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Memories of Shankers
MY sweetest Shankers, thank you for all you gave us during your wonderful life. You were very unselfish and always there for me during the roughest of times. I have left your water bowl for your eternal thirst for water which now you can drink anytime and never be thirsty. The cheese you took with your pills that you have to take no more, but the taste of cheese and that plastic wrap opening were always special to you. The bones you loved to chew and would share with any dog who came to visit or moved in, and the flowers you always would stop to smell. "The Mommy" loves you with all her heart and soul.

10/25/11-My sweetest baby Shankers, or "The Dude" as our family called you. I can't help but be comforted in the fact that you chose to leave on your terms and not have anyone make a decision for you. You became my angel after your went to visit the vet Sunday. All the girls there loved you very much. Thank you for waiting until Camie and William left, I know you wouldn't want her to see you that way. My deepest and only regret is that I was not by your side. I know that is the way that you wanted it to be. My memories of you are many and always happy. I just hope that you understood that I was out of town with work, and do not think for one minute I abandoned you. Thinking of you as always, Love, The Mommy.

10/26/11- my sweet shankers..I fly home tomorrow and it will be my first time home without you..i can deny your gone until I walk in the door...no greeting from my baby..no 10 min peepee..the only thing that brings me peace is knowing you act and feel like that wonderful dog that used to dance in the kitchen with me or flirt and smile for all the girls. Love you always, "The Mommy"

10/28/11-Hi my sweet Shankers, I picked Cutie Pie up from the vet today, and all the girls at Dr. Robins miss you and love you. They gave me your paw print in the clay. It made me smile knowing that your front paw was too big to fit. I donated your food, that awful Fit and Trim you hated. I remember when they put you on the diet and you looked at me with those big brown eyes that said, "Really, I'm not going to eat that". It was the hardest thing to leave there without you. A piece of my soul is with you my precious baby. You gave me your whole heart from the day I picked you out and took you home. Those great big feet that you grew into. From the day you chewed up the back porch, the back porch swing, all the lattice to when you used to try to break into the bathroom and find a way to drink out of the toilet, you were my one constant. I miss your sweet face, and those warm and loving eyes. I miss sweet Shug-Shug that you would give me always. Cutie Pie misses you too. She told me that you were just tired and it was time for you to go. She misses you. I love you my sweet baby. I have left you some popcorn to share, we always loved our popcorn together. I would have a piece, you would catch a piece....My wonderful baby.

11/1/11-Hello baby boy, The Mommy misses you with all her heart. I think about you every day and dream you are with me at night. It makes my heart happy that your hips are healed and you run like a pup. William and I talk about you all the time. He loved you, Dude. Not everyone would have taken in a broken girl and her dog. You helped me through a divorce, and gave me the BEST almost 9 years of my life. From the minute I paid the $25 for you, I knew you were the best thing anyone could have given me. You are a gift from God, always will be my four pawed angel. I have sent more popcorn and a Scooby Snack for you....Play with all the new friends at Rainbow Bridge, I'll talk to you in my dreams my sweet boy.

11/4/11-Hello Sweetest Shankers, my sweet boy...William picked up Cutie Pie today and she was looking for you and whining...I miss you every minute of every day..My heart is broken, but I know you are so much better, happier-running like my $25 puppy...Best money I ever spent my sweetness....I read that "People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life--like loving everybody all the time, but Dog's already know how to do that so they don't have to stay as long..." I love you my baby....I have so many Memories, and the past 9 years are all of you being right there by my side...Thank you my sweet Shankers...

11/13/11-My sweetest Shankers, I brought you home in your Urn on Thursday, November 10. That is when I realized how real it was. I guess it has finally hit me that you are not here. I miss you panting in my face, sweet shug shugs you alwasy gave me. I sleep with your big ole collar wrapped around my wrist. I have your special bandana around the urn. Everyone misses you dude. The mommy has a piece of her heart and soul with you, watch over me my sweet angel with four paws!!...
12/25/2011-MERRY CHRISTMAS MY SHANKERS...Here is a bone for you and a new Picture. I miss you so much and I know you are in a better place. Christmas was not the same my sweet angel with four paws. The Mommy misses you.

The mommy misses you every day my sweet boy....Here is more water and popcorn and it's spring out when you used to romp and play..Keep watch my angel

10/20/12-My Sweetest Shankers, almost a year since you went to Rainbow Bridge, and my heart still has a piece missing. I miss you ever day and I know you are watching over me. Thank you for giving me your all always. Even when you didn't feel like it. Here is the popcorn you loved to share with the Mommy, The water to quence your eternal thirst... and the peanuts I taught you to catch..

12/25/12-Sweet Shankers, Christmas is just not the same without your sweet face. I miss you every day my loyal sweet baby. I am so happy to know that you are romping and playing at Rainbow Bridge like the day I brought you home. Take care of all the new arrivals, as their Mommies and Daddies miss them. I know that the years you were with me you gave me all you had and loved with all you were unconditionally. I still can't eat popcorn without wanting to share the bowl with you. The Mommy loves you.

05/12/13--Today is Mother's Day my sweet boy....Not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts and the Memories of you are never ending...The Mommy loves you with all her heart..Movies are not the same and I still can't eat popcorn without wanting to toss you a piece.

10/02/2013-My sweetest baby boy, Almost two years since I have lost you. I miss you so much my sweet boy. You are thought of every day, and I miss you so much. The Mommy loves you. Take care of all the other fur babies that are new to Rainbow Bridge and I know you are running and playing like a puppy.
10/23/2014-Today is three years since I lost you my sweet baby. How I know that you are like a puppy again and watch over "the mommy" as her angel with four paws. Not one day goes by that I do not miss your sweet face with your sweet sugs for me. They say it gets easier with time, however, I still hurt like the day you crossed the bridge my sweet boy. I have left you with a water bowl for your unquenchable thirst, which is no longer a problem. More popcorn to share with all your friends. Until we meet again, With all my love, The mommy

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