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Memories of Scott Joplin (Scottie Underpants)
My beautiful boy, words can not express what you've meant to me for the past 17 and a half years. You were born in my home and never left my side your whole life. You had 3 kitty friends and family your first 3 years and as these precious ones were lost, you grieved them next to me with your beautiful eyes. As you passed into heaven, love was shining out of those eyes. You were the one who stayed when the others had to go and you ran through my house and heart for 17 wonderful years.. My crazy loud impulsive boy with the biggest heart and devotion. You had a wonderful life. Louie loved you so much and I believe somehow you are still with him here.

You left us slowly darling boy until you became so weak, it was impossible to stay. What a hard goodbye, the part we never sign up for. I took care of you everyday and gave you everything I could. When life was cruel, you were there with your innocent love. Your silliness was epic. Brother Brahmie left way too early in 06 and loved his brother. Grandpa Gussie Cat and Mama Lucy left in 08 and 10. In 2010, we adopted sweet Louie who you tried to scare away. Louie knew better and knew you would be his friend which you became one day with a gigantic nose bump cuddling and playing and going on several exciting kitty adventures together.

Sweet Scottie since you were the one who stayed, I somehow thought maybe you'd stay forever or at least the day would never come. But it finally did. You and Louie had 10 adorable years together. I have so many stories of you. You were so darn funny. A dignified dingbat-in your younger years always into something or on top of something looking down yelling your cute head off about what I often had no idea.

One morning as a kitten, I thought a rooster had come into the yard. Your loud Waaaah Waaaah Waaaaaaaaah was unlike any sound I'd ever heard. I finally figured out it was you. You would jump off the back of the washer with a loud waaaah. You'd climb up the ladder to the rafters in the garage and look down at everyone yelling your head off as always, making those who didn't know you well, think you needed help getting down, which you did not. You learned this trick from Mama Lucy who ran around up in the rafters a week before she gave birth to you. You had to make a point of knocking over the food container in the kitchen announcing to everyone that you hadn't eaten in a couple hours and were starved. Louie thought you'd hung the moon and scurried into the kitchen to gobble up the spoils with you, like a true brother. Louie was the furriend that stuck closer than a brother and after a brief initiation during which Louie learned you were the boss, you were the best of buddies. Everyday I tell him Scottie loves him and he purrs. I still miss feeding you and hugging you together. Every morning you'd wake me up with that loud waaaah because it was after all nearly sunrise, time for the day to begin already. You were a happy, crazy, big hearted little boy who loved life..

More stories today - it's Saturday Nov 14 and I'm feeling soo sad . Brahmies had left in July of that year - 2006 and I finally got out in the garden again - I actually think it was a mild day in November and I was chopping back some of the plants. I was on my knees pruning and you jumped on my back and stayed there for 10 minutes. I know I heard God say - it's Scottie's turn now. Brahmie was an angel who lit up a room.. He was the angel who couldn't stay. You were the one who could and from then on, we were best friends. You were so respectful of all the others - except Louie for awhile... everyone knows that story Mr. Underpants. You stayed and stayed and lived and loved your whole life. The sadness is overtaking me today and there are many tears. For awhile we fixed your sickness, you were such a trooper and took your medicine like a kitty man. You ate and ate and we managed to put some weight back on you.. It was the last 6 months that your little body became overtaken with weakness. Still you ate and lived the best you could.. Even losing so much at the end, you continued to put your all into it. You weren't supposed to leave Mr Underpants. I don't know what to do with the sadness from it as the grief of losing you, my sweet boy, lingers..

Many thanks to Dr. Maggie at Animal Medical Center and the caring staff and also Cherry Capital Mobile vet with Julie and Dr. Brakeman. Everyone was very kind with Scottie his last couple years esp.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman - What a perfect song for you. How can one kitty be so merry and goofy while still being a dignified little gentleman and yet be deep and compassionate enough to connect in the sad times. You were/are so very very special. I put up a Christmas tree on your memorial - somehow fitting. For you Christmas came a little early this year. You're in heaven and I hope having a reunion with Brahmie Gussie and Lucy Cat. You were such a gift sweet Scottie.

Trusting God to bring me through your loss and show me if a new baby is to be in the near future.. Someday all the sorrow will change to joy.. Kind of needing that right now.

And then on November 20th Louie and I adopted Clarence Haydn an adorable big little black boy. Another boy who is all love and play with adoring eyes that remind me of you sweet boy. Louie was not thrilled, in fact he was so scared of Clarence that he hid for a month. But Clarence wants so much that we will love him and that he not disappoint us and Louie soon decided it was okay for Clarence to eat treats with him. Soon it was okay to eat with him and sleep near him. He is not you sweet boy but he is a very sweet little boy and I wonder if you had a paw in this one. I thought for awhile that we would keep him inside but Clarence has a spirit of adventure like you before him - still can't believe you have gone before.. possibly the hardest thing about Clarence is that you preceded him as he is also sweet as can be.. He's not you of course.. there won't be you again until heaven but he is another gift and a new personality that is pretty adorable and unique. Thanking God for the gift, even the pain in the gift as we still are without our sweet little Scott who was supposed to be forever.. I love you sweet boy.
It was "your turn" for 17 wonderful years and I'm so glad it's still Louie's turn and now Clarence's turn.
Matthew 15:21 = So the multitude marveled when they saw the mute speaking.. the lame walking, and the blind seeing and they glorified the God of Israel. I found this verse the other day sweet Scottie after just praying about this and I knew they you now had your voice back and you could walk and see again and I'm sure you can hear also and I hope you can hear this message of love to yo.

Hello my sweet Scottie Pants. Missing you so much today on your 1 year marker and still struggling to believe you're really gone. The year went so fast and there were other losses - my Dad being the biggest one. He did love you sweet boy and laughed at you up in the rafters yelling at us many times.
I miss you so much and wish you were here to play with Clarence Haydn and Louie Reese who has had to adjust to living without his b.f.f. Me too. You were a best furriend in the mode of Gussie Cat before you - who you knew pretty well. You stepped up when the others passed on and became one of the deepest most compassionate while still being the funniest one. Until I see you again = play with the others and visit Louie Reese please. Love you always my darling boy. Mom October 26th 2021

November 7th 2021 - My sweet Scottie, it feels like it was yesterday again. I miss you so very much and I'm praying God will send me a sign specifically about you. I'd love to hear about the others too but Brahmie and Gussie were honored with Dad's loss and memorial days, now I'm asking God for a sign about my sweet Scottie Pants who I miss so much and Miss Lucy too who had kind of a hard life and gave you life sweet boy.. We love and miss her too. Love you my sweet boy.

November 10th - you are renewed and will live on through this memorial sweet boy. You will live on forever in heaven and in my heart. My little boy with the beautiful eyes, how I miss you and your goofy ways. I miss your brother and Gussie Cat and Miss Lucy also. All my little sweeties. Asking God for more of heaven here on earth so I can somehow see you all together again. Love you baby boy.

July 1, 2023 - My sweet angel Scottie Underpants, I've written to Gussie and Brahmies and of course there is Lucy who has no memorial but is remembered everyday also. I hope you're having the best time sweet boy. We miss you so much. Clarence Haydn got injured and Louie and I are caring for him right now. I ask God to send your sweet angel spirit down to be with him and Louie and I. I love and miss you always sweetie pie. 17 years you ran through our heart and home and were always there - damn sickness but on this earth it's always something isn't it. I love you baby boy!

October 26th, 2023 - My sweet Scottie.. little darling boy - I pray you are running free in heaven with Brahmie and Gussie and Lucy. I can't God and you enough for your wonderful life. What a vision of how God loves us and the sense of humor He has. Not even a snowflake is the same as another and you were the most unique and multifaceted creation of love and comedy. Stupid sickness so wrong for such a beautiful boy but life wins and you are alive and free sweet baby boy. I could go on and on about you. All my love baby boy.

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