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Memories of Savannah
My precious Savannah was a puppy who's life was so very full of happiness and excitement - she enjoyed every single thing we did together and always waited patiently for me with anticipation of the next new, wonderful fun thing she was going to get to do. She was so, so full of life and vibrancy. Her spirit was independent and courageous - hers was the spirit I always wanted to emulate. Savannah engaged every day with the world around her - she learned to communicate with me and every day she and I connected in a way that made me feel like maybe I was 'okay' in the world after all. I never had any idea that I could love a dog as much as Savannah made me love her - such a tremendous amount of love for a little puppy to give and she gave everything she had. When Savannah showed her joy to be with me, there was nothing else in the world that could make me feel this full and happy and complete. I simply loved how very interested Savannah always was in her world and her home. She wanted to be where I was and do what I did - if that meant trying to type on my computer or splashing in the bathtub; teasing me with the ball, or coming to ask for my help when one of her toys was stuck under the couch. One of my very favorite new memories of Savannah and me was going to get popsicles together - what a treat. There was never a dull moment in my life once Savannah entered my world. Who wouldn't melt when a puppy comes up to you with a toy and says "play with me, play with me" every time she saw me!.....she just joined in to our lives and filled our home with love every single minute.

Savannah loved to learn and when she and I were in 'teaching mode' - she took on a very serious, "OK - focus now, Mom - I'm trying to learn something" attitude. She would literally wiggle with joy when she knew I was trying to teach her a new skill - she was the smartest dog I ever met and picked up new tricks almost instantly. You could literally see the pride on her little face when I pulled out the treats and she ran to her bed, knowing she was going to get to practice all the things she learned. Sometimes I think I should have had Savannah in some sort of puppy school every day - she would have thrived on all the new things to do and learn!

I just can't believe she was made to leave our world so, so, so much too soon. I will never understand why she was taken away from me so soon. Her precious little life was only just beginning and there are so many things we were planning to share together. We were waiting for this month to be over so she and I could start visiting the ocean and the mountains - I just can't bear knowing that I never got to give her those wonderful experiences. We have so many plans that we need to do. I pray that my Savannah is so happy and so safe right now. I pray that she is running and playing and finding the immense joy for herself that she brought to me every day and that she deserves so much. I pray that maybe somehow God is showing Savannah all the beautiful things that I never got to do with her because she was an innocent baby who deserves to get to have the full, vibrant life that she was meant to have. I pray that she knows how very, very much I loved her. She filled my soul and I miss her deeply - the hole left in my heart by Savannah's loss is almost more than I can bear. Please God, please let Savannah know how precious she is and how deeply, deeply loved she was. I'm so sorry we let her down. I will continue to love Savannah until I hope and pray we are together again some day. Savannah - you are such a good girl - "Yes! Yes! Yes!- You did it all right, Baby - you did everything you were supposed to do. I'm so sorry. I love you with all my heart, Savannah. I love you with all my heart".

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