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Memories of Scribbles Apodaca Colgan
My perfect little Angel by now you're with your Grandma, be on your best behavior in Heaven as you were on Earth. Stay next to Grandma's side like you did mine and smother her with all the love and attention you gave me. I'm sure she won't mind you licking and sucking on her fingers and toes or even slipping into her arms and snuggling yourself close to her heart. We will always be together nothing will ever come between us. Where ever I am you are still right by mommy's side just as always. Nobody can and nobody will ever fill your shoes or my Heart like you have mine. My heart belongs to Scribbles and one-day mommy and daddy will go to heaven and we can continue to make heavenly memories just as we did on earth. You gave me a chance to experience motherhood when I was told I never would. I'll never forget the day I became your mommy... we lived in El Miraige and our nieghbor who lived behind us brang you over with your eyes still closed because your mom passed away the day you where born. Your aunt Sadie had just given birth to a liter of 4 so the nieghbor asked if we could merge you with Sadies babies in hopes she would take you in as her own and feed you. After half the day went by I noticed she kept pushing you away so I picked you up wrapped you in a warm blanket held you close to my heart and bottle feed you 3 to 4 even 5 times a day sometimes. You loved being in my arms. After feeding you I would hold you in my hand and burp you. Suddenly one day after I just got done burping you I turned you over wrapped you back in your blanky held you close to my heart and your eyes opened, not one eye at a time not even halfway,they were opened wide, big and bright and as we stared at each other you looked so surprised and maybe a little frighten, you just had that scribbly look on your precious little face. I could tell you where surprised to see your mommy was humane, and it was at that moment I realized my little baby thought she was humane. So I named you Scribbles and raised you humane. You love going to the casino with mommy and always being on your best behavior. I think it was the noise and excitement that you liked not to mention all the people new your name and they were always glad you came. You also loved the second hand store. The moment I put that leash on you and opened the car door you practically drag me to the door. Gosh baby girl do we have some fond memories with so many more to come. Your my angel, my soulmate, my best friend, the love of my life. And I know you know this... MOMMY LOVES YOU SOooo MUCH... I LOVE YOU!... and I will love you forever. Don't be scared my angel I will always carry you in my heart where your safe and warm while grandma will carry you in her arms loving you and showing you off to all your aunts and uncles. Keeping you right by her side. How blessed I am to have you in my life... You made my life complete and I hang on to are memories forever. Stay on your best behavior in Heaven as you did on Earth. Mommy and Scribbles will be together again someday. I love you my little Angel Scribbles.
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