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Memories of Seoras Cailean Tearlach MacMhurich
Seoras Cailean Tearlach MacMhurich (George Colin Charles Murray), known to all as 'Scooter,' left this plane on December 14, 2015, after a long and valiant fight against kidney disease, and just two months after his sister Smudgets. His early life was spent in a bungalow I rented on Penman Court in Oakland, Ca. with Grannie Callie, Mama Bittles, Flashy, Bootsie, his sister Smudgets and his almost-twin brother Cheeky. In December of 1998 we moved to a cottage on Dutton Avenue in San Leandro, where we lived for ten years. During that time we lost Bittles (August 1999) and his brother Cheeky (December 1999). After that the family was stable for the next fourteen years. My Bootsie died in September, 2013, Flashman a year later, then Shimi Lovat in April of 2015, and lastly, Smudgets and Scooter.

So my line of cats going back to 1983 has come to an end, and I don't know when I'll find a new 'horde' - which is what they were known as, collectively, in San Leandro.I have a lot of memories and a ton of photos. Scooter and Cheeky together were overkill in the looks department - always groomed, the perfect 'metro' cats. The three siblings were always together...

Scooter had numerous talents, and was the truest 'drama queen' of all the cats I've ever known. For over eighteen years he was my alarm clock - literally. He would hop up on the bed, walk up to my ear, and bark. Yes, bark. Not 'meow,' or 'mrrrow,' or any known cattish form of vocalization, but 'ARRH!' It was a singular talent, one I will never know again. From birth he was an 'untouchable,' one of those cats who don't respond to non-felines. When he was twelve he became very anemic, had to spend time in Good Samaritan in San Leandro. When I brought him home and let him out of the carrier I sat down on the chair, and Scooter jumped up and put his head right under my chin, purring furiously.He wouldn't budge, and when I arose he just shifted to the crook of my left arm....

And so our journey together ended on December 14,

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