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Memories of Scooter
April 4 Update
Scooter you are going to have a lot of Visitors from Corona and friends I messed up somehow, I deleted all the memories from Coronas and friends rainbow bridge. so Corona and friends will he staying with for you for a while I have most hard copies, I printed out from time to time I will scan back in when I have a chance . Scooter you were my first Wheelchair dog your last couple of years. Remember the rainbow bridge made you whole again. The experience with your wheels help me get Rose up and running fast.
March 19 update spring is coming.
December 25 2022 update Merry Christmas Scooter I miss you were a big part of my life when hobo passed and when I found the black Lab and took home for an easter weekend, you said could we keep her, and I said No we had to get her back to her owner. Then I said we will go to angles for animals to find you a pall and recused a crazy dog named Corona and Corona became your pall and also nates pall, and taught bud to be a bad boy. go run and play with Corona and the gang.
Winter 22 update Hi Scooter . You are now ready for Christmas coming up . I know you spend most of you time with Corona and Frinds. Say a prayer for Rose she still has her UTI been a battle for a year she does not know she is sick so don't tell her. Bye for now.
Winter 2021 update Hi Scooter I am sure you have visited Corona and Friends site and know Penny passed you and penny were great buds give penny a hug from me I miss her and you and all my gang on the rainbow bridge. I also got to tell I got married may 1 this year. go run and play with the gang sorry I have been bussy this year miss you scooter I have a mission for you to do here is one fur pup missing. HOBO was the dog I had before you when he passed, I found you on pet finder he had a site called SR dogs.com they closed the site thats when I found rainbow bridge when you passed call out for all the gang to search for HOBO mention my name George Feschenko he will come running go run and search.
Hi scooter sorry its been so long since I visited you this its been hectic Corona sent Rose to the gang when she passed rose hurt her back in the spring and can not walk now , she has her own dog wheelchair like you had and is doing very good on it. And they make snow skies for it too bad I did t know about the skies when you was on a wheelchair. and a now thing called a walking scooter for in the house you would of liked it how give corona a hug and a kiss from me see you in the winter coming soon go run and play
Hi Its hard to believe you been gone for six years, I know your having fun with your partner in crime Corona remember I got you a cart so you could keep going on for a wile longer to make it to your 16th plus birthday, Corona send us rose to be Nate's mate Rose may have to be on a cart she is also a crazy dog and hurt he back running after something in the back yard, she had surgery time will tell if she can walk again pray for her, she is home now on crate rest for 6 weeks but she goes crazy alone in a crate so I have no choice to crate her mate Nate with her. Please go into Nate's dreams and tell Nate its not a punishment its to help Rose. I gave you fries but you have to share with Corona, go run and play.
Hi Scooter tell Corona when you get over to Coronas site to cuddle and keep warm on the Cold winter nights that Nate has fully recovered from the torn acl, the little poodle with the big heart. You and Nate became Coronas mates. All three of you sleep together. When you started to slow down Nate became Coronas running mate. What goes around comes around Corona helped you tear your first ACL, Then Nate helped Corona tear both acls, Then When Corona passed she sent us rose for pay back. Rose helped Nate tear his first ACL, what goes around comes around life is fun whit a bunch of dogs. And I just got the shit scared out of me the amazon deliver man just showed up at my door at 8pm and my early warning went off 4 dogs barking. By for now go run and play.
Hi Scooter its you Birthday today and My Birthday too and we have a birthday party for all the gang and do a group picture you and Corona are invited to the photo shoot. there is important business to do today I just I just got word that a sweet dog with bone cancer is going to cross over to the rainbow bridge at 10:30 am today go ask corona and friends to to the end of the steps entering into the rainbow bridge and wait for a new friend named Aquillo and call out his name this will be the easiest one to find knowing the time of crossing over. I am running late sorry about the typos I think the cats took my glasses a lot have happened since you left I got stuck with 3 cats, latter Love you give corona a big kiss for my and share your cake.
Hi Scooter I just fixed all the typos.
May 12 Update its hard to believe its been 5 years today since you passing i my arms. Give Corona a big hug for me visit Coronas site I have a few updates to post on Corina and friends now run to Coronas site to play with Corona and friends.
Hi Scooter Winter is here, spend time and cuddle with you pale Corona to keep . Still Love you always.
Hi Scooter its been a busy summer its fall now and I know its getting colder on the rainbow bridge at night so I added a candle to keep you warm at night , you can also go cuddle with your pall Corona and her friends to keep corona warm at night go run and play
HI Scooter July 2018 update I am sorry I forgot to change you site over from winter, I hope you have been spending with Corona and friends , you were Coronas first dog friend I know of and you helped pick her out at the shelter Corona everything you were and still and you taught Corona, Bud and penny everything. When Corona passed a year ago and You and Corona sent us rose, Corona you taught Nate, and Nate Taught Rose.
Hi Scooter Mach 1st Update Happy Birthday Scooter remember March 1st was also my Birthday, Enjoy the Birthday Cake our Rainbow Bridge Volunteer Rose sent you and the Cake I sent you and share with your friends. Call out for our friend and Rainbow Bridge Volunteer Rose's kitty Paisley to join I for some Birthday tell Paisley Rose misses and loves her and go into her dreams an give her kitty smooches. Go run and play, it will not be long for Paisley to have her own Birthday Cake.

Hi Scooter I liked the sign Corona and you sent me from the rainbow bridge that you are back together having fun I was on my computer and hit the wrong file i was looking for and up popped a picture a picture of you both on the floor playing. Love you I will see you latter.
Hi Scooter I have not forgot about you I had a lot of work getting Corona site setup and Corona and I hope Corona you you are making you for lost time having fun playing and thank you for sending me the sign that you too are back together and I have a new 6 year old beagle that is just like Corona a crazy girl, I will see you in a few weeks to set you site up for Fall tell Corona I will talk to her tomorrow.
Hi Scooter you have a new mission there is another Scooter that came to the rainbow bridge Scooter, in June his name is Scooter Shutter, be friends with him you to will have fun in the winter he likes to roll in the snow like you did, Corona can join in the snow fun too.
Hi Scooter I hope you having a lot of fun with your old friend Corona, Show Corona her around the rainbow bridge teach her to play with cats and birds no biting.
Hi Scooter you knew Corona passed before I did,as you know Corona passed in her sleep laying next to me on the floor, I went to sleep with her with my arm over her she was to go to the vets today, I did take her for a walk yesterday in the park a slow walk and not far she was getting tired, Scooter show her around the rainbow Bridge, but knowing Corona she is running around the running around the rainbow bridge her self try to keep up with her. I am going to make a site for Corona your sites will be linked together so you both can go back and forth. I have a lot a funny stories I can add to Corona's site. You have fries I am going give Corona a Burger so you can share.
Hi Scooter the report was not good from the animal hospital, she has liver cancer, she is not coming home to you without a fight not yet. My Vet has a friend that has cancer and is taking a homeopathic natural medication that kills cancer cells and can use on animals he has it a his office a couple weeks before Corona got sick, Corona will be the first animal he is going to try on . Scooter wish us luck, I know you would like Corona home with you but we would still like her with use a little longer, If it works on Corona a worst case it could help other animals too. Keep you posted.
Hi Scooter Corona is home from the Vets she has been there for 4 days she is going to the Big Vet Hospital in the morning for some test she need some big prayers, Her Vet ask me to try to get her to eat I mixed hamburg in her food and she will not eat, she is the big gulper she wants to drink a lot of water so I figured to mis some food with the water she would not touch the water, Please have all your friends on the Rainbow bridge pray for her, I need her for at least a few more years.
Hi Scooter I need your help,See if you can ask the Big Dog in the sky to say a prayer for Corona she is not ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge she is only 12, you lived over 16 years old, I would like to have her with the gang and me at least 4 more years, I know you were great buds with Corona always playing and you would like to have her with you, But I still need Corona with me. Not sure if it was something I did, she may of got into something or could be something else, she is at the vets a few days on meds and fluids, I taking her to a big Animal Hospital for an ultrasound to check her liver, pray for her, I will keep you informed.
Up Date 5-27 Hi Scooter I accidentally sent you a new friend today to the rainbowbridge I was driving to the lake and a squirrel tried to run across the I tried my best to miss the squirrel and I felt a thud I ended the beautiful little squirrel life on earth now make the squirrel you new fiend, Here is a new funny story I remember the squirrel just jogged my memory. I remember I heard a noise in the backyard you and Corona were doing a tug of War with a dead squirrel one of you sent to the rainbow bridge. Talk to you latter Scooter.
Up Date 5-22-2017 Hi Scooter you have another Kitty to look after my Friend Barb the groomer lost another kitty his name is Andy, Andy arrived today , Call out for Andy and yell out Rusty Doodle is hear Andy will come running as Rusty and Andy are friends and also friends to Barbs cat Arizona that is with you on the Rainbow Bridge and Scooter say a dogie Prayer for Barb as she needs it. Have fun this summer on the Bridge. Love you Scooter.
Up Date 5-19/2017 Hi Scooter I called my friend Linda a little while ago I have to go to her house to get some paperwork, She told me her 17 year old Cat Peaches passed over to the Rainbow Bridge, Peaches was not sick at all, she had a stroke and all her organs started to shut down. So you have another cat to look after, One of your cats that went to the Rainbow Bridge was Linda's other cat Mooch, remember the one that likes to Mooch Kitty Kisses. Linda cried on the phone she is cat less, I told her she will no when its time. Scooter last update for a while I hope
UP Date 5/18/2017 Hi Scooter I did not know I would be updating you so soon, Corona knee is, a definitely getting better today. I was in the backyard with Corona, and Corona ran a bird down not bad concerting Corona is 12 years old with a repaired knee. I have been gradual letting Corona Off Lease been a little reluctance to let Corona run, time to let Corona be a crazy dog again and run and run. I heard the bird scream, I got Corona off the bird, put Corona in the house and went to check on the little bird, the bird was still alive but breathing heavy, I blew some air in the birds mouth to see if I could help, I told the bird I am sorry and shortly you will be flying on the rainbow bridge. I told the bird to look up a crazy dog Named Scooter. I said he is not hard to find him, he has a lot of friends. Cats, Dogs, Birds, Chickens. Talk to you latter.
Up Date 5-15/2017 Summer is almost here on Earth. Summer comes a little Earlier on the Rainbow Bridge, so I am updating your site now. I took the candle out you will not need the extra heat to keep warm on the Rainbow Bridge for summer, its even warm at night, If you get a little cool cuddle up with your friends. I gave you your favorite MCDonald Fries, Milk Bone treat, an a Fire Hydrant to go on. I think I forgot to tell you, Remember Corona is a girl and when I was walking You and Corona you taught Corona to lift her right leg and pee on trees and post ect. and She still does it. Corona knee is over 95% back to full strength. I have been letting off lease in the back yard, I had a little scare the other day a friend that lives up the road was walking his two dogs down the side road ( WE go to the same vet and he knew Corona had knee surgery ) Corona ran like a nut five times full speed around the same shed where she blew out the ACL running after a squirrel I was thinking not again. She survived with no limping. Have fun in the summer, I will see you in the fall, unless something comes up. Love You!
Up Date 4/20/2017 Hi Scooter you have another cat to look after and show around the Rainbow Bridge, Barb made the discussion to let he beloved 17 Year Old Rusty Doddle pass over to the Rainbow Bridge, that she rescued a long time ago go to the Rainbow Bridge she was with Rusty when he passed over to the Rainbow Bridge at the Vets Office. Have fun with Rusty Doddle in a good way, remember no biting cats only love bites. That all for now, see you when summer starts.
Hi Scooter Spring is here. , I just updated you site for spring I left you a box of fries you haven't had them all winter enjoy them. You have another mission I seen of Facebook a cat Named Charlie I am not sure but I think Charlie Mom is a rainbow bridge Volunteer or an Volunteer for rainbow bridge facebook. Look up Charlie and become friends. Say a prayer for our friend Barb she is Nate's Groomer that got me the two cats. She has to make a decision about her 17 year old cat. Thanks you for not letting me make that decision, you passed onto the rainbow bridge in my arms at home.
HI Scooter its March First its your Birthday and mine too I left you a big Birthday Cake on your guest book share it with all you friends on the Rainbow Bridge. It should go a long way just like Jesus passing out the loves of bread. One more month to spring see you in the spring.
Hi Scooter Late Jan update My Friend Barb that is Nate's and the cat boys groomer, lost another one of her pets Marcia she is your first Chicken to look after on the Rainbow Bridge, you have been looking after her cat Arizona for a while I hope all is wile, Corona knee is getting stronger. see you in the spring, always love you.
Hi Scooter Jan 1 2017 update Happy New Year I hope you have a Great 2017 New Year on the Rainbow Bridge, I do have an important mission for you I just seen on face Book that a Dog named Walnut from the UK ( that is over the Ocean ) Passed in November that was 18 years old. His owner had 100's come to the beach for Walnuts last Walk on the beach, The next day he had to let Walnut Crossover to the rainbow bridge, look up Walnut and become great friends, About time I find you a dog to look after its been cats to look after for a while.
Hi Scooter late Dec Up Date you have your first Bird to look after on the Rainbow Bridge, The name of the bird is Squiggy it was The Dog Sonny friend its a parakeet, Gina was her mom for 10 Years I know you use to like to chase after birds and caught a few of them, remember no chasing after Squiggy. Just be Squiggys friend.
Hi Scooter Dec Up Date but not December yet, first snow today and its cold. Corona had ACL Surgery Thursday, Crate rest and Re-Hab. You had two ACL Surgery, Now Corona has two. I have a new ACL Program I used on Corona for the first surgery, you would like its fun to do not just range of motion and walks, you would like the puppy squats. See you later, My friend Barb found a new kitten I think she is keeping it her other cats like it, Because its close to Thanksgiving the new kitty's name is Biff Barb is back to 8 cats.
Hi Scooter NOV 2016 update pretty soon I will be updating your site for winter but right now I have received a request from a new friend Noah, he wants you to welcome his Scooter ( yes another Scooter ) to the rainbow bridge and put him under your wing and show around, Noah said his Scooter loved everyone he met he likes a leg rub and held and rocked to sleep. Also Scooter will me meeting you with his brother Tweedy that went to the rainbow bridge last year take care of both of them, something I forgot to tell you they are cats. Yes more cats. I will be back in December to put your Christmas tree up. I am a head of the game down here, I never took the Christmas decorations down last year even still have the lights in the windows, too many fur babies to take care of. and other earth stuff. I always think of you when I am walking Corona you taught her to pick up her leg when she peas one a tree when walking, she still does it. She you next month.
Hi Scooter OCT 2016 update. You have another Kitty to look for and put under your wing and show aroung the rainbow Bridge. Your getting a big colection of Kittys to look after. This ones human is a friend of Cousin Bev and Phils the the cats name is Pipurr. And came to rainbow Bridge last thursday, remember no bitting the kittys that is an Earht Thing. Have fun with your new friend Pippur.
Hi Scooter August 2016 Update. You have another Kitty to look for and put under your wing and show around the Rainbow Bridge. The cats name is Patches and is my Cousins, Stan and Susan Urbanek, So Patches is family. I know on the Earth you were not a cat dog, but on the Rainbow Bridge you have to help all.
Its almost June Scooter, summer is almost here have fun Scooter at the rainbow Bridge, go for a walk and have a good pee on the new fire hydrant I gave you. Still have the three cats Maple, Omar, Thomas. Thomas the new kitty is starting to come around. The dogs Corona, Bud, Penny and Nate are doing ok. Corona has a lump on is front leg. He has had them before, the Vet said it can Waite to winter as not to mess corona summer up. See you in the Fall unless there is an important update. Love you.
April 30th 2016 Update Hi Scooter a close friend of mind ( Linda . Cat Mooch just went to the rainbow Bridge, you have another cat to look after and show around the rainbow bridge remember chasing cats is an earth thing, Mooch probably likes to mooch kitty kisses. See you when summer starts to update your site.
April Update 2016 Hi Scooter I am stuck with Maple the cat could not find a forever home, maple is 6 years old with allergy problems. So the forever home is here, problem is I cant have him by him self in the back room, so My Groomer had a cat she placed coming back that needs a home named Omar, then after a week she told be Omar had a buddy named Thomas that was going back to an animal rescue could I take Thomas its only one more cat! I ask Barb how many animals is a hoarder, I do not what to be a hoarder, Barb told me 10 I am Ok I think, Now I am at seven Animals. The Back room is being converted into a Kitty Room. Wish me luck.
March Update Hi Scooter you remember my friend John and his grandson Edie there dog Cappy just went to the rainbow bridge look after him and show him around he went to the bridge too soon he had a brain tumor they keep him going as long as they could he likes to sing I hope he does not keep you awake at night. Getting another kitty next week on trail to keep maple company. Love you.
Feb 29 2016 update. Hi Scooter the last thing I wrote you was see you in the spring. I forgot your Birth was coming up, Its hard to forget its also mine tomorrow March 1st. You will get the first piece of cake. The gang and I will be having a Doggie Birthday Party Tomorrow, have to go to the store and buy frosty paws, and bake the gang a cake. Love you scooter forever. See you in the spring again its around the corner.
Feb 2016 Update Hi Scooter there is a new arrival on the Rainbow Bridge I like you to show around its a cat named Christopher Robin, just went to the rainbow bridge recently, I was going on your site to get ready for Valentine Day, You lived in Youngstown Ohio the new arrival Lived in Youngstown PA, Remember no running at cats on the rainbow bridge. Still have maple the cat hidden in the back room. Your fur friends misses you, see you in the spring for your sites up date.
Jan 2016 Update Nate Groomer Barb lost one of her cats she had gotten 12 years ago, that was thrown out of a car, Barb said she was a good Kitty I asking you to look out for a New Kitty that just arrived at rainbow bridge the cats name is Arizona, Show Arizona around the Rainbow Bridge.
Nov Update Hi Scooter there is another Angle to lookout for on the Bridge, a dog that just came to the Bridge 11-16/2015 his family misses him give him a big hug and show him around. The cat is still here, I did a DVD Video to show prospective forever homes how gentle maple is. I gave Maple a Kitty Bath and did not get bit, or scratched, My vet is going to put the video on his Facebook. Wish me luck finding Maple a forever home. If I do not find Maple a home by Christmas, I am taking Maple on a road trip to Millersville for Christmas.

Nov 15th Update I was just on the Monday Night Candlelight Service but is Sunday Night there is a cat named Angle that just went on the Rainbow Bridge 11-13-2015, Angle looks just like Maple the cat I am fostering, Look for Angle, give Angle a big hug for her Mom Monica she misses you like I miss you. Take care Scooter, do not run after cats on the rainbow bridge that's only an earth thing.
Nov 1st update Hi Scooter Maple the cat is back hidden in the back room the new forever home did not work out. The two cat he had did not like Maple, they were both de-clawed and keep beating up Maple, and maple is not de-clawed and choses not to use them, maple would run and hide under his bed. So I have maple back. So its going to limit my options, try to find Maple a new home to some that does not have a cat and wants on or a home with only one cat so he will not get ganged up, or a home with a cat friendly dog.
Seen patty today at the her new home and her dog Sonny is adjusting to the new home. The gang says they miss you.
October 2015 update.
Scooter you will not believe this when Bob ask me to help out with Patty and Sonny if something happened to him he forgot to tell me about the cat Maple. With Patty loosing her house and going into a Townhouse she can have only one pet. I had a lot of friends trying to find Maple a home. Patty finally had to move out from her home a Month ago. So I fostered Maple in the back room hidden from four dogs. I sent out a lot of Kitty Videos on my cell phone to friends. Maple is a special cat , the most gentle cat a dog groomer has ever seen, likes Kitty baths, likes water. I did get maple in a home with two other cats its been over a week if it does not work out I will get maple back and try again. I will keep you informed. Miss you.

Hi Scooter remember today is you Birthday, and mine also ( March 1st ). The gang and I miss you. Everything is well except missing you. I am going to be taking care of another Dog. A close friend of mine passed away and his Wife will be losing her house. We did find her a couple of apartment's that will accept dogs up to 75 Lbs. The Dog name is Sonny ( Sonny is a Girl ). She will not be able to afford the VET Bills, Sonny has the same problem you had bad allergies , Sonny goes to the same Vet as the gang. I will take care of Sonny's health concerns. Patty will not be able to take Sonny out for a walk to go. I only live 1/2 Mile from the apartment that's the plan If we can get Patty in an apartment close to me. I will keep you posted. July 2015 Up date Scooter Patty's Daughter talked her into going with her in a Town House I will not have to go over to walk Sonny but will still take him to the VET. I hope it works out.
Love you always George and the gang.

Saturday May 10th 2014 . I just lost my little Buddy Scooter ( a Beagle ) tonight in my arms! In fact I was going to My Vets Office Monday next week and say it is time to let go, I knew time was coming short I have been putting pictures together to put on Rainbow Bridge. Awhile back Scooter started to have some seizures, My Vet thought he may have a brain tumor as he lost use of one of his rear legs, but did not think it was appropriate to do any test as he was going on 16 Years old, and also had Kinney problems. He was not in any pain was he was on medication for pain for his arthritis. And was getting around with three legs a little bit. I wanted to try to get Scooter to make it to March 1st as that was his birthday and also my birthday! What's the odds of that? My Vet gave him medications for seizures, but I knocked him out. I did some research for seizures and changed his diet to a cooked diet and his seizures stopped for three months. He was having problems walking so I Bought him a K9 cart, it turned out he did not have enough strength in his front legs, Instead of buying the Front wheel Kit, I knew he was not going to be using the K9 Cart long term, So I made my own front support. He got around great until a couple of days ago; When he had his first seizure in three months that lasted 30 minutes I put him back on the seizure medication; the medication was again knocking him out, he started going downhill. Even though Scooter only used the cart for a few months it will be going to good use. I am going to donate it to the Medina Ohio SPCA. I found Scooter on Pet finder I had lost another Beagle I named Hobo. I found when he was a pup. Hobo actually found me, he was chasing my truck down a road; I stopped opened the door and he jumped in If you want to read the rest of Hobo's story it's on SRDOGS.com they are no longer maintain the site. Down the road I am going to put him on Rainbow Bridge too. Hobo when he turned 16 he could no longer walk. How Scooter got his name, when he was a year old and was hit by a car and the SPCA nursed him back to health and he was on a K9 cart until his hips healed. I adopted him when he was one and a half years old.
When I adopted him the first week Jan 2000, I was opening the front door to get the mail and Scooter shot out the door. My street is not that busy but down the road is a very busy main road, So I had to think quick and get out the door after him; the problem was there was six inches of snow and I was in my socks. I found him and ran back home yelling my feet are cold.
After that incident I got him in obedience training to sit stay. If you check the photo below ( I should not tell you that now I haven't got to that point in my life ) I am good at teaching sit stay and my group is good at it.
The first time We left Scooter home alone for a few hours he grabbed the table cloth off the table and pulled everything off the table. When we arrived home I yelled at Scooter he was laying across the other side of the room shaking, I sat on the floor and talked to him for thirty Minutes saying if you come over to me I will not hit you. He finally crawled on the floor over to me and we had a talk. A couple of weeks before I got Scooter I lost my Beagle Hobo he was also 16 years old when he passed. Hobo's urn on the table and ended up on the floor when scooter pulled everything off , If the urn would have broken ( it did not ) I would have had to get the dust buster. I then moved Hobos; urn to a safer location.
But another time he pulled over a kitchen on the floor. But I was ready I had setup a Video camera and taped him when we were not at home. So Scooter and I watched the video and had a little talk.
Scooter must of liked to do house work, In the dining room closet was a big Kerby Sweeper; behind the sweeper was my bag I would take to work. With newspaper to read on break or during lunch, inside the bag I would usually have some cookies to snack on. We would be gone for a while and come home and find the Kirby in the middle of the dining room and my bag for work out of the closet and my cookies gone! Finally had to put a lock on it.
On to the building of my support group!
But have to go on to ( Paul Harvy ) " The rest of the story". Scooter and myself did a lot of walking the local parks. In 2006 we found a stray black lab ( picture below ) with tags but no name or phone number. It was Easter Weekend I was not going to be able to find out the owners name until the following Tuesday when the Dog Pound would be open. We took the lab home and Scooter said can we keep her? I said no, but we will go Local Angles for Animals and adopted Corona a Beagle Pointer. Scooter, Corona and myself did a lot of walking at the parks over the years. Scooter was the smartest dog I ever had. One day he proved that when walking in the park, I usually park at the Pioneer Pavilion parking lot but it was closed, so I parked up the road at the Lower Bears Den parking lot and walked on the other side of the dam. When it was time to go home we are walking to the parking lot and Scooter sat down in the middle of an intersection, I said come on Scooter lets go to truck! He gets up and starts to pull up the other road, then I said opps; I parked in another lot. Then Scooter said when we walk on the right side of the Dam we park at the Lower Bears Den parking lot, how many times have you been here George!
I thought I was done but I remembered another story; there's more in my brain, but this one is probably One of the best stories. I was walking Scooter and Corona by a local Elementary School, and Scooter picked up a dead road kill Squirrel and would not leave it go. I tried tickling him he was very ticklish. At the School there were parents waiting in front of the school to pick up their children. One of the Mothers must have thought I was hitting my dog. She walked over and said can I help you, I said yes. I will hold onto my dog and you can try to pull the road kill squirrel out of his mouth, She said. " No I can't " and walked away back to the group of parents. I did get the Squirrel out of Scooters mouth; put it in a plastic bag. When I walked past the parents, I held the bag up and they applauded.
Next family update winter 2011 I was woken up at 5:30am by two Beagles crying and needing a home and needing some minor medical care. ( I am a dog magnet ). At that point I was walking Corona and Scooter separately because Scooter could still go on walks but not for miles as we did before. The Beagles I found pictures below the thin one- Penny. The chubby one Bud ( they could be father daughter, brother and sister ) When we go the McDonalds at the Drive through I am ask a lot if there twins, The Tan and white one Corona. The poodle I am not there yet. I walked Scooter first, then Corona, Bud and Penny together that was fun.
The poodle; Last summer showed up at my house ( like I said a Dog Magnet ), Full of fleas hair all matted up, I vetted the dog for the fleas and shots; Vet put the dog on face book, flyers up. ( I did not think I wanted to keep him and have five dogs. I told My Vet when I decided to keep the Bud and Penny in a couple of years I will be down to three dogs when scooter passes.
After a month no one was looking for the poodle I decided to keep because he fit it ( check out the chair photo it was not staged ). My Vet said the Idea I had was going down to three dogs did not work very well. The poodles name is Nate.
Back to the recent present March 1st Scooter Birthday, and my Birthday is also March 1st we had a birthday party for Scooter and my group. I baked a Doggy Birthday cake and homemade frosty paws.
I am said I lost my little buddy, I will miss my little buddy I have not cried the entire time typing this out because it was the good times, I am crying now because it's getting close to the end. With endings there are new beginnings. Something I have not done in awhile is taking dogs for long walks in the park, I have been walking shorter walks around where I live so as not to have too much time away from scooter.
I do have a good support with my other dogs, they need me and I need them.
PS We did have Funeral Service, I had all the dogs pay there last respect, and showed them when I put Scooter in a box, so they know he is not coming back. I keep him going as long as I could.
Scooter wait for me at Rainbow Bridge'
Mom go over to Rainbow Bridge introduce Scooter to the other family dogs up there. My First Dog Ruffy, Cindy, Francine named after Mom, and Hobo.
The new beginning and never know if another dog down the road shows up needing help. Should of added in a cat needing a home never would of imagined a cat in this dog only home!
George Feschenko

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