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Memories of Scooter
Scooter came to live with us when her dad, my son, moved to another state. She was one of the smartest, sweetest and most loving dogs I have ever known. She loved living here with her Auntie Kris and Gramma and all the kitties. She was a good friend to Annie the Schnauzer and after Annie went to Rainbows we were all sad, so Aunt Karen brought us another little Schnauzer named Barney. Scooties and Barney became best friends...she was such a good caretaker for him, going outside with him when she really didn't need to, but she would get up and go anyway, to make him happy. Scooter was such a comfort to Gramma when her mother passed away...she would listen to me talk about Granny and sit with me when I cried. She took me for walks too. :) She was my best friend. Scooter was so smart...we didn't really need words, we just looked at each other a lot of the times and she knew what I wanted her to do. Hand signals worked great for us. Auntie Kathleen bought this residency for Scooter because she loved her very much...Scooter loved Kathy too. She always jumped in bed to sleep with her when Kat visited. I have waited two months to set it up because I just couldn't accept that Scooter would actually be at Rainbows Bridge...she should be lying here next to me as I work on the computer. Such soft brown eyes, filled with love for her family. I cry as I type these words, I would love to hug her and feel those velvety ears again. She was cremated and her ashes are close by now, just as she would have been. A virulent cancer took Scooter away from us, but her last days were filled with all the best people foods I could cook for her...she had a big appetite until the end and she got chicken and beef and liver and specialty things, anything she wanted. She went her way while sleeping on her bed, while I was out buying lamb chops for her dinner. Barney was with her at the end. So sad...I wished I could have been there for her too, but she seemed to have just passed away in her sleep. So much better for her, but a misery for me. Barney is finally getting used to being the only dog here, but he isn't very happy Scootie. He misses you. I miss you. I love you little Scootie. Be happy at Rainbows with all your kitty and doggy brothers and sisters and cousins. Keep an eye out for Gramma. Kisses and Hugs. December 24, 2011 Merry Christmas sweet Scootie. Gramma loves and misses your sweet face, Barney send special kisses and Callie and Archie send mews. Take good care of Li'l Marvy who is there with you now. Let her sleep in the bed with you. Kisses.
Hello Sweet Scootie, Gramma, Barney, Callie, Archie and Lydia are sending you lots of kisses and hugs. We miss you everyday sweet girl. Special hug from Gramma. 2014: Four years since you went to Heaven sweet girl. I love you and wish for you to be here all the time. I so hope I get to hug your neck again. Kisses from Gramma. Merry Christmas sweet Scooter. I love and miss you, so does Barney. Kisses to your sweet face. Gramma. 12/23/14
Dear Scooter: Love you honey and wish you were here. Kisses, Gramma & Barney. April 1, 2015
Hello little Scootie, Gramma misses you and wishes you were here. Barney misses you too. He is thirteen now. I love you honey. Kisses, Gramma and Barney.

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