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Memories of Shaggy
Hello Shaggy, words cannot explain how much we love you and miss you. You were the biggest sunshine of our lives. Oh boy Shaggy; there are countless memories with you over the past 12 years. First lets start by the fact I miss singing your favorite song to you that I sang to you everyday when we had our quality time. This song means so much to me that I had it engraved on your urn and sang it to you at the vet when you were about to become pain free. "Shaggy Daggy Doo I love you, you are so special to me. Shaggy Daggy Doo I love you, lets go and comb your hair now." This is exactly what we did, as you loved being combed so much.

The back seat of the car is so empty as you were mama's back seat partner. You went with me nearly every time the car moved, weather permitting of course. I miss saying "i will be right back" as I went into the stores. Remember, you actually got to go into pet stores with me and everyone loved you? Of course, your nose loved all the different smells as well.

Speaking of car rides, you were one lucky boy as you did lots of vacations with mommy and daddy. Remember the last one we took when we were in the ice house? I was counting the fish we caught and mommy was holding one that was very slippery and almost dropped it when it wiggled. I screamed and you came to my rescue right away. You went on a few fishing trips with us and you loved boat rides as long as it was not choppy water. Do you remember the long car ride from MN to CA to visit relatives? They all loved you and you loved hogging mommy's bed in the hotel rooms. Also, who can forget that funny guy that read the story about you that I had started writing. One day soon, I promise I am going to finish your book so others can see what a wonderful baby mommy had.

Bugs, bugs, and bugs and how you hated them. You smiled so big when mama killed them with a fly swatter. I bet you miss the long walks you took with me back when you did not have arthritis. I am sure you are walking on long walks now with Dulce, Bailey, Patsy, and Simba. Can't forget Sunny and Chipper who are flying just above your head.

I truly cannot believe how fast 12 years went by. So many people miss you and love you. Auntie Toni especially loved it when you greeted her with a smile each time you saw her. You did not do that for many people so we know she was very special to you. There are so many great memories of you that will always be cherished. Your brother, "Mr. Missy" sure misses you and he is now "king of the house" and he wears that crown very proudly. Please know he is taking good care of me just like Jesus is taking good care of you. You taught him to wait up for me when I come home at night and he gives mama a hug. Thank you so much for teaching him that, as it is still so hard to come home and not see you.

You will have a special place on the memorial tree with your brothers and sisters this Christmas and of course: at the bottom of the tree will be your special brush we used to comb your hair with. Someday we are gonna plant a tree in memory of you and we are going to call it "Shaggy's Apple Tree" We love you forever and you will always be in our hearts until we meet again at the bridge. Take care Shaggy Daggy Doo. Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Mr. Missy.

One Year Later

Good afternoon Shaggy. Well, tomorrow April 26th 2022 will be exactly one year ago that you had crossed the Rainbow bridge. I would like to let you know you have been on my mind every single day since you have been gone. We all miss you so very much and cannot wait until we get to hold you in our arms once more. Losing you has really taken a toll on me emotionally over the past year as you and I shared a very special bond. It was very hard to come home and not hear your bark but it got easier as time went on.

Just to let you know, you have a new sister. Her name is Bella Rae and she is a pure breed black lab. She will be 6 months old in a couple days but we got her when she was 10 weeks old. Auntie Wanda helped pick out her name but I chose her middle name "Rae" as you are and always will be "my sunshine" and now Bella is "my ray of sunshine" because she looks and reminds me of you.

She has been keeping mom and dad on our toes as she has an abundance of energy and she can be a pill as she loves to get into mischief but we love her so dearly and cannot imagine life without her. Mr. Missy is tolerating her but is still unsure of her because she plays so rough and he does not want to play that rough.

Bella has been going to puppy school and tomorrow (the anniversary of your passing) is also a day that Bella graduates from one of her classes. At first Bella hated car rides but now she enjoys them but we don't bring her to often. We think you talked to her through your spirit and calmed her down. We also believe it was your spirit who told us that it was ok for us to get and love another dog. Amazing, your new sister Bella waits for me faithfully at the door when I come home at night just like you did and nobody taught her that; therefor I believe you were once again talking to her in spirit and telling her to wait for me. Dad says she can tell time and goes to sit by the door ten min before I walk in just waiting for me to open the door.

It is so sad that you did not get to meet her but I am sure you are smiling down on us because you know in your heart that another dog is experiencing the same love that you once experienced and that makes you happy. Well, I just wanted to let you that you have not been forgotten at all and hope we see each real soon. Take care Shaggy Daggy Doo. Love, Dad, Mom, Mr. Missy and your new sister Bella Rae.

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