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Memories of Scooby
Scooby, just had to sing your praises again to a bunch of people here at Mom's...you're so smart and goofy, eating our cheese-and-crackers and drinking Erik's beer when his back was turned! We are so grateful you were able to leave us on your terms, under the carport you loved so much. God bless you, Scooby, LONG MAY YOU RUN!!
P.S. Daddy STILL doesn't have any brew-sup!! You were the one and only, Scooby-Doo!!

Scooby, still miss you, still sing your praises, still miss your goofy smile and wagging fluffy (for a greyhound) tail, your presence larger-than-life in our homes. I miss most of all how you got along with everyone, no matter whom. Some remarked, "oh! he's just like a regular dog!" - yes, because you weren't so abused like so many of your brethren, you almost always won and were rewarded! You melted everyone's heart; everyone just loved you! Please watch over our new foster boy. He's not yet met a kitten, and you know they are not to mess with. Please help him be kind. Our kitty is already traumatized and doesn't need another big boy to try to show her who's boss. We all knew you would have been boss, if it weren't for three little creatures by the name of "cat." Please help him. If you were here, I know he'd follow your lead. You always were "top dog!" :) We miss you, Scooby Doo!!

Say 'Hi' to Pa, Em, and Auntie Judy Mae, Grandpa, Uncle Toni, Auntie Barla, Nicole, Stacie, Liz, David (x2), Mom's mama, and all the rest we had to say "goodbye" to...we miss them all. Stay goofy and smiley for us, Scoobs, and we look forward to the day we are all united together! Amen!

P.S. Daddy still doesn't have a brew-super--you know you were the best!!


Empty bowl
Full bin, all your own, all your dry food.
Scooper for your food went to Sneaky's water dish today: 80 degrees and counting.
Specially made "human" food went to Brian and Macha
Wet food--2 cases special diet--going to try to return.
Tracy Chapman on the CD player, saying she don't know what she can do right, done so many things wrong...cold feet
picking up your ashes Tuesday
Feeding time--no need to start early, to start with you, to return to you, to close the bedroom door where you are so Teddy doesn't eat your food (or Macha)
House is empty without your goofy smile, bark for attention
Don't need to watch where I put my food, or my drink...don't need to encourage you to get up and go out before feeding time
or open the door for you to leave mid-dinner
or get up at midnight or 3 AM to let you out
or encourage you to come back in
or watch you stare out across the gate, hoping for release, for a walk, which would have tormented you anyways...
no need to clean off your beautiful white fur, scrub your back--now you can roll around all you want, no worries
"got a place for you in my heart", Scooby Doo (thanks, Tracy)

Miss you, Scooby Doo.

6/14/18: We lost you, Scooby Doo, today.

Thank you for all the love and kisses, bear hugs and winks. Scooby, you were such a ladies' man. Did you ever love any lady that came near you, dog, woman, girl, all! Thank you for your happiness and goofiness and just plain dog smarts. We will never forget you, your beautiful black-and-white dappled coat, the perfect blend of black-and-white on your fluffy long tail (unusual for a Greyhound), your warm, gentle, intelligent eyes, your mischievous knack for drinking whatever we left unguarded--tea, water, beer....what a love. Everyone just loved you, and you were cool with everyone. Not fireworks, no, they made you shake. People were okay, though. You never growled or snapped at anyone, unless they came too close to your face and you were trapped by a leash or startled from sleep. All good reasons! You helped calm our "newbies" and showed them the ropes. You were fun on a leash: stop and go, like the military. Even our vet loved you so much she wanted to keep you, because you never flinched or cried.

The only time I ever heard you scream was when you skewered yourself somehow on our painted, low garden fence. I will never forget it...you were so strong getting away from it that you dragged it with you about 30 feet! It was probably the only time I ever actually freaked out in an emergency-- you were always so calm and collected, but this scared you, too. Having been AA race champion and stud-meister, you'd seen much of the greyhound world, so you almost always knew what to do. Thank you for brightening our lives, Scooby Doo!

You struggled so hard these last few months--nearly a year now. Struggled to eat, struggled to get up, to get those darn back legs working like they used to, struggled even to breathe when sleeping or resting. Now you are whole and 100% again, with wings - like you need them, you were so fast with just your feet. :) You put birds to shame when you put on the speed, beloved boy. So joyful!

Today I got home and Erik told me the bad news. You looked grey and half-gone. I told you it was okay. You had our permission. You go straight up to heaven and say "hi" to Cheyenne again, our love, the gracefulest dog ever to live in our home. Go reunite with your old girlfriends and maybe even see some of your babies. I told you that you'd had babies, probably never met them. It's okay, now, Scoobs, to rest in peace. You had such a hard night last night. Erik got so frustrated and I couldn't understand that--you're Scooby after all!! So awesome! Even our groomer couldn't believe how wonderful you were, jumping up to greet her and lick her face. "I've never met one with such personality before!" That was you, Scooby Dooby Doo. Drinking our beer before we realized a dog could do that, jumping up on the couch next to us and then kicking us off, you goofball, we will miss you so much. We won't miss the pain, coughing, struggling to rise, and wheezing you did the last year or so, while you fought whatever was slowly strangling your strength. We will miss your goofy smile, adorable ears perking up, your gorgeous coat and long, wide, fluffy tail (for a greyhound!)...gorgeous boy, thank you for making us smile, perking us up, reminding us to relax and enjoy the ride. You did!

You lived longer than most. You had a good life...you won those damned races they made you do, and thank you that they then released you so we could enjoy your beautiful carefree fun personality. Such a joy to watch you run. No track, green grass, no rabbits or fake rabbits to have to follow--just running for fun or running after the others. Your back legs nearly jump over your head, they bounced so high, propelled you so far. We love you, beloved Scooby Doo. Rest in peace now. Rest my beautiful boy. Handsomest of the handsomest, say "hi" to Pa, who was with you today in my meditations. Tomorrow is Father's Day--you were the fathers in our lives. We love you and we miss your happy joyful attitude so much. Goodnight, beautiful one. Be at home in your new home. Blessings to you and all those up there with you!!

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