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Memories of Shadow
Shadow came into our lives at 8 weeks old. He was the most precious thing you ever saw. It wasn't long before we realized he was a special puppy. He had epilepsy. He never let that get in his way of showing us what a cutie he was. Even when we had bad times, our Shadow was just that. He never left our side and always had a kiss and nuzzle for us. He became my favorite swimming buddy even in his later years when his little legs couldn't go for long. His bright orange life jacket was the hightlight of a summer afternoon. As soon as he saw that life jacket and towel he started his dancing and running to the edge of the pool. He knew to wait until his jacket was securely fastened before he went in. I will miss that very much in the summers to come. Shadow was always happy and loved to ride in the car and go to Grandma's house for a visit. He would always fall asleep on the way home because he played so hard. There are no words to express our loss and our hearts are full of sadness. I know that letting him go was the right thing to do for him. He had become so weak and frail. He knew his time had come and as I held his head in my hands and told him how much we love him, his eyes looking right into mine and kissing my face, I knew he was telling me it was ok and he knew we would be fine. He quietly slipped away without so much as a whisper. How I will miss those kisses and his funny tail wagging as he met us at the door. My heart is so heavy today, that I can hardly breathe. There are so many things that I will miss, but so many memories I will have of this sweet creature that came into our lives 16 years ago. We grew alot together and not having him here is very painful. I know he is no longer in pain, no longer struggling to run and play. I know he has joined his furbaby siblings that have gone on before. His big brothers , Chester, Romey, Bogie, and all of the kitty babies he helped raise. They are all happy and healthy now and soon we will all be together. Until that time my precious one, be well and know that your love and companionship over the years meant more than you will ever imagine. It will be a struggle going on without you in our lives my precious boy. We will miss you and love you forever.

Mommy & Daddy

December 24, 2009

My darling Shadow,

Tomorrow is Christmas Day (and Daddy's birthday) and we are so sad you will not be here with us. I remember how you always managed to get a red bow on your head. You loved the ribbons and packages and always knew which one was yours. Mommy and Daddy have cried many tears over the last few days since you left us and we are doing our best to cope with the loss. Jilly is also sad. She has scoured the entire yard looking for you. Shadow I miss you so much. I found a darling picture of you last night so I put it on the fridge so you will always be close to us. I want to wish you a very happy Christmas and know that we love and miss you. There will never ever be another like you. Take care my little buddy and know we send love and kisses to you.

Sleep well.

Love Mommy & Daddy


My sweet boy,

Daddy picked up your ashes today. When we opened up the box we both cried. You are held in a beautiful mahogany box with a black cocker spaniel mounted on the top. It looks just like you. I am going to place your St. Francis medal aroung the statues neck so it will be just like you. We miss you so much sweet one. Jill is very lonely. She has spent many days looking for you. I tell her to look up and she will see you in the coulds. I hope you are having fun with all of your furbaby friends and brother and sisters. We miss you all so much. Shaddy, I will always remember our fun summer time swimming and your patroling the yard with that little tail flicking droplets of water left and right as you pranced around. I can still see you in your bright orange life jacket and have pictures to remind me of how cute you looked and how each time you would see that jacket how excited you would get. You were a special friend and I will never forget you. Tell Chessie and Bogie hi, the same to Ferris, Sam, Gizmo, Rascal, Jill, Baxter, Humphrey, Charlie, Heidi, Major, and all of the others that have gone before, What a time we will have when we are all together again. Be well my sweet one and know that you are loved and missed everyday. There will never be another Shadow.

Love and furbaby kisses



My sweet boy It has been 2 months since you crossed the bridge. Daddy and I miss you terribly. Every time we do something that you loved we stop for a moment and cry. It is so hard not having you at the door when we come home. Jill misses you also. She has been in a depression since your passing. I know she will be ok but it breaks my heart to see her so sad. I just wanted to say hi and send you kisses and hugs. I will write again soon.

Love mommy


Hey Mr. Shad man. It has been another month without you. I thought by now things would have been a little easier but they aren't. We were at the vet the other day and looked through the picture book and there you were with your swimming self. It was so sad and happy at the same time. We remembered how much you loved to swim and how you would not let anyone in the pool until you tested the waters. I love and miss you so much.

Love Mommy


My precious boy,

It has been 4 months now and we still miss you so much. I ate an apple the other day and did not know what to do with the core. I remembered how you loved apple cores. I went out and stepped into the pool on the first step and my heart sank becasue you were not there. I don't know what the summer is going to be like without my swimming buddy. I miss you so much my little man. I know that you are with Chester, Bug and Romey.. I know you are all taking good care of each other and all of your other furbaby siblings. Some day we will all be together again and what a happy day that will be. Well little man, I just wanted to say hi and send kisses. Take care and I will write again soon.

Love you my little man Mommy


My precious Shadow,

I know it has been awhile since I wrote, but sometimes it is so painful. I see your picture each day and remember the special time we had together. Summer was not as fun this year as I did not have my swimming buddy. I have all of your pool toys in a bag with your life jacket and I look at them with sadness. There will never be another Shadow. It will be a year in December since you crossed the bridge. I know you are with Chester, Bogie, Ferris, Sam, Gizmo an all of you furbaby siblings. Daddy and I miss you so very much. We both still cry when something happens that reminds us of you. You were one of a kind my special friend. I will always hold you in my heart. Take all of the kisses and hugs I send and share them with your family. Take care my baby and be safe. I love you soooooo much..



December 21,2010

My sweet Shadow,

Today marks one year since you crossed the bridge. The hurt is like it was yesterday. Daddy and I both had tears this morning when we saw your picture on the fridge. Oh how we miss you. I have looked for you so many times since you left. I miss that little tail that went so fast I swore I would attach a dust cloth one day. I smile when I think about how you loved to rescue mommy in the swimming pool. I have a picture of you swimming on the fridge along with you in your hoodie when you were just 12 weeks old. Shaddy we miss you terribly want so much to have you with us, but we know you were ready to rest. We will never forget your sweet disposition (even Dr. Jones said you had a temperment not possessed by many dogs) I know he misses you too. Baby please know that we still love you and cherish the time we had together. Take our love and kisses with you and share them with your siblings. Give Chester, Bogie, Ferris, Jill, Baxter, Gizmo, Samantha, Rascal, Charlie, Dudley, and all of the rest of your brothers and sisters big hugs and kisses and let them know that some day we will all be together again. I can't wait for that day.
We love you sweet boy. Be well, be happy my friend. Mommy and Daddy love you.


December 19, 2011

Hello my precious little man. This is the second Christmas without you. It is still a very sad time in our house. I miss your antics with the presents and always looking for that extra treat. Shadowman, Daddy and I miss you so much. Each day we say good morning to your picture. The one with the bright orange life jacket is my favorite. I had no swimming buddy this year again. I so miss those days. I try to think that you are having your own swimming party with all of your fur baby siblings. I know in my heart there will never be another like you. You were one of a kind and when God made you he broke the mold because He knew you were so special. Say hi to everyoune there and I hope you have a great Christmas. I love and miss you so much Shadow and my heart breaks everytime I think of you. I welcome the kisses and I know you are looking down on us each day. Be well and safe, wait for us as someday soon we will all be together again. Sleep well my little man. Love and kisses, hugs and misses for you.

Love Mommy

December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas Shadow man,

Today is the 3rd anniversary of our loss. The pain is still so real. Nothing we have been able to do has made our hearts heal. Today I looked up at the sky and sent you some kisses. Daddy and I miss you so much. I know you are having the time of your life at the bridge with all of your furbaby siblings and friends. Just this year 6 more have entered the bridge... Quinn, Mia, Frederick O'Mally, Jill, Stormy and Onyx. Keep an eye out for them and let them all know we miss them terribly. You can be the big brother for them now. Until we meet again my sweet man, be safe, stay well and know you are loved

Love Mommy

December 21, 2013

Precious boy, Today is a sad day for Daddy and me. We miss you so much. Each day I look at your picture and wish you were here. Selfish I know becasue you gave us 16 years of unconditional love and devotion. The day we lost you is still fresh in my memory. I know now that you are happy and healthy with all of your fur baby siblings and friends. We just had Jett cross the bridge. He beat you by 1 year. He was 17. Make sure you find him and keep him safe with you. Shadow I don't think we have ever had a dog with such a sweet personality and more loving than you were. Through all of your trials you never lost that wonderful personality. Today we remember you with heavy but happy hearts. We know one day we will see you on the other side of the bridge. Until that day be safe and know that we love you forever. Furbaby kisses to you today.


Mommy and Daddy

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