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Memories of Seamus
I will never forget the day you wandered into our yard and jumped on my lap. I did not want you then, but you were persistent. I told you if you were still there in the morning, I would feed you. When I woke up the next morning, there you were, sitting on the patio, waiting for your breakfast. I know now that it was meant to be. You were the greatest gift God had ever given me in this life. My best friend.

Almost 16 years we had together. And so many wonderful memories of you. I loved sleeping with your warm body around my head. I loved sharing the pillow with you. I loved waking up in the morning to see your sweet face next to mine.

You were really the first pet I ever had until "the end". I had never had a cat before, and God knows I made my mistakes with you! Like the first few days I had you and thought you were a boy and I named you Seamus! By the time I figured out you were a girl and tried to give you a female name, you would not answer to it. So Seamus it was!

You were always there for me. When I was sick. When I was sad. When I had a terrible day. You were the sweetest kitty I have ever known. And my last. I can never replace you. I will never have another pet again. My heart is shattered without you and there is just not enough love in it for another. All my love died with you.

Wait for me in Heaven, my dearest kitty. Don't forget me. I promise not a day will go by that I don't think of you and cry for you.

I love you forever.

07/11/13: Its been two days since I saw your sweet furry face. Its not getting any easier. I don't think I will ever get over you, and I truly don't think I want to even try. The hardest part of this was holding on to you and seeing the light go out in your eyes as you slipped away. That is my last horrifying memory of you. For you, it may have been peace. For me, it was agony. I hoped last night that you would come and lay your spiritual body next to me on the pillow as I slept. But I woke up to a horribly quiet house. I hope you are having fun at Rainbow bridge, but I am praying that you grace our home occasionally with your presence. Come home soon. I miss you.

07/13/13: 4 days now. I miss you so much. I am sure you have made many new friends at Rainbow Bridge and are having a good time. I pray to God that you are happy and healthy. I gave your food cans to a friend for her cat, breaking down as I gave her the bag. I don't have the heart to go through your toys yet. They still are scattered around the house, silent and still, just where you left them. I occasionally catch myself looking out onto the patio at all your kitty condos, checking to see if you are safe as you sleep on them in the sun. But they are empty. I don't have the heart to throw them out either. Your uncle Kevin and uncle Tom called a few days ago, trying to make me feel better about things. They succeeded a little. Nothing will make me feel better though really, until I see your face again. Come visit me.

07/16/13: Hi Furry face! It's my first weekend without you. Life without you here is a total drag. I miss you so much! I miss your sweet personality. I miss watching TV with you. I miss your beautiful sleeping face on the pillow next to me. I even miss the way you used to try and trip me as I walked across the room with a full cup of coffee in hand! You were so adorable. Please come home soon for a visit.

07/28/13: I saw you in my dream! You were only there about 30 seconds, but I got to hold you and kiss your head. I woke up so happy! My only sadness is that you could not stay longer. Come back and visit again soon! You know you always have a home here. Your home away from Heaven.

08/09/13: It's been one month today since I have seen you alive. I miss you terribly.

09/14/13: Its been over two months now. I am so sad without you.

09/25/13: I got a birthday card for you from one of the animal hospitals you went to in the past. They did not know you had died. I cried all over again to read the card. I miss you so much. I don't know when your real birthday is, but since you wandered into my life in September, that is when we celebrated it. So happy birthday, sweet kitty! I love you!

10/27/13: Thinking of you a lot lately. I am sad to be going into the holiday season without my best friend. It will not be the same without you.

11/20/13: I miss you, sweetheart. Come home for a visit soon.

11/28/13: Happy Thanksgiving, sweet girl!. I am thankful for all the years we had together. I love you!

12/19/13: I was thinking of you a lot today as I am getting ready for Christmas. What a drag it will be to wrap presents this time. You used to drive me nuts when you jumped on and teared up the wrapping paper. Now I wish you were here to do it again. This is my first Christmas without you. It is definitely not fun this time. Remember that one Christmas when I came home with a giant kitty condo for you? How you loved it. I think I spent more on you that year than I spent on anyone else. It was worth it though, watching you play on it all day. I miss you, sweetheart. Come visit me soon.

03/04/14: Not a day goes by without thinking of you and wondering if you are ok. I keep hoping for another dream about you, but nothing comes. I feel like you are totally gone. Please visit. And bring Lucky with you. I can't stop thinking of him too. I miss you both so much.

06/14/14: You have been gone almost a year. Next month is the anniversary. I miss you so much. I put your picture on my desk at work. It calms me to see your sweet face. Come visit me. I feel like you forgot about me. I never feel you near. Come home and say hello.

07/09/14: You have been gone one year today. I wish I could say that time has healed all wounds, but it hasn't. I still get teary-eyed when I think of you. Still hard to talk about you. Today I am going to open "the bag" for the first time in a year. The bag has the shirt I was wearing on the day you died. Still covered in your fur. You were so stressed out, you shed so much that day. It's all I have left of you, dear girl. That and the paw print they gave me at the vet. I could not afford to get your ashes in an urn that day, which I am still cursing myself for. I would give anything to have you back. I miss you.

06/19/15: your two year anniversary is coming up. I cannot believe you have been gone this long. I miss you every single day. I love you so much.

07/09/15: Its officially been 2 years since I last saw you alive. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I wish you were here so badly. I still can't bring myself to get another pet. Losing you was way too painful. I love you so much, and still pray that you come and visit me soon.

02/12/16: My dearest sweet kitty. I still can't think of you or talk about you without crying. I miss you so much. I can't wait until I see you again. Hopefully soon. I think about you every day. I love you beyond words. Don't forget me.

06/09/16: Hello, oh love of my life! Its been a few months since I have written anything to you. I still think about you every day. Even now, years later, My eyes tear up when I think of you or talk about you. Everyone says I need to get another kitty, but I cant even think about it. No way am I anywhere near ready to replace you, if ever. I don't feel well anyway. Maybe I will come to meet you soon! I am counting on you to meet me at the gates ok? In the meantime, give Lucky and Skippy my love, and I hope to see you soon!

07/09/16: Its been 3 years ago today since I last saw you. Everything is a total drag here without you. My life just sucks. Very few happy moments. I guess I am a little depressed lately. Tired of trying to put up with all the sadness and stupidity in this world. You were the one person that could calm my nerves and put a smile on my face. I miss you, sweetie. Will see you soon!

11/14/16: Its almost Thanksgiving again. The holidays are not fun without you. Miss you so much.

04/13/17: Its been almost 4 years since I last saw you. I miss you more than anything. I hope you are ok, and having fun at the rainbow bridge. Come down and visit once in a while! I remember the one dream i had about you, and that was the last I have seen or heard from you. Come see me.

07/09/17: 4 years ago today. I miss you so much. I cant believe its been this long. Its so lonely here without you. I hope you are ok. Not a day goes by that i don't think about you and wonder how you are doing. I hope you think of me too sometimes and haven't forgotten me. I love you lots.

03/25/18: Hello my sweetheart! I miss you so much! I think about you every day. I have to tell you something. I have a new friend. Her name is Luna and she is a little lovebug. You would love her. I was hesitant on getting her at first, but now I am happy. I will always love you. You were my best friend and will always be. She does help fill the void and the giant hole in my heart that I had for so long when you went away. I hope you will understand, and I hope you will never forget me, as I will never forget you. I love you forever!

06/11/18: Hello my best friend. We are coming up on the 5 year anniversary. Summer is a sad time for me. Wish you were here still. I cannot wait to see you again. My new friend Luna is adjusting nicely. She is quite enjoying being an indoor cat. She is a sweet girl, you would like her. I miss you every day. I love you forever!

07/08/18: Its now the 5 year anniversary of your passing. 5 long years. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you. Its been hot here lately. your kind of weather! I have been going out and feeding all the cats that live in the parking lot. Sad that they don't have homes. Its been so hot and nasty lately, I had to make sure they had enough food and water. Now that I started it, I cant stop! They expect me every morning now. Haha! I still remember that cold morning you wandered into my yard and never left. I am so thankful for the years that we did have together. you were and will always be my best friend in the whole world. Ever. I love you!

07/19/19: 6 years now, since I last saw you. I miss you so much. You were my best friend. I would give anything to still have you here. I hope you are having fun at the rainbow bridge. It does comfort me to know you are young and healthy again. It just hurts to not be with you. I will think of you lots today, and reminisce about our wonderful time together. 16 amazing years. I love you and always will.

1/27/20: Happy New Year, my sweetie! This year sucks bad so far. Car troubles and health problems. I hope its happier where you are. I miss you so much. Come visit me and let me know you are ok. Its cold lately. I miss having you sleep next to me. You were always so warm. I love you!

06/26/20: This year has been so horrible so far. We now have this stupid pandemic and so many people are sick or dying. I am scared all the time now. And my new friend Luna? She too is dying. I took her to the vet today and she is really sick. She will go to the rainbow bridge on Sunday. I hope you will look out for her and meet her when she gets there. I don't want her to be scared. Take care of her for me, ok? I will be there soon too. I love you.

07/09/20: Its been 7 years since I saw you alive. I miss you so much. Not a single day goes by where I don't think about you. I have lost my sweet Luna as well. She left for Rainbow Bridge a week ago. I hope you have found her and are keeping her company. She will be a good friend for you. I cannot wait to see you two again. I do not think I will be getting any more pets. You two were the best friends I could ever have. I hope to see you both soon! I love you!

09/30/20: I miss you, Pumpkin! Thank you for meeting up with Luna and keeping her company. I was so happy the day you both came to visit in my dream. I was so excited that she came and that she brought you with her. I love you both so much. xxx

12/28/20: Merry Christmas, my little Sugarplum! I miss you.

07/09/21: Its been 8 years since you left. Today is the anniversary of that horrible day. Its been a year since Luna left too. I miss you both so much.

05/30/22: Hello, Beautiful! We are coming up on the 9 year anniversary. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and miss you.

07/09/22: Its been 9 years since you went away, I think of you every day, and have missed you every second you have been gone. I love you.

07/08/23: Tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of your passing. I miss you so much! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and wonder how you are. Please come visit me soon! I love you!

Please also visit Luna.

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