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Memories of Scooter

At 3:15 pm Nov 03 2016 today my Scooter was reunited with his little brother Tweedy.

That wonderful day 11 years ago i walked into that obscure shop and saw you and your little brother.
It was love at first sight,you stuck your little paw out as if to say please take me and my little brother home with you.
I was so broke i came home thinking of a way i could bring you guys home.

So I went home and looking over at a sculpture of a copper tree i had,I jumped up and stuffed the 5ft sculpture into my van,then drove back to that little resale shop,and as soon as you saw me you started crying out, So i approached the owner and said i will trade this copper sculpture for these two little ones, he hmmmmmd and hawwwd then said okay take them.

That trade....for the gift of love and memories you both showered me with is priceless.

We shared many happy years together as a family then last year little brother got sick and he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
Now my Beloved Scooter you will not eat and have fallen ill with the same fatty liver disease, I feel so helpless as i watch you quickly deteriorate before my eyes yet you still showed me so much love and affection.
I could not bear to see you in pain and as i held you in your final moments i looked into your big beautiful yellow eyes as they fade to black...Kissed you on the forehead and whispered...I love you and set you free to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Last night was a sleepless time as i reached over to pet you and "You" were not there my Beloved Scooter as the tears i shed are happy ones that your pain is over and little brother met you at the Rainbow Bridge so when my time comes I'll look for you.

Three night's have passed as i lay here in the dark silence i feel the emptiness surround me...no more will i feel you lying against my back purring loudly pushing me to get up and feed you then with a full tummy would return purring and curl up next to me. My beloved Scooter how i miss your snuggling. looking out your favorite window i see the bright morning sun shining through the red and golden leaves of trees casting their shadows on an empty sidewalk a season of change is upon me and a tear slides down my cheek.

My arms ache to hold you and i stare at your picture not believing your really gone. I will always treasure holding you in my arms as you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge...For a moment this morning i thought i smelled your scent and opened my eyes but you were not there and i whispered I love you little one.
You are more precious to me than you know.. Keep watch over little brother.

I smile remembering the many times i held and rocked you to sleep on my shoulder, Looking at the candle flame flickering brightly next to your picture it seems your eyes follow my every move... You showed me almost human emotions and when you looked at me i felt it deep in my soul.

Nov-7-2016 I know your spirits are soaring Like shooting stars as you streak across the night sky in play. I see your image in the clouds on eager winds that carry your names as i call out...

Something strange has happened i cannot find your mouse baby toy you've had since you were babies. I've looked everywhere for it.... maybe it's just coincidence.
A Peacefulness now fills my heart.

Nov-7-2016 7am
Good morning my beloved babies looking out your favorite window again this morning i see the gray fog embracing the house and all is quiet as i look about i still expect you to pop out somewhere looking at me with those big beautiful yellow eyes. My heart is heavy with love...Just before waking up this morning i smelled your scent again opening my eyes i reached over to pet only an empty "Pillow". My sweet little ones on golden wings soar through the Heavens and in the Winter's night that beckons. I see your love shimmer on the snow like a blanket of love and warms my heart....

Your ashes are home today baby now i will have closure and the healing has begun.I miss you my Beloved boys everyday.
Last night was my first night i slept through as I held you tightly in my dream though only for a moment.
Awaking i reached over and snuggled up to your pillow comforted knowing one day i'll hold you both once again as we sit under the glistening leaves of the copper tree.... Until then take good care of little brother.

This morning i felt something jump on the bed against my back and immediately jumped up looking behind me but there was nothing there. I know it was you Scooter then I felt the weight of something walking across me and I smelled your scent....I'll be fine now but looking at both pictures every now and then a tear will fall.

My Beloved Scooter you have given me a sign that all is fine as your favorite toy (mouse baby) has reappeared on my bedroom floor after I looked for it for weeks then "Suddenly" there it was lying right next to the bed where I couldn't have missed it! Now it rests with you,I know all is fine So watch out for little brother. St.Francis please keep watch over all the fur babies tonight and especially those who have never felt a loving tender touch as they need you now more than ever, Comfort them in their last moments hold them with your Holy hands as they cross over the Rainbow Bridge........

It's been a month since you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. You boys kept me sane in a cold world and always brightened my worst days, "Always" waiting to greet me at the back door. Memories flash through my mind seeing little brother so excited he'd fly back and forth through the house while you sat patiently waiting for me to pick you up and carry you to our chair for your daily spoiling such warm memories to "Treasure" Your gift of love and affection gave me such peace of mind. Have fun boys play and snuggle together under the warmth of the copper tree until grandpa comes home......

My Scooter as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this will be our first Christmas that we are separated..I miss you and little brother very much. The 🌲 is up and the decorations shine and twinkle memories flood my mind of all those years that can never be replaced,from a little kit to the handsome boy you turned out to be, Sick as you were you still showed me so much love as I held and rocked you to sleep for hours at a time knowing your physical endless sleep was near, I think you knew and wanted to be as close to me as you could. Stars Shine bright on my sweet babies tonight and every night. As the New Year begins I will continue my life's journey without you my "Beloved boys" but I go with the wonderful memories you gave me will always be in my heart. I will in the future look for a loving little one who needs a good home but you guy's will always have my heart, and any other furbaby that comes into my life I hope you boy's consider him or her another part of our little family, Watch over and take good care of little brother until I get there......Love Grandpa.

My beloved Scooter it's been 3 year's 10/07/19 since you went to be with little brother and i know now you and little brother are together and now Russ has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and you are all together.. You will always be my boy's,Your new cousin "Pepper" is being spoiled rotten just like you are. One day I know we'll all be together forever, a family once again so look for me at the "Rainbow Bridge" I'll be a little late so watch over little brother and Russ until I get home and we'll all sit under the glistening leaves of the copper tree..Love Grandpa.

My Handsome little boys Grandpa has your pictures by his chair and looks at them often, Your cousin Pepper has settled in now and sleeps in your spot in bed,I miss the years and the loving times we shared and I'm content knowing your both safe and together.
Remember one day I'll be Looking for you at the Rainbow Bridge so watch out for me.

Feb 1 2020
As look out your favourite window i see the snow falling and memories of you and little brother warm my heart, My broken heart has healed and i smile...
But every now and then I'll take mouse baby out of your urn and sweetly kiss, then return to you.

I know now you and little brother were supposed to be with me, You rescued me and gave me unconditional love and affection, you fed me love and support each day and it gave me the strength to face an ugly world a world you made a beautiful place for me, Now Pepper has come to carry on your legacy, She will no longer face a cruel world and will have the love you taught me to share...
Fly through the universe in play my babies but always remember to look towards the Rainbow Bridge for me. July 22 2020
As this pandemic may touch me I will be at the Rainbow Bridge looking for you and When that day comes we'll all sit under the golden leaves of the copper tree once again,So play my little one's, I'll be home soon to hold you both once again....Dec 12 2020...

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