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Memories of Shadow da Boo
Boo, I still remember when we found you on Craigslist in the "Free" section, you hair all long and matted and lookin all scruffy; to be honest before I met you I wasn't really sure you would be a good fit for our family...although as soon as I met you and you were lifted into my arms and you hugged me, it was all over from there! I instantly feel in love with you.So we took you home & the first thing you did when you got into our apartment is jump up on me & dads bed and started humping the Sponge Bob blanket! You quickly stole our hearts with your crooked smile and your little nub of a tail.
You loved your walks more than anything and when we told you to get your leash, you would attack you leash and growl at it, you were so full of emotion and love ALWAYS!
You would ride with us when we took the kids to school and you just had to sit on daddy's lap, he would take you paw and say " up & down...round & round" or we would tell you oh my God & you would look in the visor mirror and try to get the dog in the mirror.
Boo, you used to love to go to the dog park, you would get so excited when we would pull into the driveway of the park, you couldn't contain yourself! You just loved to chase after the balls although, you never did bring them back lol
Then we got you a partner, Monster; whom you raised; I remember when we first got him we took you with us & on the way home he tried to climb on you & you had never seen a baby before and you didn't know what to do with him, over the years you and Monster have become a couple of the biggest blessings in our lives.

Shadow, you truly have made a huge pawprint on my heart; we have grown up with you...we had only 2 years clean when we were gifted with your presence in our lives and how we have 13. In the time we were able to share with you, you taught our whole family how to love in away that is so pure and raw. Thank you for allowing us to be your family and to share the last 11 years with you. Your bodily presence will be missed as I lay in bed and I don't have my Boo snuggling up against me trying to steal my pillow, although I know that you spirit is here with us and that our souls are forever entwined.
This is not goodbye my sweet lil Boo, Mommy loves you sooooo much; this is simply until we meet again! Please enjoy your endless days of running carefree casing balls and not returning them...and get your fill of baby carrots and sugar snap peas on the over side of the Rainbow Bridge and please know we will see each other again!! Momma & Daddy love you sweet lil Boo

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