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Memories of Scooby
Scooby, you were a great boy and we missed you so much when you left us so unexpectedly in 2005 Smokey and Bandit came to us to comfort us. We had our little boy Smokey until 2018 and while no one could replace you for 12.5 years he provided us comfort, love and friendship we know you requested for us. We miss you every day and you are always in our thoughts as you are in our hearts forever.

We hope that you and Smokey find each other at the lake and wait for Bandit and us to join you. Have fun my little boys you are the best.

Mommy and Daddy love you very, very much baby boy.

A Poem I wrote for Scooby

My Best Friend

It is said that man is bound by treasures he chases.
His life is a maze of never ending searches and races.
But life is the treasure everyone should embrace
Friendship and love are the paths we should trace.

Over the years my friend taught me this lesson
He was happy and loving and without transgression
He never talked, never argued, he just sat and listened
He was kind and gentle and his eyes glistened.

At times it's hard to recognize a best friend.
Oftentimes it's not revealed until the very end.
It may be a word, a thought or a feeling.
That once they are gone sends our emotions reeling.

I had a best friend who taught me patience and love.
He is gone now but I am sure he watches from above.
Some may not believe this to be true.
They look for a presence, a vision or clue.

My best friend was not a person, but he was here.
While he's been gone now for many years,
Thinking of his loss still conjures tears.
I was happy he was with me for all those years.

It makes me sad to remember his end.
He died alone, no one by his side.
I could not deal with the pain, although I tried.
In his death he took care of me, a true best friend.

Now some people say animals have no soul.
And in heaven they have no role.
To be quite honest if people were like animals
There would be no criminals.

I am sure an animal has a soul.
They feel pain, despair and emotional toll.
So, I am sure, at the "Pearly Gates" a dog can get the nod,
For after all isn't dog spelled backwards GOD?

Remember best friends are forever and few
In life we are afforded one, maybe two.
A best friend shares life and love.
And that is why we are provided so few.

Hi baby Scooby, just visited Smokey's site to leave a message and want to leave you a message. Happy Birthday little man, I know it's a little early but don't want to wait. It's hard to believe you left so suddenly 15 years ago. I still am made with myself that I did not stay with you in your time of need and final moments. I let the doctors convince me it was best if I did not witness the end and I felt I was not strong enough emotionally. For that I will forever be sorry and regret. I love you my little man and I wish I could have just one more day with you. Losing you so suddenly is not something easy to accept. Remember baby mommy and daddy love you always. Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Please also visit Smokey.

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