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Memories of Sassy
Sassy came into my life during my darkest days and brought the sun back into my life! It was love at first sight and I brought her home. She had come from the blue grass state of Kentucky where someone must have taught her to stop, drop and roll. Which came in handy when she ran off on her own! 😏
Once settle she became my little serial killer ridden the area of mice, snakes and other rodents!

Up at the cabin she like to fish for bluegills and pumpkin seed although she never caught any it never deterred her from the hunt! She even fell into the lake when leaning to far over the edge of the dock. Once I let her lick a fish before I tossed it back into the lake. She was a silly girl!

Sassy was a singer and bouncer who loved everyone and everyone loved her! She will be missed by all those she has left behind and be met by her brother Hoban acrossed the bridge❣
Goodbye my sweet little girl, I love you so much and miss you!

Sassy, today is the anniversary of your passing and I miss you so much! In November you visited me at night; bouncing off the side of the bed. I would talk to you every night that you came and I know you heard everything I said. I heard you drink water one night and scrap the bed another and I asked you to tell your brother that he could come too. Hoban came that very night! 😊 I know you sent Baysa to me because I know sooner mentioned that I'd like a purebred basenji puppy someday then one became available! Really Sassy? 6 1/2months after losing you Baysa becomes mine. I had adopted you
6 1/2 months after losing Skye the sister you never knew.

Sassy, year two has passed and I'm still missing you terribly! There isn't a day that goes by when I don't think of you and wish you were here. Love you forever my sweet little sunshine ❣️❤️
Baysa isn't the distraction that we thought she'd be! 😑
I love you Sassy and always will ❣️❣️

Sassy, another year has passed and I still miss you so very much! I know you are still around but I no longer here you at night. Sassy will always be my sunshine girl and my little heart❣️❤️Mom

Four years have passed and not one day that I haven't thought of you! I still miss you so much Sassy girl❣️💔 Visit me as much as you want. Love you always ❣️❤️

Another Anniversary of your passing is here, 5 years now ! Three days ago Rorie crossed and you were there to meet her. You are the sweetest little girl and I miss you like crazy! Keep watching out for us all and visit when you can. Love you Sassy ❣️❤️❣️

6 years have passed Sassy and I still miss you so much! The little puppy you sent to me 5 1/2 years ago will be joining you soon. I know you aren't expecting her but please look after Baysa when she arrives. You will always be my sweet girl and I love you always❣️❤️

Sassy girl 7 years have passed and you are always on my mind. I tell people about you at work and your amazing hunting skill. Rodents and snakes never stood a chance when you were here! I miss you so much! I know you welcomed your sister Teagan across the Bridge back in February and helped her adjust to her new surroundings. Keep an eye on us all sweet girl until we meet again❣️

Hey sweet girl, 8 years now have passed and so much has happened. Teagan joined you last year and Tiny the puppy girl too. Now in less than a week Baysa will be joining you. Please make her welcome as she is only 7 years old. Love you always my Sunshine girl❣️❤️

Please also visit Hoban.

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