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Memories of Shelby Volner
Shelby was born October 27, 2001 around 5:30 p.m. We rescued his mother when she was already pregnant with her litter. About a week later she went into labor and birthed 3 kittens, after a while I realized she was still in labor and there was still another to come however he was stuck sideways in the birth canal and Mom wasn't doing well. After talking to the vet things didn't look so good for either of them and I took matters into my own hands, got him turned and helped his fur mommy to deliver him. He was so much smaller than his siblings and pretty weak but he thrived as each new day passed. He was named Shelby by our son Cameron whom Shelby adored. He had the sweetest temperment and disposition. His only want in life was to be in someone's lap at all times. He made friends of everyone who has ever crossed his path. He nurtured and helped raise our other 6 cats that came after him. He would eat last, letting the younger ones eat first, patiently waiting. His favorite food was Chicken, baked, fried, roasted it didn't matter he would stay in the kitchen until it was done but not so patient at that point for he wanted his CHICKEN :-) He loved to play fetch with crumpled up paper in ball form. Hence he got his nickname "Shelby Dog" not even our dog played fetch like he did!

Shelby had the softest touch of the paw. Many a day and night when I struggled with my chronic illness, and a string of surgeries he stayed by my side and every so often would reach that paw out and touch my cheek or arm letting me know he was there. Never leaving my side. Shelby had COPD and that is what finally took him from us. Letting him go has been so hard. He is missed terribly and Shelby give Sassy our love here at the rainbow bridge, be happy together again. Love Always to you Shelby, Mama, Daddy, Cameron, Joy, Liam and AJ.

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