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Memories of Savannah
Your daddy found you roaming alone in the woods and brought you home because you were hungry and everyone at the worksite gave you pieces of their sandwiches, but when it was time to go back to work you wouldn't leave, one of the bad guys that worked there said he would shoot you and be done with it! Your Daddy grabbed you up and put you in his truck and brought you home! You were a wild pup about 6 months old that hated any confinement, so you were impossible to crate train and you were impossible to walk on the leash, you were always in a hurry to discover new things and always distracted, so you and I went to training school and we actually passed and we learned how to work together. You helped me to study animal behavior and training and to learn patience.
You loved to go to the beach and run,(we would take you at night to the beach and take your leash off and you ran like a purebred Greyhound, you would have won any race!)You were a little demanding lol demanding your 2 walks a day and if I wasn't in the kitchen by 6 o'clock making dinner, you would pace and whine until I started dinner, then you were content and you loved laying on the floor and watching me cook and throwing you samples of whatever I was cooking. You knew when it was the exact time for breakfast, snacks and dinner! I know you loved your doggie ice cream treats because that is the only time you took your time licking the dixie cup!
When we found Riley, you accepted him into the pack with no problem and the same for Buddy and Lacy..you were their big sister, and you kept them in line and they respected you. All it took from you was a sharp bark and sometimes just a look, they knew better than to mess with you...I knew you would never hurt them, you were their teacher.
You and Daddy took car rides together, but you always got upset if he crossed the inter coastal bridge...we thought it might be because you were scared he was going to take you back where he found you, or you just didn't want to leave the beach..I called you my blonde, brown eyed, bandanna wearing, Frisbee catching beach dog!
I don't even want to go in the park anymore since you went to the bridge...you loved taking walks in the park because if no one was around, I would take the leash off and you could roam on your own and sniff everything and maybe chase a squirrel!
I have so many pictures of you, sitting on the bed looking outside, when you got your birthday cakes, at the park, by the ocean, just sitting around the house, sitting on top of the hot tub which you made your outside bed on, on the deck and in the yard playing with the palm frons, meeting other dogs and having play dates. I still have all those pictures of you with all the dogs you played with, which a lot of gone on to the bridge, and I hope you will play with Ryndal, Boots, Little Dog, Sunny, Hannah, Maly, Grits, Bill, Bailey and Moose and meet all my dogs I had when I was younger..Give them all a big kiss from me, and be nice to Little dog (you two always had some kind of issue going on...
The one thing you really hated was getting a bath, I would just say the word "bath" and you would get a look of panic on your beautiful face. I almost hated it for you, but afterwards you would run and jump because you felt so good.
Every time I had to leave for work I would tell you to watch the house and guard because that was your job and you knew it and took it seriously, I could tell by the look on your face that you would protect your younger brothers and sister. When I came home, you always greeted me with such love and a lot of barking and jumping which used to drive me crazy but oh how I wish you were still here to do that...Even when you got sick you still greeted me with gusto but not as much jumping...Now I feel bad about yelling at you to quit jumping.
After 13 years together, we had so many memories, all I know is we were an awesome team and you are an awesome dog and I know you are waiting to jump on me when I get to the bridge to meet you and I will welcome that with open arms and no yelling...just eternal love. Run free, my angel girl! Even tho I have Riley, Buddy and Lacy, it feels empty without you...I know they feel it too...I love you times a million..and to the moon and back...

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