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Memories of SASSY
AUGUST 21, 2018
Sassy came to us from a rescue when she was 3 months old, we loved her like one of our children. She loved us as much. She got Cushings Disease and we worked on that. She was very protective of all of us, had a bluff bark, but wagged her tail all the time. God is the keeper of all animals too, and He saw fit to take her to Heaven and heal her today. She will be there with her sister Sugar, waiting on her Living sister Gidget and Dad and Mom. You 2 play nice and welcome the rest of the furbabys that come. We loved you so much the 11 years we had you. DAD AND MOM

August 26, 2018
Am putting a picture of Sugar here, to make sure you know what she looks like when you see her. You guys had 5 years together before she went to the Bridge. Play together til we get there. Love you!!!

August 31, 2018
August 31st, 2018
Hi our beautiful baby...Did you get to welcome the little black and white kitten yesterday, she got in the road close to town and got run over. Dont know who it belonged to , just take care of her and show her around so she wont be afraid. Love you..Dad and Mom

September 17th.
Hi our precious Sassy...How's it going at the Bridge. I know you are helping the newbie furbabies coming in.
We adopted another furbaby, and in no way can she or will she ever take your place. Gidget missed you so,she kept walking around the house looking for you, Her name is BABY. So make sure you find them when they come to the Bridge. We miss you so durn much Sassy. Love you so much. Dad and mom.

January 31,2019
Our sweet Sassy...not a day goes by that mom and dad dont think of you. I know you are helping welcome all the new furbabies that arrive, making sure they are not afraid. Run and play with them until we get there. So glad you are healed now. See you soon sweetie!!!!

July 12,2019
Hope you have been running and playing at the Bridge waiting on us. Gidget misses you too. We miss you so very much and cant wait to see you again. Mom and Dad

August 21,2019
Well, today is one year since you went to the Bridge. We miss you like crazy, but we also know you are now completely healed and running free. Gidget misses you, but when she gets there, you and her and of course Sugar will be running and playing with the rest of your friends. We love you to the moon and back, and soon as I can, will put a picture of Baby Girl on here.
Mom and Dad

June 16th 2020
Our sweet Sassy, have you found your sister,Sugar? Today is her Anniversary of coming to the Bridge and being healed. Me and Dad miss you guys so very much, but we know that both of you are Blessed to be where you are. Running and playing. Hope you are waiting at the Bridge so we can cross over together. Love and miss you so much. Mom and Dad

August 21st 2020
2 Years ago you went to the Rainbow Bridge to be with Sugar and wait for us. There is not a day that goes by that we dont think of you. Hope you are playing with Sugar. We miss her so much too. Mary Ruth Rogers and Lavonne Long Redferrin, we cant thank you enough for all you do, and for our 4 girls. Sugar and Sassy are at the Bridge, and Gidget and Baby Girl are here with us. Run and play, Sugar, your heart failure is gone, and Sassy you are free of your Cushings. Until we meet at the bridge. We love you girls.Mom and Dad

October 26,2020
Hello to our sweet Sassy, I know you are running and playing with your sister Sugar, and all the others there. We still miss you and talk of you daily. We have Gidget and Baby girl here and when their time comes, we know you and your sister Sassy will escort them around, and make sure they are not afraid. Will be lookin for you and sissy when we get there.

Feb 21,2023

We still continue miss you like crazy. The time is getting close to come to the Bridge in person. I am so ready to see you and your sister......

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