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Memories of Shasta Perry
Our sweet puppy boy loved playing with pine cones, hopping with the grasshoppers and catching the football with us. He was a beautiful golden orange with a cute smile like he was laughing and bat ears that poked up straight. When he laid down he looked royal and majestic. He loved keeping us all together in the same room, that was when he was the most content and relaxed. His mixed breed was known for herding so that's what he would do to keep us all together. We would play the harmonica and he would howl along with us a bit out of tune. We would dance with him up on his hind legs dancing around in circles or chasing us through the yard. When he sometimes escaped from the house in order to get him back in we would act like we were racing him to the house. He loved racing around the back yard throwing up dirt as he ran. If you weren't careful he would sneak up and steal your food right off your plate like one time he steal half a roasted chicken and another time we left the room for a drink and came back and our pizza bites were all gone. He ate a whole folded pair of socks once, we found out later that night when he went potty before bed. When he was laying on his bed he would tuck his nose under his blanket and sometimes he would cover his nose with both his paws. He was a wonderfully sweet loyal adoring puppy dog. Our first child when we first got married. We picked him out from the local pound, he was the most well behaved dog in the kennel. Before filling out the paperwork we had picked out his name then found out it was the same name he came to the pound with. Shasta was destined to be our first furbaby!

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