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Memories of Sonya
Hello, Sonya!

One warm autumn day my grandparents were living at dacha (cottage) and a cat came there and gave birth to six kittens. My grandfather set up a box for them, put a blanket in it and covered it from the rain. According to my mother's stories, you weren't very active and didn't take many walks with the other kittens.

At the beginning of October 2007 the cold weather came. Grandma and Grandpa had already left and were living at home. One day Grandpa went to the dacha to do some things and saw you there all alone. Mother cat took all the kittens and either you didn't go after her or she abandoned you. Grandpa picked you up and brought you home but Grandma was against it (for reasons in the past) and made him take you back to the dacha. That night it was very cold, the wind was blowing hard and it was raining. The whole family got worried and in the morning we sent Grandpa back to the dacha to pick you up. You were sitting in the gazebo just where he left you. Grandpa took you home. Thus began your joyful and carefree life.

That same day the whole family was sitting together admiring you, and you were admiring us. You fit in the palm of my mother's hand. You looked at everything that moved, you loved to run around and you explored every corner of the house. Most of all you liked to sleep. That's why we named you Sonya.

I was 11 years old and my joy was boundless. I would pet you and take you in my arms every day. I played with you with a shoelace that had a bowtie tied to the end of it. In a few days you tore it to shreds.

Every morning Grandpa got up early with you and cooked for you. He took very good care of you.

In 2009 my grandparents decided to take you to dacha for the summer. You were a little scared at first but then you got the hang of it and started walking everywhere you could. You liked to lie under the raspberries, run through the potatoes. Sometimes you sit in the house and look out the window or lie on an armchair. Every summer you spent at the dacha.

At home you loved to play with a twisted piece of line. Grandpa would throw it to the other side of the room and you would run and bring it back in your teeth just like a dog. Mom would throw the fishing line under the closet and you'd crawl halfway under it, stretch to your full length and pull it out with your paw. You chased it all over the house. Sonya, our favorite hairball!

You had your own chair. You loved to sleep on it and sit on Grandpa's lap. One day when you were lying on the chair, I started bringing you to my bed in my room. You would jump up and go away at first because you thought you weren't allowed to lay on it but I kept putting you on my bed and soon you liked it and almost every day you started lying on the corner of the bed but you continued to sleep at night on your chair in Grandpa's room.

At the beginning of 2017 Grandma passed away and in the autumn Grandpa became seriously ill and could no longer give you as much attention as he used to. That was the last summer you went to the dacha with him in 2017.

Since then Mom and Dad and I have been paying more attention to you. Mom fed you. Grandpa rarely got out of bed to do anything. You wanted more affection. Gradually, you yourself began to lie next to Grandpa less and less often, moved into my room and spent nights on the floor in someone else's room.

You didn't like to be alone. Whenever one of us came home you would run to greet us and cuddle us every time. You were always there for us. If someone was sitting in the kitchen, you lay next to them on the floor. Someone goes into another room, you follow them and lay around. You needed attention. When my parents and I came in with a bunch of bags of groceries you sniffed around and inspected everything.

In October 2020 you became seriously ill. From that moment on, I pretty much took over all the care of you. My parents and I paid a lot of attention to you petting you a lot and carrying you on shoulder. You loved it very much and often asked to be held in our arms. I did everything I could to make sure you had a good last year.

You have lived in warmth, love and affection for 14 years and have always made us happy. We buried you at the dacha under a pine tree. Grandpa says you used to love to walk there.

Goodbye Sonya, our girl! We all love you very much! See you on the Rainbow Bridge!

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