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Memories of Scooter
Oh what do I say about you little guy. GOD figured I needed a life lesson and what a blessing that was. I sure was not expecting you in my life. You were soooo tiny. About half the size of my little finger... no eyes or ears developed yet. You and your 4 sisters were found at the base of a tree by my grandpup Peggy. There was a squirrel on the branch above where you were all laying and Peggy was put in house so she could rescue her babies. Ummmmmm... yeah... she had nothing to do with you guys.
So Kellie and I took you in and I took you and a sister and she took the other 3 girls. We didn't get much sleep for a few weeks but you all grew up. Then when it was time we took you to a park to release you all. You and Sadie would have nothing to do with it. Sadie ran up Kellie's leg and you up mine. No sir you were NOT going out into the wild and woolly outdoors.

You spent many hours at the computer with me while I worked the chatroom till wee hours of the morning. If you got sleepy you crawled down my shirt and took a nap. Do you remember all the chats you had with the people then. They enjoyed talking with you. You who I called my little bald tail squirrel. Because in spite of wildlife vet opinion you were not a squirrel. By the time it become obvious what you were I was hooked. It amazed me how your guard hair would glitter like green emeralds in the sun. I was told by rat aficionado that was a rare and the pictures I sent them of you they said you were a really fine and exceptional representation of your species. All I know is you were a great companion and funny little guy. You would play with Fortune and fight with the bird. :D You played with tennis balls. You could have fit inside one if you curled up. But it was one of your favorite toys. You would box with my fingers, pull Fortunes toenails and box her nose which was bigger than you. And she loved it. I learned a great deal from you. And I still miss you terribly. Somehow the mouse and keyboard are not the same without you running back and forth over them.

You gave me heart attacks though when you would get out of the computer room and run to the bed room and the bed where Charlie was sleeping. He would not have been a happy camper to find you sniffing noses with him. rofl... oh what a vision.

I would never had anticipated you having the personality you did. It just shows that interaction with another brings out their soul. And yours vastly improved mine. I love you Scooter and will always miss you.

DEC 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Scooter. I almost did not put a tree up this year as I have not in the past few years. I miss you scrambling among the branches and peering out at me. Or crawling about the Nativity set... I guess that was okay cause it was God that sent you to me. I have been missing you a lot; more than usual working here at the computer. I miss all of you so much this night. And I don't understand why this night is worse than others. Miss little boy and I love you.

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