogs. Please watch over us with love and purity that is in your heart.Sherman: IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER!

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