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Memories of Satch
Satch,we had 15 1/2 great years together. You were so strong for so long, always the alpha. On November 1, you told us it was time and it hurt to let you go. It still hurts as I write this.
You and Sasha were my first Huskies and I remember your first days with me like it was yesterday. You and Sasha were inseparable. After walks you and she would splash in the pool. When I brought Flame home you taught him who was in charge and then the three of you were a great team of companions. I still have the video of you blowing bubbles from your nose while you slept in an inch of water in the pool.
Nothing was better than to be awoken by my Satch Alarm in the mornings as you would begin howling while Sasha and Flame joined in. You were always there for me.
The last couple of years got tough for you as you lost mobility, but you still went on our walks. You amazed neighbors with your toughness. I never needed a leash. You knew what to do. I miss our walks now.
That last week was so tough to watch as your health declined quickly. Wait for me at the Bridge. I have your ashes and paw print on display. I visit you everyday. Thanks for being in my life. I miss you so much.

NOV. 1, 2016--It's been one year since we were together, Satch. It's difficult to write this as your memory is still so fresh in my mind. You and Sasha were a great team and were so entertaining all the years we were together. I hope you know how difficult it was to let you go. Your strength was amazing and you were one of the toughest dogs I ever knew. Keep watch over us, you are still my forever alpha. I miss you, Satch.

Nov. 1, 2017 -- Two years ago I had to let you go. Your big, strong body had run it's course. I am still amazed at your determination to take walks with me until you were no longer able to. I took our original walk this morning at the old neighborhood. Wasn't the same. I hope Virginia is taking care of you, Sasha and Flame until we are together again. You are my family even though you aren't here at my side anymore. I will always miss you, big guy. You are my hero for toughness.

Nov. 1, 2018 Satch, you were such a great companion. You and Sasha were my first Huskies. Your sisters, Maddie and Mocha, are still here with me and they help me remember you and how you were the boss. You were a quiet leader and the rest of the pack knew who was in charge. This is a sad day but I still have great memories of you. Wait for me at the Bridge with the rest of the dogs who have gone there. I miss you.

Nov. 2019 I'm sorry I'm a bit late with this tribute. I miss you so much. I think about you all the time. You were a rock. I remember so many things we did and the habits you had that made you such a great companion, along with Sasha. You and Sasha got me addicted to the Husky breed but you were the boss of all. I wish you were still here with me so we could do our walks and I could depend on your morning alarm howl. I miss those times. Wait for me, buddy.

Nov. 1, 2020 Satch, I said earlier that you are my hero. You still are. You were the toughest dog when you needed to be. I miss you and Sasha in the days when you were my first two Huskies. But you two are back together and hopefully playing and enjoying the bond the two of you had. I look at old video when you were only 10 weeks old and it seems like yesterday. I would give anything to hear your Satch Alarm again in the mornings. You and Sasha made me vow to appreciate Huskies and know how great the breed is. To keep saying I miss you is not enough. I will take our walk today....the one you, Sasha and Flame took so often in the old neighborhood. I miss those days so much. All I can still say is I wish you were still here. You were a great dog.

Nov. 1, 2021 Another year has gone by without you. It still hurts to not have you here with me. Cancer took you but you fought all the way as I expected you to. I took a portion of the walk you, Sasha, Flame and Maddie used to take in the old neighborhood. I miss those days and I remember if I took you without Sasha she would carry on until I came back to get her. You two were inseparable. You, Sasha and Flame were the originals and I am so glad I was able to be with you. I hope, some day, we will be together so we can enjoy playing and walks again. I miss you, big guy. See you at the Bridge.

Nov. 2, 2022 I can't believe it's been 7 years since you left me, Satch. You were the toughest trooper on the planet. I wish I had your strength and courage. I hope you, Sasha and Flame are playing together like you used to. You now have your old pack-mate and partner in crime, Maddie, with you now. My original 4 Huskies are back together. I just wish we all were playing together and taking walks like we did so often. You and Sasha got me addicted to Huskies and I never regretted it. You guys were the best and you were in charge. Please watch over our present pack, including our new addition, Cooper. I miss your howls and one day we'll be together again.

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