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Memories of Sheba
Sheba was full of puppy kisses.. even at 14 1/2 years. Your love will be felt forever. Remember when you used to chew the paper towel rolls, just the cardboard tube.. we would play tug of war.
Piggy Piggy fights, long walks in the park, running after shelly and playing on the floor. Helping daddy cut the port normandy.You love holidays, getting presents. No matter where I have been over our years you have not been far. Always by my side at work, play, holidays, LIFE. The love you gave us, the joy you gave us, and yes the backtalk you gave us. Your voice is wonderful everyone got a special greeting and everyone wanted a greeting. How mad you would get if we smelled of someone else you would turn you head and say.. I'm mad and now you have to wait until I am happy. Riding in the car with mommy and daddy telling us you knew we were close to where we were going and yelling at the airplanes flying over the roadway. We would go to the special drive-in and get hamburgers. The way you stayed by my side during really hard emotional years and always kissed my tears away, pulling me into your world so that mine did not hurt as much. Remember how you trained all the Grandsons who was the boss. You loved to hide your food and treats in Shelly's bed and under her bed and in the covers, how she screamed when she found it. Daddy built you special beds and made special harnesses for you as you got older, your would tell him if changes had to be made just by snarffing at him and giving him the look of ..well fixit better and he would. Sheba the hugs you gave me filled my heart on a regular basis. How you touched people, how they would fall in love with you so fast and beg for a kiss and after a while you would give them a little kiss and they would light up.. if they only knew what real Sheba Kisses were.. nose knocking off my glasses, so you could get the tears.. big wet kisses after you ate so we could smell mighty dog.. and the more you loved someone the more you would talk and purr like a cat.. shelly's special sound was almost like a whale moan.. and you would do it over and over and over.. Daddy has his special sounds.. and so did I. You let us know what you felt, you let us know you loved us with your whole being. And we were not allowed to stop rubbing your belly..until you said so.. PAWS UP.. was a I want more... Grabbing our hand with your paw and pulling it back to you was another signal. How you would come over and put your paw on my shoulder and say.. come closer I wanna kiss you. Then lets play.. piggy pigggy piggy puppet.. the stuffed hand puppet who always lost.. first it's stuffing then the eyes.. and ouch that hurts.. the stuffing is out and you can bite better. How fast you would run but you always listened to us. Never Never did you want a leash on.. they are not for Sheba. You listened, at the curb, in the park anywhere you listened without fail. Sheba, I miss you and I love you, and I will be there to get you so have fun and play with your friends until I come to get you. Love Mommy
12/31/05 Happy New Year's Sheba, I will miss you tonight. It has been five days since you left for the bridge and I miss you so much. Yesterday PJ brought you home and I held the box so close to my heart, and a funny peace came over me knowing you are safe back at home with us. Everyone misses you, I saw you near the sofa on Wednesday just for a second, and I was with you in my dream and as I was petting you I looked into your eyes and said but you left me and you comforted me as you did when you were here. I love you, my sheba-dog. I'll see you in my dreams and feel you in my heart. love mommy 1/16/06 It snowed, first snow since you left for the bridge, how I missed you going outside and sniffing the air and how you would rub your nose in the snow and get snow on your face, my life is so different without you, but I know you are waiting so in God's time we will meet again.
2/14/06 Happy Valentine's Day, Last night you came to me in my dreams again. Sheba you were out in the yard and started running
to me as I was standing on the deck, as you ran to me you started to grow younger and younger until you were a puppy, you jumped into my arms and I cried and cried and looked at you as after kisses, looked at you and said ... but you left.. then I woke up. I told daddy about the dream and as shelly came in the room she found me with tears in my eyes...I started to tell her I had a dream only to be told that she had a dream... and before I could tell her my dream she told me hers. Shelly's dream was identical to mine. the same dream, the same night, shelly birthday and Valentine's day eve. Sheba you visited with us. You told us you are running and playing and it is ok and that you
are waiting for us. We miss you so much, Thank you for that visit. We love you bunches and bunches and more. Love Mommy
Hi woobie, it is your birthday week and you came to visit. I was sitting in my chair and I felt you bump me like you always used to, then when I said it was time to go I saw a blur come out from under the table and head for the door. I miss you sheba, it was five months ago today that you left for the bridge and not a day goes by that I don't miss you and think of you. Have I said Thank you to you for all the joy and all the love that you brought to our lives. well Thank you sheba. Mommy loves you.
It was a year ago that you stopped walking and I remember that day and I wish it never happened. The holidays are coming and I miss you, this is going to be our first Halloween without you checking all the kids and their bags. My heart aches for you, I still miss you so much it hurts. Sheba you are my wonderdog forever. It's spring time again, you have been at the bridge for over a year and we still miss you everyday, there is a new baby in the house, her name is bristow bear, she is a good girl and she sits in your chair and looks at you on the shelf, it really looks like she is talking to you everyday, sure fills our hearts. Sheba I love you still, it's almost two years since you left for the bridge, How I miss you still. I spoke to the dog communicater and wow what messages you had. as he put it You had alot to say.... and you always did have alot to say. I'm glad you are free of pain, playing and still close when I call.
the messages you gave were ones that no one else could have know especially since this man was in another state on the phone with me. Next week we are having a fund raiser for animal lifeline in your memory.. this is the second year we are doing this. No one has forgotten you, and everyone still speaks of you. Sheba you touched so many people while you were alive and you are still touching people from the bridge. Merry Christmas honey,
Mommy, daddy love and miss you. Dec 2007 Sheba, Animal lifeline raised over $1500 in you memory at the party. It is spring time alnost.. and we missyou, Bristow, Kona, tinkerbell all look at your picture and i swear you are teaching them your old tricks. yesterday we went a rescued another small puppy that will be living with tinkerbell at the balfours. Your spirit and love has been felt alot in Feb, shelly heard you bark and daddy saw your a few times. I felt you on a Monday and we prayed together.. you and me.. and it was like you came and fixed the world for me that week. I love you my woobie dog. and I miss you more. love mommy. May 7 2008 Sheba your birthday is almost here, time is flying by so fast, everyday I look at your pictures when I come down the steps in the morning, the girls bristow and kona are keeping me busy... I take them for walks down you favorite path.. and they both smell for the bunnies like you did. However they are never off the leash. bristow still looks at you like you are sending her secret messages. you are missed very much and still fill my heart. love mom Happy Birthday Sheba! June 2nd 2008, you came for a visit last night, I heard you come in the room to go to bed, and daddy saw your in the hallway. thank you for the visit, we loveyou and miss you. love mommy 12/05/08 Hi Sheba, we are getting the house ready for Christmas, I dusted off your piggy piggy on the shelf and I cleaned all around your shelf area, we miss you. Bristow and Kona have grown into wonderful friends, they are really big girls who fill the living room. tomorrow the tree goes up and all your ornaments will be out. Everyone still talks about you, no one has forgotten you. Hope you are playing and doing well at the bridge. I love you and come for a visit if you can over the holidays. I'll keep an eye out for you. Love Mommy. Happy Easter 2009, miss you! Wow Sheb.. time has flown by this year, things at work have been pretty rough and I want to thank you for being close. You are so missed and oh so loved. We are having a very hot August and very rainy. The girls here are growing and oh my goodness are they big. You would love Bristow Bear.. and you would like Kona also she is full of energy. No one has your puppy kisses. Only you had that magic. Daddy is another year older, Mommy is feeling what being in your 50's is like. Shelly is on a new adventure and Trisha has her gang of kids.. oh the twins.. you would have put them in their place by now, but they are so cute you would have liked them. ok honey, I've got to get ready for work. I love you forever, Mommy Merry Christmas.. we still miss you.. love mommy 2/20/2010 Sheba... today Daisy dog crossed the bridge.. go find her and keep her company, I know she was the little puppy that used to chase you around. I missyou more today than normal. Trisha is very very upset go visit her tonight in her dreams so she knows daisy is ok withyou. my song is still I got a puppy named SHEBA ... and it will never change.. I love you and I missyou. 7/26/2010 What a hot summer, Shelly had a baby boy, shaun ryan. the girls are looking after him. Missyou but you know that I talk to you everyday. take care of mom mom and pop pop for me. I miss them too. 2010 you left almost 5 yrs ago for the bridge yet my tears for you are still on my cheeks Merry Christmas time Sheba !!! Hi Sheba, I miss you today so much. it's spring 2011 i love you !
Dec 31st 2011 we think about you all the time. tell your stories all the time. God Bless you sheba I love you lots. Hi Sheba, we now live in North Carolina.. you came with us in spirit. I miss you.
Sheba.. it is now the spring of 2013.. well almost spring time.. the birds are out we planted a few trees.. oh how you would have loved the farm .. I can picture you sitting under a tree.. digging holes and laying in them. and tracking the deer. you are never far from my thoughts and always and forever in my heart. wow 2014 is here, snow is all over our old house, just a dusting down on the farm we live at now. I talk to you every day. so many years have passed and every day I pet your box, I look at your pictures and I talk with you. Forever and a day my girl.
5-18-2017 Sheba you are still so missed, I touch your special box everyday and I speak to you always. I know you are with so many special babies... Bristow Bear is with you now, so is Willington Boots ... Uncle Nick joined you too.. Keep everyone together and run and rest until we all meet again. Give Bristow big hugs from me... she is such a great girl, she was my girl too... I love and miss you guys so much. Mighty Mouthy Moose joined you and Bristow at rainbow bridge on Monday 4-9-2018. He is your big brother and we miss him so very much. The house is too quiet. I'm lost without you and Bristow and Moose. Keep him safe.. July 2018 Uncle Ralph and Cousin in law Jimmy left for heaven this past year so gather our family together once in a while and share love. Moose you are an amazing soul you taught so many fosters how to trust and love in our time together.. you were known as the fun police ... you kept everyone in line and allowed just enough roughhousing. I miss our snuggle time, I miss you being next to me at all times. You were my first boy, My Mighty Moose 1-21-11 / 4-16-2018. till we meet again. It's the day after xmas such a horrid year for the world. Shellys girl Rexy is with you guys now. She was a protector, she was a part of the fun police too. Rexy loved shelly and shaun jr so very much. Brewski is such a good boy he lost his battle with his bad kidneys. Brewski would sing a brewie ewwie ewwie song and he made babies.. Shelly has his son Shadow and his other son Carson lives on or farm in NC. Tankerman have joined you at the Bridge he lost his battle with DM. My boys, kona is 13yrs and 10 months old, she is not doing well says prayers, watch over her. Duncan boy crossed to the bridge in July, he was everyone's buddy. Dixie cancer took you over the bridge on Dec 27th, I miss you all so much. Kona you left us just 2 days ago, I woke you this morning with my first thoughts of you. You stayed with us as long as you could. just short of your 14th birthday. January 20th you joined your mommy bear, Bristow. my heart hurts run free of pain and your legs work again. I will miss you always. All my loves are together at the bridge. Wait for me. Love you all. 06 21 2021 Sidney joined you guys at the bridge today, we are all heartbroken and in shock with the sudden events. Sidney, you are the beautiful girl who loved Shelly beyond words, you took care of my daughter you are her heart dog. I, your mom mom will always love you and I will miss you. Run with your gang... tell them stories ... wait for Shelly. Shaun Sr. is with you all now. Nov 18 2021. Shauns heart was so tired and his surgery was too much. I know Shaun will be playing with all of you. He knew everyone except you Sheba so you make sure he knows you are the boss lady of everyone.

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