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Memories of Schmuley
Noodle and his brother were the best little ratties I could ever hope for. The love that they gave me is etched into my heart - I will never forget them. I did not know how to care for rats in the beginning but slowly, and with their help, I transformed into a rat mommie. I remember the moment I fell in love with them - watching them scurry in and out of little bamboo tunnels that were placed on top of my leopard print blanket on my bed. I remember the first time I saw them grab a little twig from my hand, grasping it much the same as a human toddler would. I didn't know how identifiable their individual personalities could be, how smart and cheeky they could be. I didn't know how cute they would look snuggled up with each other.
They followed me all over the country and were my friends when I had none in new areas. They were so brave. I always looked forward to the cuddles and licks when I came home from work although the ones I got in the morning were just as good.
Schmuley was a little rascal; full of energy after dusk and ready to explore. There were many times where I placed my food or a plant on a counter or somewhere else I didn't think he could possibly reach, only to watch in astonishment as he jumped more than a foot in the air and completed balancing acts with the help of his dexterous tail that any acrobat would be impressed by. He preferred hoarding to actually eating his treats. Wherever he thought Noodle wouldn't be able to follow him is where he would build his comfy, little nest of sheets of toilet paper, peanuts, pumpkin seeds and sometimes a rogue sock. He was buried in my backyard next to his brother, wrapped up in one of his favorite shirts to pee on, along with some of his favorite snacks - dried bananas and peanuts.

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