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Memories of SEBASTIAN
My Sebastian,was such a wonderful,loving,sweet,and precious little angel ,I will miss him terribly.Sebastian had a gentle way about him ,even his kisses were warm ,he would love to kiss my entire face I just loved that about him,I will miss those warm and tender kisses.Sebastian was diagnoised with a heart murmer at the age of 7 months old ,but he didn't need any medicaton at all until a couple of weeks ago before he passed.My Granddaughter Kayla adored him ,she play with him for hours ,they sleep together and watch t.v. for hours he loved children and people. I had 2 springer Spaniels ,and 3 cocker spaniels loved them all,but I must say Sebastian had the best temperment ever,he was agreat dog.!!!!!!!!!!! When Sebastian was 6 month old I took him for some training he was with other dogs and what fun we both had ,he was so good in agility , it amaze me how fast he learned to jump threw a tire,weave threw poles, go threw tunnels,and jump over poles boy did he look awesome doing it. One day Sebastian was jumping on the deck and he hurt his knee and his training was over, he needed surgery ,he healed nicely,but my hours changed on my job so we didn't continue. Sebastian knew how to sit, come and stay he even new down, this was good,he new the basic commands which i feel is important.During the summer months Sebastian like to swim in our pool great for exercise and therpy for his knees,also he look so beautiful swimming,i will miss him in the pool this year. My girlfriend told me about this match in Danbury CT. all cavalier king charles breed and breeders ,my husband and I took Sebastian what a great day the hotel was filled with many Sebastians,I started talking to to Kathy who breed them and it was the beginning of a family of cavaliers for us and sisters for my Sebastian. My Sebastian was born on OCT.18 2001,I waited like my new friend said and got a puppy the following year a tri-color girl named Gabriella, she was born Nov 6 2002.Me and Andy and Sebastian went to see Kathy and the puppies we picked gabby out and Kathy started to call her by her name ,so when we took her home she knew her name already Sebastian excepted her right away .They were so loving ,just so sweet together ,Sebastian now had a companion.This breed of dog is so special to me and Andy that I would only have CAVALIERS. The breed comes with many health issues,even lossing my baby at 9 ,I wouldn't even think of another breed.Andy and I would attend Cavalier shows every June ,taking Sebastian,and our Gabby girl they would have a full day there and I would get there hearts checks there also and see Kathy so it was good . 2 years gone by and I wanted another for Sebastian and Gabby and i was luckey to get a pretty little Ruby girl and named her Scarlett,now there were 3 and our babies excepted our little Scarlett Sebastian family grew ,now my boy had 2 sisters it was wonderful just to watch them ,and they all slept with us in my bed loved it !!! Dinner time was the best I yell to them DINNER DINNER they all come running,Sebastian was always the 1st one and the 1st one done,he loved being the first even when it came to treat time ,Sebastian love to run in the yard he ran so graceful ,were Gabby a lazy dog ,love sunning herself on the deck she still does tody and scarlett she runs a little ,Sebastian was the runner in the family!!! When it was bed time I yell NITE NITE ,and here they come Sebastian was the 1st he jump on my bed and its a high where his sisters I would have to pick up ,and now they would get there last treat and go nite nite .So miss that right now.!! One day 2yrs ago I went on the Cavalier Rescue site and fell in love with this little girl named STAR,who has a serious neurological disordor FLY Cathers ,she sees flys that are not there ,I wanted her I felt i needed to help her filled out the form and in my heart I thought my babies can distract her so you would do it less ,they meet with me and my babies and choose all of us to rescue our littleStar and we did ,now we had 4 Sebastian had 3 sisters and wow how wonderful they all are to each other,so beautiful. This past winter was horrible so much snow to deal with made paths for my babies so they can do there business, as the snow became lower Sebastian was able to gallop in it ,he looked so beautiful in the snow . His sister would follow him ,they would walk ,they were sacred of it cause of the height ,there was so much of it,I had to take videos of it and my babies in it.Iam so happy that I took these videos,I will have these memories of this winter forever.WE all couln't wait for spring and wow spring is here ,Sebastian and Gabriella went for there year check upin April 1st week they both passed. They both had heart murmers but DR.Steve said they didn't need to be on meds at this time .so we all went home.On May 16 ,my Sebastian did't want his dinner ,took everything else like his treats but no dinner, the 17th still no dinner ,now I made an appointment ,Dr.Steve took blood and said Sebastian was gasey ,gave him antibotic we wet home. Sebastian blood test came back it White Blood cell count very high ,DR.Steve wanted Sebastian for a liver sonogram,they did that it came out normal, Sebastian still not eating callsin another Doctor a Cardiologist ,then run more test Sebastian white count was even higher then before my vet didn't like it ,all test were done ,results were in May 27 Sebastian was Diagnoised with an Enlarged heart and Intestinal cancer.they gave him a month.Sebastian was eating little bites of food ,I also fed him threw a syringe ,then my baby was eating a little better I'm saying they are wrong maybe ,the medication is working ,but i was wrong Saturday June 11 he had a great day running eating ,such a good day, Sunday morning I got up and I knew this was it ,Sebastian was having a tuff time breathing and he had congestion ,he didn't want his treat I knew I was losing my baby today ,I carry him out to do his business and he did then carried him back in ,told Andy we need to take him to the hosiptal he can't breath we need to put him down it was time ,didn't want him to suffer ,called my son and he cried and cried ,I said to Drew take him out he needs to go and he carried him out ,then my son started screaming MA MA he's going behind the pool,I said Drew take him in I then Knew he wanted to find a place to die ,my son placed him in my arms Sebastian strentch out his back leg looked up at me and foam came out of his mouth and nose I started screaming OH GOD Please don't takt him please ,Sebastian mommy loves you don't go please and he was gone I wipe the foam and laid him to rest in our living room where i laid with him and cried and cried ,we all did. We placed Sebastian in a beautiful container with sheets and a blanket we left his face uncovered . My Gabby scarlett and Star said there goodbyes one at a time,they will miss there brother he was ther leader. MY Sebastian is gone but his memory lives on and on in our hearts. God Bless you my boy ,we love you. MOMMY LOVES YOU TODAY AND FOR ALL MY TOMORROWS TO COME R.I.P. my Angel SEBASTIAN watch over your sisters like you always did xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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