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shadow, mom has made u a nice home along with k.c & petie now so u 3 can run & play. u never knew k.c but now u do. I sure do miss u baby boy running up behind me to bite my leg before I leave the house & ur fav time of yr was Christmas so u could mess up the tree & Petie could tear up the gift's , one time i went to fla with Jerome n u n petie tore up the tree n petie ate the gift's n the bulb's on the tree, n poor jonathan had to be on vet duty just in case petie got sick.so the u 2 together had to be watched. it was so cute to see u in action. we brought u home from Hawaii. Jonathan was out playing & a family left the island & u were left by them & we took u in & gave u the 4 ever home u needed & boy was it a good one. u had all u ever dreamed of big boy. we only had u for 8yrs & 5 short month's :( that broke our heart's. u were very sick with asthma & diabetes. it got out of had & u went down hill fast. u loved sleeping n the bed with me & ur brother jon. u made ur place any place u could & that was fine with us. when Felicia came back home with her dog e.t. u had fun with her. we had a house full. petie had 1 short yr w u but we made the best of it. we have lot's of picture's of u both together & lot's of story's to hold close to our heart's. we miss u so much & I know if u never gotten sick u would still be with us & love the rest of ur life u could of had. u hated ur plane trip from Hawaii to the main land & they lost u on the plane & I was so up set with the people until they found u. then when we got our home in hope mills u would sneak out side & run around & we would take u out in the snow & u loved it. the girl's loved the snow also. I would crochet u special blanket's to wrap u n & keep u warm. once u got sick we got u a food timer & u attacked it & tore into it & then broke it so we had to make sure we were home to give u ur med's & shot's. it was cute u attacking ur food timer bowl. I guess u can say u were jon's cat more than u were mine since he found u, but I loved u just as much. & then when we got petie u loved her & was like what is this big giant thing that barks at me all the time. it was cute. we would look all over the house & could not find u so one day Felicia looked up in the pantry for a cup & guess who was there? u were there. it was ur new place to hide. so cute. & u loved to run in & out of the shower & drink the water & sit in the kitchen window & watch people go by. u were r only cat & we never got another one since we told u that u would never be replace. & u never were. u were r only special boy stinker boy. mom misses u & I have ur ashes still after 11yrs & still want to keep them & take them with me when I go to my grave so we will all be together one day. silly huh but true. we love u shadow & miss u so much baby boy. so go find petie & meet ur new sis k.c & play & have fun until we meet one day my fur ball. & no I do not miss ur fur balls all over the counter tops. my gifts u leave me. lol but I do love u boy.u 3 will have Christmas together this yr & come to mom in my dream's please as my gift. love,mom & ceasar ur brother the dog12/24/2013 shadow I love u big boy & miss u so much. merry Christmas u have been gone so long & I still miss u messing up the tree & getting into stuff & going out into the yard & playing with petie & eating her food. u 3 be good to each other on Christmas ok. love mom & ceasar.12/24/2013 shadow 2 day u made it on rainbowsbridge. your picture is so sweet. & u have ur mouse with u. :). love,mom12/25/2013 merry Christmas baby boy. go find the girls and play today & have fun and remember mom loves u and misses u so much. not a day goes by I don't think of u 3. I miss u messing up my tree n getting into trouble. kisses 2 u 3. love,mom,dad & ceasar.12/30/2013 hi baby boy mom has been sick since the 26th and going back to dr. in a.m so all I can do is think about u 3 fur baby's. I sure hope u 3 r alright. I love u so much n miss u lot's. love,mom12/31/2013 shadow my boy mom has stopped by to say happy new yr and I hate to see 2013 leave me since ur sister's left me this yr. that was all I had of them. now they r with you and jesus now. so I will take care of ceasar & keep him safe. mom misses u so much baby boy & how u use to hide in the crazy spots u would pick & then jump out on me & say hey I got u. :) sweet boy how I miss u so much n wish u could of been here still. cat's live for ever, but u got ur life taken away far to soon. ur brother jon is getting the grand's a puppie this Friday his name is sam and this is his 1st pet since u n petie. he is ready to b a pet daddy now. he said he misses u so much.happy new yr big boy. mom loves u n misses u stinker. love,mom,dad & ceasar2/14/14 happy valentine's day shadow,mom & ceasar love u & miss u so much.we wish u were with us today to run around the house & play & have fun with us & be lazy & watch bird's out the window. u would love looking out the window n mom's bedroom & laying n the sun. xoxo love,mom & ceasar4/11/2014 happy birthday big boy u r 20yrs old today n we miss u so much n wish u could b with us today still. I know god needs u more n one day we will b with u shadow. mom loves u so much n misses u baby. xoxo..12/1/2014 shadow thinking of you today and how you loved this time of year and playing under the Christmas tree and opening the gifts. you were a silly cat and very playful at the same time. I'm sure you have found petie by now and met your sister k.c and are having tons of fun. mom sure wishes you fur babies could live life as long as us but I know your tiny body can't with stand all the years and wear and tare on them. ceasar is going to be 9yrs old soon and he is keeping me company and warm at night when it is cold. I miss you three fur babies so much it is not funny. :( gosh how I wish I could come visit you all some how. silly of me huh! just wanted to stop by and send you warm hugs and kisses my big boy shadow and find the girls for me and give them love and sugar. love,mom 9/20/2015 shadow you have been in heaven now 13 years big boy. we miss you so much and love you even more. time has gotten away from me and I just wanted you to know I still think about you and have your pictures up big boy. I miss you and petie playing together and our quiet times together to snuggle. be a good boy and keep your sisters company. mommy will see you one day baby boy. love,mommy,daddy and ceasar xoxo 9-20-16 baby boy 14 yrs today, we miss u so much. soon we will be together. love,mom,dad n ceasar
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