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Memories of Schatze Mac
Schatze--Mom misses you, Aaron misses you, Schoeny misses you, and Andy misses you. You were such a big part of our lives. Schoeny is the one that found you. She saw you at a pet store and kept telling me she needed for me to come see you. I finally did because of her persistence. I saw you because of her. We took you home that day. I fell in love with you from day one. God meant for us to have you. You were so tiny, being a miniature. The kids put you in their Halloween basket. You were so very precious. I couldn't take you back. You became my little special one. We all grew up together. I bought a fence just for you. I would never put you in a kennel. You had the run of the house and you were so very good. We have been through a lot. You have been through a lot because of my stupidity. But you were still there for me--unconditionally. I was your Mom and you never forgot. You loved me no matter what. When I came to pick you up, you knew your Momma. I am so very sorry for all that I put you through, but you, bless your heart, kept going, and believed in me. You accepted me no matter what. I feel like I let you down, but please know that I love you with all my heart. I wish so much you were with me right now, but little Alyse gave me a Schatze Mac. She is with me here everyday. You have a niece, Solee. She is a chubby little thing, but loves me just like you. I love you Schatze and hope you will forgive me for all the things that have happened to us. You are in my heart, always and forever. Schatze, it is hard for me to say goodbye. I don't know what happened to you and I feel that guilt everyday. I hope God will forgive me and we will meet in heaven one day. My little Schatze, I love you with all my heart and know I would never ever hurt you. Know that I love you and will never ever forget you. That's why I am doing this. MY LOVE IS SO VERY SINCERE. I hope God gives you my message. I LOVE YOU SCHATZE!

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