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6-12-2017...Good Morning, my sweet baby love!!!! And Happy Anniversary. Today makes our 55 months which I find hard to believe. But by the Grace of God we have made it. So with very sad tears let me say I miss you!!! I have to keep myself together cuz today is Maddie's 5 year birthday and Ed is talking about throwing us out, but no worries, Jesus has our backs and all is well!! And ask how was your yesterday and evening? I hope you had a good day yesterday and evening and had a good dinner with plenty of your Scoobie Snacks and had a wonderful, sweet, fun filled, Scoobie Day and Evening with sweet, Scoobie Dreams too!! I know you did!! You deserve that!! Now it is time for your Delicat and Scoobie Snacks and your good morning stretch and find Bianca, Cruizer, Shoo, Shamrock, Kid, Sunny, Sprout, Garfield, Woodrow, Pressy, Fifi, Othello, Donut, Richard, Princess, Charlie and and Tipsy Angel and Aussie, Bubba, and Cecil and Truffels and Baby and Pepper and Norman and Silas and Mickey and Maxx and Noel, Nugget and all the others I have mentioned to you and all the rest of your friends, you know, your entourage, of course, and play and romp and purr and have a sweet, wonderful, fun filled, Scoobie Day!! I know you will!! You deserve that!! As always, my love, I wish, more than anything in this world, I could be there with you to watch you play and romp and to be able to play with you like we used to and to be able to hold you and squeeze you and love up on you and kiss you all over and smell you and hear you purr and bury my face in your sweet, soft fur!! In time, my love, in time!! As we always reassure each other every day, God knows what is on our hearts and He knows all our prayers even before we pray them and He answers all our prayers in His Own Way and Time so I will patiently wait upon the Lord and His Will Be Done and we will be together again forever and ever throughout eternity. Just the same daily chores here today. Still feeling a bit under the weather cuz of the other night. Actually in a bad exacerbation and not doing well on the meds. I am late cuz last night was another bad one. But, no worries, my love, whatever else I do I won't overdo cuz I don't want anymore of those headaches and I am thinking those headaches were from being on the computer for too long almost everyday so am just going to have to limit my time on it but I will still read my devotionals (which I haven't been doing as much). Just trusting Jesus will help me and stop by here and still come to all the Ceremonies. Pressy's Grandpa said he would light a candle for you if I cannot make it and I know they are all beautiful ceremonies and I will always wish I could be there but my heart will always be there for you, my love!! The other night, I had the most wonderful sense of peace about you, my love, and I know that was from Jesus!! I know you are with Him now and you are waiting on me. Scoobie, I want you to always remember, Jesus has my back and all things will be fine!! The other night when I had that wonderful feeling of peace and found myself lying in bed and just smiling, I know that was Jesus. That was such a wonderful feeling that night!! I don't know how to explain it but maybe just feeling so absolutely loved and safe and secure!! I do believe, with all my heart, that Jesus is always with us and never leaves us. I really should always be giving thanks all the time to God cuz you are in such a better place and even though you are not here with me, you are in such a better place and He is taking so much better care of you than I ever could. You are made new again and waiting on me!! We should just remember Psalms 118:24.."This is the day the Lord hath made; we will rejoice in it." I will keep myself maintained for You in Honor of Jesus and You!! Let me give you a Good Morning kiss now, my love!! Know I am coming to get you as soon as God calls me!! That is, without a doubt, going to be the most glorious of days for both of us, my love!! When you and I can see each other again I am going to grab you up in my arms and hold you and squeeze you and love up on you and kiss you all over and smell you and hear you purr and bury my face in your sweet, soft fur and never, ever let you go!! It will be Scoobs and Mom forever and ever throughout eternity, my love!! I promise!! I am coming!! Soon, my love, soon!! I live for that day, my love!! Please wait for me!! Scoobie, I just love and miss you so much, my love, there are no words to express or describe this emotion and there never will be except to say my heart and soul and arms ache for you, my love!! I love you, Scoobie, my Sir Scoobs, my Scoobster, my Knight in Furry Armor, my Boogie Bear, my sweet baby love, my sweet, baby boobs, my sweet, precious furbaby of love, my love bug, my soul mate, my best friend, my reason for being, my Everything!! My One and Only!! My Scoobs!! My Sweet Scoobs!! Babe, when you take your nap today, like you love to do, you can always come here and nap with your very lonely toys and Maddie and Oliver and me, but, babe, as I always tell you, if you would rather nap in the Glorious Light that shines on you now, I can certainly understand!! I want to be there in that Light with you so much, my love!! Well babe, going to quit my rambling and let you have your breakfast with lots of your Scoobie Snacks and get your sweet, wonderful, fun filled, Scoobie Day started and I will get things started around here. No worries, my love, Jesus has my back and things will be fine!! Always remember, my love, out of all the pets I have ever had or may ever have, I love you best!! You are my heart song!! I will always love you, Scoobie, forever and ever throughout eternity and that is a definite fact that nobody or anything can or will ever be able to change and a cherished promise from my heart straight to yours and you know that Jesus and you own my heart so that shows how intense, sincere, and faithful that promise to you is!! When you sleep tonight, please come see me in my dreams and I will in yours!! I love seeing you in my dreams!! I always do!! I will sleep with your urn tonight, as I do every night and whenever I lay down, to keep you as close to my heart as I can, even though I know you are here and in my heart. How about another sign, Scoobie!! Babe, I know I ask you for signs all the time and the one you did send me that was one of your toys is gone. I don't know where it is. Got pretty upset about it when I noticed it gone cuz I used to sleep with it a lot. Did you take it back or have I just lost it? I will keep looking for it and any other signs you send me. I never found the actual one you sent me, but you had two of the same toy so I did find that one and have put it in the place I kept your other one but I know it is not the one you left me. I really don't know where that one is but, I love all your signs so much and look for them everywhere along with watching and searching for signs from God!! He is an awesome God!! All I have to do is look around here and outside at all His beautiful blessings and that is sufficient enough for me, but I still long for signs from you as well!! I promise I will keep myself so busy from now on I will maintain in Honor of Jesus and You and beg for His mercy!! Well, babe, have a wonderful, sweet, fun filled Scoobie Day and Evening with Sweet Scoobie Dreams tonight, my love!! Please be sure to have a good dinner with plenty of your Scoobie Snacks tonight, too!! Let's just give all the Glory to God for this website and Ginny who started it so we can communicate here every day. This helps me a lot!! I might be back in the morning to have coffee with you, my soul mate and that will make Tuesday Terrific if I can and I will continue to ask Jesus to please have mercy on me as I do everyday. A lot of days I get up earlier just to come and visit you after I read the devotionals!! Actually, I do that every day!! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!! Like I said, I just have to come here every morning when I can and visit my soul mate, you, with coffee. It is just what I have to do cuz I love you so much, my love!! Scoobie, we will be together again, my love!! Soon, I pray!! Never be soon enough for me, but in God's Time and Way according to his Divine Plan! I love you, Scoobie!! You are my One and Only and always will be!! Well, babe, go have your breakfast and start your wonderful, sweet, fun filled, Scoobie Day!! Give God all the Glory for the Rainbow Bridge!! I do love you so much, Scoobie, and you don't know how much I wish we could be together now but we will be together again!! I stand firm in my Faith and I believe!! I love you, babe!! So, go ahead and get your day started, my love!! I love you, Scoobie!! Well, this time...I will let you go get your wonderful, sweet, fun filled Scoobie Day started after your breakfast!! Just that saying goodbye for the day is so hard cuz I want to be there with you so bad!! So, go ahead and start your sweet, wonderful, fun filled Scoobie Day!! You have left paw prints on my heart and you are my angel by my side, my love, and like I said, you are my heart song!! I have your picture right beside me and I always feel you here!! Like I said, you are my angel by my side!! I love you, Scoobie, forever and ever always!! Again, give all the Glory to God for this website so we can communicate this way. It is just something I have to do. I do love you so much, my love!! I just will never get over you not being here right beside me but, then again, I know you are!! Again, one last time and always and forever, I just will never get over you!! Always remember, my love, I love you and will never get over you, my love!! I loved you even before I met you!!! Always remember, my love, I love you, Scoobie always and forever and I love you best!! I put a cat ball like you used to play with on your page. I remember how you used to love your toys and have them all saved right beside me in your wicker basket. Did find the new penny from Heaven you left for me to see and I did find the new toy you left me so know you were here and sent me a sign and I love that when you do that! Babe, until I see the Dr. again, I may not be here every morning or may be late. So don't be alarmed!! Changed your clover to cap nip again for you today on your page!! And always remember, I love you best, my love! Nothing else has changed but this exacerbation. I don't know if I will make the Ceremony tonight or not but still come, ok? I will always love you best!!! Love, Mom
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