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Memories of Semper
~ 03/12/14 @ 1934 ~
120 pounds of joy, fun, loyalty and FOOD! Pretty much any food, avocadoes in particular. He actually spit the pit!
He saved his sister's Fi's life by talking me into keeping her 2 days before Hurricane Wilma.
The BEST dog, friend, companion, son ever. I will miss him dearly.
Semper means "Always" in latin. He was always loyal, loving, funny, kind, sweet, BIG and hungry!
God please accept Semper into Heaven as he will truly be a joy to have around.
Mommy Loves You BIG DOG! Go HOME, I'll see you one day and we'll cross that bridge together...

~ 03/13/14 @ 1142 ~
Mommy misses you sooooooooo much Semper. I did what I did for you out of pure love. Fi's looking for you. I miss your nosies, always being in the way and looking for food when we're in the kitchen. You're running in the wind and playing with all of your Heavenly friends. Don't worry about us BIG BOY, you're not suffering in pain anymore. This will keep me going. Scott will protect us. Mommy loves you BIG DOG...

~ 03/12/2015 @ 0857 ~
Today's tough for Mommy BIG BOY...I miss you soooooooooo much...can't believe it's already been a year that you went to Rainbow Bridge. Daddy's keeping his promise to you and taking good care of & protecting us. Fi's still a little lost without you, she's actually adapted some of your traits. I often wonder if your spirit lives in her, particularly the stubbornness. LOL! We just celebrated Sydnee's 7th birthday, she's tall enough for rides now! We'll be celebrating Xander's birthday next Friday. Work is busy, Mommy's gonna be building houses again! I'll have to take Fi to the concrete pours so she can eat the concrete for you. LOL! I'm having neck surgery soon, but don't worry, between Daddy, Mama & Dad - I'll be well taken care of. Sending your physical being away is still the most difficult task I've ever had to do in my life, I just couldn't watch you suffer anymore. I know you are happy & free with God & the Angels. Like Daddy said, you got your balls back. He's so silly. We celebrated our 1-1/2 year anniversary last night. Mommy sang a couple of songs to Daddy, as you know I sound like a screaming mouse. Daddy cried, not sure if it was because it was romantic or if I sounded that bad. LOL! We tried to adopt a large black dog named Optimus - didn't work out, he was insane. We're not ready, but you'll send us the right dog when we are ready. I love you Semper...happy 1 year anniversary of no more suffering...

~ 02/24/2016 @ 2149 ~
Hi Semper, My Dear Boy. We've made some changes and finally adopted a Mastador puppy, which Daddy finally convinced me that you are / were. He was correct! His name is Gunny, as he is mouthy. Fi's not taking to him, she will not even pay attention to him. It's very confusing for him as he does not understand why she won't love him. Remember when Fi found us? I didn't want to accept her into our home, yet you insisted. And through the years, she was our troublemaker. I can't add up the amount of money she cost us with lawsuits, etc. Recently, she somehow impaled herself at Aunt Val's house, that was quite costly. Yet I love her and have accepted her as she is. You did the same with her. I've cried to her to please pass on your traits to Gunny as she's been breaking my heart. Daddy is upset with her. We brought out your leash & collar tonight for her to smell and encourage her to pass on your love as you showed to her. Please help us Bubbie, kick her ass. I miss you everyday. And will always love you...Mommy...P.S. Here's a picture of your protege. You will love him, we love him. God made him for us at this time in our lives without you. While there's no replacement or you, he's bringing so much happiness to our lives as you did! ; )-

~ 03/12/2016 @ 1615 ~
Hi Semper Big Dog. It was 2 years ago at this very moment that your suffering finally ended & we sent you to be with God, Jesus Christ & The Angels in Heaven. Mommy & Daddy miss you so much and our hearts still hurt, but we know you're in a better place with no pain and completely enjoying yourself. We look forward to seeing you again one day to cross Rainbow Bridge together. Until then, know that we love you with all our hearts. Thank you for helping us with Fi and her attitude towards Gunny. We figured out why she was being so grouchy. While her impaled chest wound healed, we discovered there are 2 cracked ribs & a fractured tooth after pleading with Dr. Covino of our concerns about Fi's misery. She's doing a lot better now and is continuing to heal. Gunny is growing like crazy, by the minute. He has his moments of being a crazy ass, but is such a loving puppy. Daddy & I truly believe that you lead us to him and are grateful for that. Speaking of Daddy...he is having surgery Monday afternoon. We were at Sky Zone last Saturday for Sydnee's 8th birthday, he was jumping on the trampoline, landed on his ankle wrong & fractured it in 3 places. It's been a rough week for us, but relief is almost here for Daddy. Please pray that his surgery is successful & recovery is quick. It's Xander's 11th birthday next Sunday. He wants to go to Naples Zoo for it. Both Xander & Sydnee are growing like weeds too! And they are both doing well in school, you'd be proud of them. Fi, Daddy, Xander & Sydnee miss you lots. We always tell stories about you and it always makes us smile. You're a special one Semper! I Love You...Mommy.

~ 09/22/2016 @ 1218 ~
Hi Semper My Big Boy! Grandpa's girlfriend's (Pat) dog Jack went to Rainbow Bridge a few days ago and she is very sad. Please welcome him and show him around. Grandpa asked about your Rainbow Bridge Residency, so I shared it with him encouraging that Pat does the same for Jack as it will help her heal. I looked at yours yesterday to share with Grandpa and cried as I am now. Mommy misses you so much Semper. I know you are free from pain & having fun. We're doing good. I'm super busy with work. Daddy & I are going to Halloween Horror Nights this weekend for a break. Fi & Gunny will go to a super cool place we found called Country Pet Ranch, they stayed there a few months ago and really liked it. The staff loved them too. Speaking of Gunny, have you been influencing him lately? He's already 95 pounds at just over 9 months old! He's adopted so many of your traits, I swear you're here through him. He eats like you did, gets in the way, bumps my bed in the night so I know he's there, is beginning to have your look and so many other of your traits it's kinda weird. Fi kicks his butt everyday, it's our entertainment. LOL! Daddy's working hard and the kids are growing like weeds. We always have a Semper story to tell amongst us or with others. You're still such a part of our hearts BIG BOY! Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you and that I miss you terribly. I Love You Semper...Mommy..And Daddy. Love you bubby

~ 02/14/2017 @ 1018 ~
Hi Semper Big Dog! How's my boy? Mommy misses you so much. I'm sure you're so happy in Heaven with no pain. Your Rainbow Residency is up for renewal, so I figured I'd stop in and let you know I'm thinking about you. Mommy's falling apart, just scheduled hip surgery for end of next month. Grandma Mary Ann & Aunt Heather are coming out to help Daddy take care of me, gonna be a long recovery with this one. Please shed some light on Gunny to be a good boy during this time, Mommy's gonna need him to be. Fi's limping a lot, still feisty & cranky as ever though. Daddy's working a lot. Kids are growing like crazy, we get them tomorrow. Mommy's been busy building houses, at it 7 days per week again. Grandpa Bob was just here for Superbowl LI, damn Patriots won again. Not really happy with the 49ers & Crapernick this year. Uncle Rob is doing good, working at The Pentagon. His daughter Vivian is so cute, she just turned 3! Donald Trump is our President, crazy huh?! Aunt Heather's cancer is staying at good levels, please ask God to continue looking after her. Jayson, Kelly, Sam & Steph are all growing up so fast - you'd hardly reckognize them! Bappa's still going strong! Grandma Barbara is doing better. Uncle Robert is crazy as ever. LOL! We're all doing pretty good. I Love You Semper...

~ 11/29/2017 @ 2000 ~
Hi Semper. Mommy is very sad as Fi just left here to come meet you. Her old body just couldn't do it anymore and it was time for her to come spend eternity with you at Rainbow Bridge. The only way I'm getting through this is that she will be with you having fun, picking on eachother, picking om Mommy, picking on Gunny and causing mischief. Why can't you fur babies live longer? This hurts so much and the second most difficult act I've ever had to do, but she's not in pain anymore. Like I had to do with you Big Boy...please look after her. Gunny's sad and it's breaking my heart. Please ask Fi to look in on him every once in a while, he really looked up to her. She passed on your traits, along with her crazy one's too, to Gunny and I'm proud of her for that. I Love You Semper...

~ 03/12/2018 @ 1140 ~
Hi Semper. Today's 4 years that you went to Rainbow Bridge and Mommy misses you so much. I hope you & Fi are having a blast, particularly laughing at Gunny with his new sister Cadence. He has his paws full with her, they're funny. Reminds me of when Fi first found us and all of the trouble she caused. I've attached a picture of them for you & Fi to enjoy. We just celebrated SJ's 10th birthday, she's double digits now. Xander's is 9 days, he'll be 13! My Mom & Heather will be here on the same day for a METSquerade Ball and they'll get to meet Cadence. Busy month! Mommy is seriously considering a new career path, this isn't enjoyable anymore. Daddy is working like crazy, almost everyday. There's got to be something else other than construction to make decent money and not live paycheck to paycheck. Mommy & Grandpa finally sold Aloe Court, so relieved! We had some good memories there through, right Bubba? OK, Mommy has to get back to work. Wanted to stop in and let you know that I'm thinking about you today. You'll always be my #1 Semper, Mommy loves you so much...

~ 03/12/2021 @ 1824 ~
Hi Semper. Today is 7 years of your going onto Rainbow Bridge and Mommy still misses you so much. I know you & Fi are in Heaven having so much fun. So much going on here. Gunny & Cadence are good, both are huge puppies. You wouldn't know anything about that would you? LOL! I'm taking them to the beach this upcoming Sunday. Mommy wears your ashes everyday in a glass blown avocado shaped pendant. Yep, you're always with me. You & Fi have memorials on the center wall of our home. Sometimes I walk too close to Fi's and gets the side of my head. Reminds me of her and how feisty she was. Mommy is a building inspector now, has a new hip and single (no more Scott - long story but I wish him, Xander & Sydney the best). We have calm, peaceful lives here. I'm studying for some tests for work. We had this plandemic hit us over the last year called COVID-19 - what a scamdemic! Trump's re election was stolen, now we have dimentia Joe Biden. Oy vey...you'd not like what he's doing. I'm closer with God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit everyday. I found a great pastor Tom Laipley of Foundation Church in Engelwood Florida. Love it! Aunt Heather is doing great! So is Jay, Jayson, Kelly, Sam & Steph. Grandpa is still Grandpa. So is Grandma. Uncle Rob is married to Kelly with a daughter Vivian. Grandma Barbara came to Heaven October 2019. Jennings came to Heaven October 2020. Please go visit them and give them licks for me. Can't believe it's been 7 years BIG BOY! Probably is a blink of an eye for you. I KNOW that one day you & Fi will meet me at Rainbow Bridge to walk me over to Heaven so we an spend eternity there in pure joy. In the meantime, Mommy loves you with all my heart. You will always be my #1 Semper...

~ 06/12/2023 @ 0822 ~
Hi Big Boy! How's my big baby boy doing? How's Fi? I'm sure you both are totally enjoying Heaven. I miss you both so much. We're good here, even though the world has gone completely insane. We stay with Jesus! Mommy's still going to Foundation Church, is still a Building Inspector, still single and life is peaceful. Mommy's back in pole & aerial, it was a year in March, and loving it. We had cat 5 hurricane Ian hit us last September and have been busy since. Gunny & Cadence are good, silly fur babies. We just drove to California (had a scare with grandma, thought she had a stroke but passed a blood clot because Jesus healed her), then to Albuquerque for Bappa's 101st birthday (he has 19 years to go here on earth before he comes to Heaven). We saw so many family members on this trip, it was really special. Gunny & Cadence did really well traveling all of those miles. One of my co workers fur baby just crossed rainbow bridge last night, her name is Roxy, she's a good girl and came to work with us for many days after Ian. Please welcome her to Heaven and say hi to her. Her daddy is really hurting, please ask Jesus to comfort him, his name is Ron. Uncle Rob is about to deploy, please ask Jesus and The Angels to look after him while he's doing God's work and stopping evil. You and Fi are always on my mind and in my heart, I still wear your ashes everyday, so I know that you're with me. Please ask Jesus to keep us safe from the evil on this earth. Please give some love to both grandma's for me, I miss them. I love you & Fi with all my heart...until next time...

~ 03/12/2024 @ 2112 ~
Hi Semper, My Bog Boy. How's Heaven? I'm sure you and Fi are getting all sorts of treats from God because you're both such good fur babies. I vision both of you running free, healthy, young and just having a blast. I can't believe it's been 10 years since you went to Rainbow Bridge. Mommy thinks of you often. Gunny & Cadence are taking good care of me. I've had some disappointments with a test recently and they've been there for me. Gunny reminds me of you and Cadence reminds me of Fi. I still wear your ashes everyday in the avocado shaped glass pendant made just for you. I'm finally going to compete in pole after all of these years. It's to honor God, bring light into darkness while emulating skill & strength. You know I love pole & aerial sports, just wish people wouldn't make it so ugly with smut. Oh well, Mommy will do her thing to The Resistance by Skillet. We're looking to move to North Port to be closer to church, hopefully this summer. The rest of the family is well. Bappa will be 102 this May! We're all going to Albuquerque to celebrate him. The world is going crazy here. Per 2 Thes. 2:3-8, Mommy will restrain the spirit of the evil one and stand on God's word. Like pastor says, it's simple but hard at times. You would love my church. Pastor let me take Gunny there for prayer over his brain fluid. By Jesus's blood, he is healed and doing great! We're all healthy and happy. God showed me a vision of having a dog rescue named "Dogs Out of Goshen" with a bone shaped salt water pool with paw prints on the bottom of it. That will be after Mommy retires from this job. Yep, still a building inspector in Bonita. It's been challenging between stupid COVID lie, then Hurricane Ian, then we took on Ft. Myers Beach. Mommy just pushes through, fighting the good fight everyday. My favorite time of the day is when Gunny, Cadence & I cuddle at the end of the day to say our prayers to Jesus just before sleepy sleeps. You will always have a piece of my heart Semper...Mommy will see you one day...I love you dearly. Give God, Jesus & The Angels a big hug for me...

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