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Memories of Shadow
Shadow was picked out of a litter of 4 at 4 weeks of age, we would visit him everyday until it was time to bring him home at 8 weeks old (Jan 99). My wife broke her ankle shorty after that, so being home everyday, Shadow was always with mom 24/7, they developed a bond, like I have never seen with a pet before, I kinda wondered if the cat could walk, he was always in moms arms or laying across her shoulders. I remember the first vet visit, he didn't know what a cat carrier was, so he got right in, but after that first trip, he wanted nothing to do with that carrier after that. And we talked about getting him fix, and he had a look on his face, fixed, am I broke?

As time went on, we got Sasha, and he wasn't too happy with that, we all sat down and talked, told him she was a ferral and needed a home, and explained to him how she lived as a kitten, it was like he understood and said ok. Shadow and I would play catch for hours, he was always chasing the ball. Everytime mom was out shopping she always brought home a new toy, it's funny he would rather play with the wrapping, than the toy.

And sleeping arrangements mom, shadow, dad, dad wasn't allowed to sleep next to mom, he was always in the middle of us, under the blankets, yes he slept under the blankets with us, and when it was hot, there were no blankets and he would look at us and say "HEY WHERE ARE THE BLANKETS" sorry son no blankets I would tell him, too hot. As time progressed we knew who was the king of our castle, (not me) but that was ok, Shadow brought so much joy and love to us, he was the king of the castle. Shadow was a talker, you would talk to him and he would always talk back to you, and during brush-brush and num-nums time he would purr and talk to no end. (brush-brush was something mom would always say and he would go to the spot where mom would always brush and comb him, num-nums where the treats he got after his brushing)

Mom would get migraines and be laying down, he would come up to her and start licking the spot on her head, as if to take it away, whenever mom or I were down, he was always there with you, he knew. I remember one incident with the AT&T guy (phone/TV/Internet service) that Shadow tried to attack the service tech, I had to put him in our room, he did not like anybody he didn't know in our house, ( we didn't need a dog) he was a big boy.

Shadow and Sasha would tear the place up chasing each other around the house, both of them making this funny growling noise as they chased each other around, and the times I would chase him, he would get sideways bouncing around and making that funny growling noise, then he would chase me, there where times he would pounce on me and a would fall on the floor like he was taking me down, and he be sitting on me like HAA, I just kicked your butt. After a long day at work I would be greeted by Shadow, he knew when I was home, mom said he knew the sound of the car and would be waiting for me.

Another time I remember, shadow was running around the house (he would literally bounce of the walls in the hallway about half the way up)I was shaving and I heard this noise, I looked to my right to see Shadow staring at me eye to eye, he jump up and was holding onto the trim, he jumped back down and started running around, I think he wanted me to play, I told him sorry, I have to get ready for work.

Shadow always helped mom when she was sick or down and during his last days mom stayed up with 24/7, mom thinks that Shadow was telling her its my time to go. We spent our final moments with Shadow, telling him how muched we loved him, We held him as he passed on.

There is so much to say about Shadow and our lives, but as I write this, the tears make it hard to see, and the emptiness we feel makes it to hard to write anymore at this time. We know as time goes on, our hearts will heal, but the love for Shadow will never end.

If my rambling is confusing, I'm sorry, but as I write this, things just keep popping into my mind and I type, But I'm sure to all that read this, you'll understand.

I would like to thank Dr Howard Brooks-Korn and staff (Capuchino Veterinary Clinic) for helping us through this time in our life.

Shadow was cremated, and we are waiting for his ashes.


Today we picked up Shadows ashes, and there was a surprise for us, there was a 4 inch ceramic medallion with Shadows paw print in the center, with his name underneath the paw print.
Shadow is now resting on our headboard in the bedroom.

It's been a week now, and this house feels so empty without Shadow, our daily routines just feel weird, not having shadow in them, Anita and I talked about how much Shadow was involved in both our lives, in different ways, with me, Shadow played harder and rougher, ran around more, a general terror, but with Anita it was always a delicate time, kisses, cuddling, just hanging with mom.


You sure are missed around here, this house just isn't the same, I just uploaded some pics of you.
I sure you've made alot of new friends, and are having fun, I hope you, Dusty, and Merlin found each other and are playing together.


Shadow,I miss our naps together. When dad goes to work I really miss your kisses & love nibbles on my chin. You always took care of me when dad was at work. I miss my tummy warmer at bed time. I know I shouldn't feel guilty with you passing away. I did not want you to live the life the vet warned us about,not knowing who we are, where you are and what to do. Mom & Dad did not want to keep you alive for selfish reasons. I cry when I look at your pictures and think of all the great times we all had together. You will always be in our thoughts, When we remember all the good times we had, Mom and Dad break down crying. Shasha is still looking for you, she meows and misses her cuddle buddy. Always remember we will never forgot all the good time we had together and we always love you.


I have been thinking of you all day, crying every time I see your pictures, toys & every time I'm on the computer and you lay on the keyboard with your face in front of the monitor so you can get attention from mom. Like the song says "Can You Feel The Love". Never forget I miss you and love you.

Love you sweety,
Your Mom


My little baby. If you're watching me right now I hope you understand why I have been crying all day. With my birthday coming soon it just hit me thst I won't have you here to give me kisses, hugs & nibbles (I know you knew about birthdays,especially yours). Dad told me many times - if Shadow was here right now & could speak to you, he would tell you not to be sad but be happy for all the great memories & love you gave me. I really hope you are playing with Dusty & Merlin. I know you have made alot of friends, but please remember to give me, dad & Sasha a sign that you still think of us.

Love you so much baby,


I can't stop thinking about the love you gave me. When I get my migaines, I miss you so much, it's like you knew I was in pain. I miss the cuddles you gave me at night. Sasha misses you too, she keeps looking for you. I willing hope you don't get upstant when we get anouther Bengal. You need to know kittens need the love that I gave you. I also thought of you as my son & not a cat. When we do get anouther cat he will be loved just like you.

Love you Shadow,
Mom & Dad


Happy Birthday baby!! I hope you know that Nakoma is not to replace you, he is a baby that needs lots of love just like you. At times I feel like you are telling him what to do. You will always be in my heart & please keep giving me the signs that you are thinking of us.

We love you & miss you so much,
Mom, Dad & Sasha


I'm very sorry I did not visit you here on your 1 year of passing. It was too hard for me to write anything. I kept thinking of all the good times we all had together, but the memory of holding you on your last day kept going through my mind. I know you were the one that left the warm spot on the bed next to me that morning. Never forget you will be in our hearts forever. Please visit us more with signs that we know it's you.

Love you Shadow,
Mom, Dad & Sasha

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