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Memories of Satch
Satch, a unique name for a unique friend. It's hard to believe that you had to go, but our broken hearts tell us it is true. The house is so quiet and empty without your happy face and it makes it difficult to go anywhere and realize you are not here to touch, rub, scratch, or kissy that soft little nose.
7/2/08 Hi Satch. It has been two weeks since you left us and we miss you more each day it seems. Every time I look outside at the place where you liked to lay near the shed I see you there panting, enjoying the breeze, and watching the house. As soon as you would see me, you would run like a crazy man and make me laugh. Happy July 4th Satch, we'll be thinking of you at the fireworks display this year. Miss you boy!
10/20/08 Hi Satch. We think about you everyday but especially last weekend stacking firewood. You always took logs out of the cart and scattered them around the yard, but you always helped pick them up. Fall is here and you used to get all hyper when the air would get cold. You must have known your birthday was soon to follow.
11/03/08 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Satch. We wish you could be with us tomorrow to celebrate, but we know you will have fun on your day with all the other puppies at the bridge. Grandmom had to send Chico to Rainbows Bridge, so you watch over him and show him around. We love you Satch.
12/24/08 MERRY CHRISTMAS Satchie. Christmas time is when we were brought together and every year you were always a gift. Your antlers are under the tree. You got so excited every year when you heard the little bell on them ring and you knew Santa was coming to see you. You would lay in front of the Christmas tree and wait for Santa and would even crack open a few gifts too early when no one was watching. This year you didn't come when I rang the bell and I cried. We miss you boy.

03/24/2009 Hi Satch, really miss you alot. Spring has started and it isn't quite the same without you walking around the yard. Everytime I look out the kitchen window there is an emptiness in the yard and my heart.
Easter is coming and I know how much you loved the taste of chocolate.

6/18/2009 Hi Satch. A year has passed since you had to leave us and we miss you even more. I still look at your favorite spots and expect to see you there, but then I realize you are in a better place. We miss you "Loggerhead". Happy 4th of July Satch.

10/25/2009 Hi Loggerhead, It has been a few months since our last visit however, you are always in our hearts,thoughts and prayers. I wish you were still here to meet your new little brother named Buddy. He has a lot of your ornery habits instilled within him. What a joy he has brought to our lives. He has carried on your tradition by playing with your toys and sleeping in your exact spot. I know you would not mind the passing of your toys since you had such a big heart and loving disposition. You will always be missed in our hearts but never forgotten. Love, your family - XOXOXO

11/4/09 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SATCH. Wish you were here to celebrate. Miss ya boy. Don't you eat to much cake with your friends. It will wind you all up. LOL. Have fun on your special day.

11/26/09 Happy Thanksgiving Satch. You would wait patiently to get your turkey dinner and dessert. I think you knew Santa was watching and Christmas was close. Don't eat too much boy. Miss ya kid.

12/22/09 Merry Christmas Satch. It always seemed like your favorite time of the year, just like a kid. We miss you opening your presents as well as other peoples gifts. Your antlers still make me cry but they will always be yours. Buddy says Merry Christmas to you and he has his own antlers to greet Santa with. No peeking. Wait for Christmas before you open your presents.

6/9/10 Hey boy. It has been 2 years since you had to leave and we still miss you kid. Buddy says HI Satch. He is crazier than you and reminds me of you. He cannot wait to go for a W A L K just like you. I really wish you two could have met.

12/24/10 Merry Christmas Satch. Don't you open other puppies' presents like you used to. We still miss you so much boy. It has been so cold and the cold would get you wound up so you would cause mischief. Leave the cookies for Santa. Buddy says Merry Christmas also. Bye boy.

9/12/11 Hey Satch. Sorry to say that Dad passed away. You give him a big kiss for me boy.

12/24/11 Hi Satchie. Merry Christmas. Buddy doesn't like the train going around the tree, lol.
You never cared either way. Hope Santa brings you all you wish for boy. Buddy says hi. Miss you boy. Merry Christmas!

5/10/12 Hey boy, was thinking of you today.

12/24/12 Merry Christmas "Peachy". Still miss catching you peaking at the presents under the tree. Buddy wishes you a Merry Christmas and hoping you and all puppies have fun this holiday.

6/8/14 Hey Satch. Still miss you boy. I told you we would never forget you. You were a special kid. I still feel your presence around me. Keep cool in the summer heat.

7/3/14 Hi Satch. Grandmom Hazel passed away. You go give her one of your wet kisses for us. She loved you and called you Blondie. lol

12/25/14 Merry Christmas boy. Still miss you at Christmas. You were like one of Santa's elves and full of sprit.

5/1/17 Happy Cinco de Mayo boy.

8/14/21 After all the years that pass by and when I'm feeling down I still come here to visit and remember the fun we had together. You always wanted to play and have fun and most of all be happy. Remember our final words, I will never forget you. You were a special pup to me.

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