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Memories of Sera Stella
6/27/12 I got my sweet Sera when she was 3 month old. I lived on the base at Fort Hunter Liggett, CA. A friend of my hubby had puppies and Tim knew that I wanted a dog. We went to see the puppies. She had a boy and a girl (Sera), the boy was already taken and she said that no one wanted the girl, probably because she was black. She was very shy but so beautiful with her white spot on her cest and on her paws. It was love at first site.....she was going to be my little baby!! 6/28/12 It's only been 6 days since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I miss you like crazy! I miss seeing you when I get up in the morning to go to work, you would wait by the door to get your treat before I left! I miss your wagging tail and happy face when you saw me get out of the car after work, I miss your staying by my feet under my desk when I was on the computer....I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, my sweet Sera!
8/24/12 My sweet Sera, sorry I haven't been on here but I was on vacation. I went to visit my mom in Italy, remember Nonna, when she visited us in Brussels, Belgium you loved her so much, you used to sit by her feet! She is doing fair and she sends her love! Now I have something terrible to tell you! Jude and Lennox left New Orleans to get back to California and on the trip Jude ran out of gas in Arizona, so he walked with Lennox to the gas station and on the way back Lennox got a heathstrokes and died. Jude is devastated and so are we.....we loved him so much and he was only 6, please, take care of him, I know that he is already there with you playing and having fun!! Jude is so sad, he blames himself and he has a lot of grieving to do, he was is BFF. My heart feel so broken and sad, I wish I could do something for Jude to make him feel better. I love you forever. 6/3/13 My sweet Sera there isn't a day that I don't think about you! I miss you so much! I'm here to tell you, but you already know, that we have another furry friend! You sent him to us, I know it!! He was running around the neighboorhood last Sept. We saw him one day when I came home from work. He stopped by us and let us pet him. He is a Boston Terrier mix. He left. Hurracane Isaac came and we finally saw him again about two weeks later, running around, no collar, skinny. We gave him some water and food and he left again. Friday, 22 Sept 12, he came home with Daddy while he was running and never left! We took him to the vet and he had a very bad case of heartworm. We took care of that, gave him his shots, got him microchipped and now he is an happy little boy. His name is Milo and I am sure that you send him to us, to make sure that we took care of him and give him all our love! He remind me of you sometime. He is very good just like you were! One day you will meet him and be together forever! Love you my Sera! 12/19/14 Hello my sweet Sera, there isn't a day that I don't think about you! I miss you! Milo is doing really good! He loves beeing with us. Sometime he reminds me so much of you! It's almost Christmas and I remember how much you used to like the Christmas Tree! We miss you a lot and you are always in our heart! Merry Christmas my sweet.
4/6/2018 Hello my sweet girl. We moved to Germany and Milo your little brother is doing great! He is funny and playful just like you were. I always think of you! I have a picture of you in my office and at home. You are and always will be in our hearts. Hope you are having fun playing with Lennox and Marley.

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