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Memories of Seth
On March 9, 1997 your dad and I received a special gift from God and it was you Seth. You were the most beautiful little puppy that grew and developed into the most handsome dog. The day we brought you home, you looked like a giant cotton ball. Eventually you became known as the gentle giant. The first time we set eyes on you, we fell in love with you Seth. The first time you set eyes on us, your little paws hit the ground running. You stared at us with the most gorgeous dark brown chocolate and almond shaped eyes we had ever seen. You were the puppy for us. We stopped at the pet supply store to purchase some food and toys for you and we were on our way. When we got to your new home and I placed you on the ceramic tile floor in the kitchen, you dropped from being on all four paws and your belly hit the floor and you tinkled! This was the beginning of our adventure with you Seth! You came into our lives and brought your unconditional love, support and acceptance, your charm and intelligence, your calming and comforting demeanor, your unstoppable playfulness, and your breathtaking beauty.

To be continued.....

09-06-11 - It has been one week since you crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Today, we received a call from the veterinary office stating that we could pick you up. As the receptionist handed me the beautiful box with your precious ashes inside I had an immediate flood of emotions for you and memories of you Seth. I remember holding you in my arms as a little puppy just kissing you and walking around the house with you. Now you are back in my arms but in a different form. It is not the same without you. We love you and miss you so much Seth. We know that you are now at the Rainbow Bridge with God and the many new friends that have welcomed you with their friendship and treats too. Many kind people who also have loved ones at the Rainbow Bridge have comforted us by sending messages telling us that you are safe, at a good place, and will reunite with us one day. We know that you can run, play, and chase the stick now as you were unable to do since you were ill. God bless you Seth. Love you forever and ever. Hugs and kisses to you our sweet lil boy.

08-30-12 - My sweet Seth - It's been one year since you have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Not one day has passed that I have not thought of you Seth. I love you and miss you more that you could ever imagine. I wish you were here with us. It is not the same without you. You are forever in my heart my sweet lil almond eyed baby. Many kisses and hugs to you.

08-30-13 - My sweet Seth - Not a day goes by that we do not think of you and miss you. You were the most loyal companion and faithful protector of our family. You were a gentle giant with the most loving heart and soul. I know that you are with God and playing with all of your toys and sticks. God bless you baby. Your family loves and misses you. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

08-30-14 - My boy Seth - Never a day passes without thoughts of you sweet boy. We love you and miss you dearly! There will never be another Seth, the mold was broken when you were created. We miss our noble gentle giant with the great big almond eyes. We know that you are keeping God company and probably busy playing toys with you, as you have endless energy. God bless you baby boy Seth. You are forever in our hearts and we miss you so much.......hugs and kisses, love your family

08-31-15 - Dear Seth - We love you sweet boy! You are remembered daily Seth! We love you to the moon and back and forever will. Your beautiful face and great big almond eyes will be forever remembered. Please keep watch over beautiful Blaise, play toys with him, and keep him company at the Rainbow Bridge. We love you dearly and miss you immensely Seth, you are forever in our thoughts and prayers. Love always, your family. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

11-05-17 - Sweet Seth, we love you endlessly! Not a day goes by without thoughts of you sweet boy. Your family misses you Seth. Loves, hugs, and kisses to you sweet Seth.

08-30-19. Not a day goes by where you are not thought of, I look at your picture everyday. You are forever loved Seth. You were sweetest boy. Much love and kisses for my sweet boy.

08-30-20. Miss you so much sweet boy. Forever my Seth💗. Love you always.

08-29-21. Miss you & love you so very much my Seth. Love you forever!

08-29-22. I miss you sweet boy & I will love you forever!!!!

08-29-23. Love & miss you my sweet boy!

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