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Memories of Scraps
November 10, 2016 Another year has passed missing you more than I can say. I miss your warm body next to my legs under the covers. I miss your "cheery" voice whenever I would come home and your sweet face in the window. My love for you will be forever and I miss you every day. You were such a silly girl and could always not only put a smile on my face but a glow in my heart. Run free my girl and watch for Mommy. Until then I will hold you in my heart. Love, Mom

November 11, 2015--On this day two years ago, I held you in my arms as you made your way to Rainbow Bridge. There hasn't been a day that has passed that I haven't thought of my "funny face" -- priceless memories flood my heart today. Scraps you were my best friend and constant companion for almost sixteen years. Mommy misses all your unique funny ways and the way you would talk to me. I miss you under the covers tight against my legs and the way you would let me cuddle you like a baby. You never knew a stranger, everyone was your friend. Sometimes I still can feel you jumping up on the bed to sleep with me. Mommy loves you so much and you have a very special place in my heart. Watch for Mommy my sweet girl, I will see you again.

May 1, 2015 --- Happy Birthday my sweet little feisty girl! Mommy sure misses you being here and talking my ear off. The house has really been so quiet. I hope that you have met your brother Opie that just came about a month ago. I know that you will like him and have fun playing together. I miss you will all my heart--I still think of you when I get a glass of milk and how you would be right there on the chair behind me standing up begging for a drink. You were such a silly girl. Have a wonderful day and then pick a piece of sunshine for a nap at the end of the day. Love you bunches, Mommy

December 25, 2014-- Merry Christmas my precious girl. This year has been the first year without you and it has been so hard. So many times I feel you are behind me, watching me and the silence and emptiness tells me you are gone. I miss you so much and think of you every day. I miss you talking to me and calling me from the other room to let me know what mischief you were getting into! You sure kept life exciting. I will always love you my green eyed girl...Mommy.

November 11, 2014-- Greetings and lots of love and kissies to you my precious girl. How Mommy misses you!! It is getting cold now and I miss the way you would crawl under the covers and snuggle close to my legs for the night. I can't believe a year has already passed since I have held you and talked to you my lovely girl. I have you and your sisfur Zena's picture on my nightstand and say good-night to you every night. I miss you and your loving and funny ways every day. Enjoy your days at the Bridge with your brofurs and sisfurs and all our friends that have gone on before until we meet again. Love you always, Mommy...

September 7,2014 -- Good morning my little girl. How I miss your sweet voice calling me into the other room! I still find it so hard to smile many days but then I think of you and all your silly ways and the way you always knew how to make me smile. Remember how you used to open the drawer on the cocktail table? And that priceless picture that I was never able to get when you had both paws on the knob and opened it! The look on your face saying "what do I do now?" was one I will never forget. Now baby Jace loves to play with that knob and it reminds me of you my beautiful green eyed girl. I love you and miss you every day. Your Mommy always.

May 1,2014--Mommy is here and it is almost midnight so I want to wish you a furry Happy Purrday at the Bridge my precious angel. Tomorrow on May 1, 2014 you would have been 16 years old and are now spending that purrday at Rainbows Bridge. I know you will have a wonderful day playing in the sunshine and chasing butterflies! I wonder if your big brofur Bo has gotten you in the habit of chasing shadows--it reminded me of that when I thought of the sunshine. That was one of Bo's favorite things. And I am sure you are showing him all of your playful little antics too. Every time I get a glass of milk I can see you there on the chair close to the fridge standing up with your front paws on the back of the chair "telling" me you wanted a drink--you loved milk and peanut butter and french fries! You would only get a little bit at a time so you could keep your girlish figure! Oh, what a storehouse of happy memories I have of all the times you made me laugh when I wanted to cry. I miss you more than words can say pretty girl. Have a great Purrday with your sisfurs Zena and GrayLady and your brofurs Jordan and Bo and all of your friends that are there with you. I will think of you all day. Mommy loves you and I promise to get your story up soon. Tell Zena I will get to hers too.

March 2,2014--Hey, my pretty girl! I am so sorry Mommy has taken so long to work on your page but I just haven't been able to and don't know how good I will do now. I miss you more than any words can ever say and I see you in everything I do -- because you were literally my shadow after all. I hope that you, Zena and Jordan are staying together and visiting with your big brother Bo a lot too! Mommy misses all of you so much and I know one day we will all be together again.

Sometimes when I come home and pull in under the carport, I still find myself looking up to the window for your sweet face to be there between the blinds "meowing" to me to hurry inside. Then you would jump down and have your nose right there at the door as I opened it letting me know how your day had been in no uncertain terms! You were such a talker and I loved it. Then you would follow on to wherever my path took me. I'm so sorry for the times I stepped on your little paw -- I should have know better that you were always right there one step behind or ahead of me. So many thing through the days I "see" you there. Oh, the many wonderful memories we shared--I recall them every day, I hope you remember too.

Getting to your sixteenth purrday was a milestone I wanted us to cross as we journeyed through your kidney failure diagnosis. It seemed you were doing so well but I know Mommy wanted to "will" you on and didn't realize how weak and tired you were getting my pretty girl. I hope you can forgive Mommy. You fought long and hard and were such a very good girl for no matter what kind of awful medicine you had to take and your daily fluids. I know you did it out of love for Mommy as I could see that love every day in your eyes.

Did you see the jar of peanut butter for you? You loved to lick it off my fingers and there is a warm blankie for you to snuggle under too.

Mommy loves you my sweet, feisty girl!

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