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Memories of Sassy
Sassy (15 1/2 years young)
8/12/1998 to 2/23/2014

A poem I wrote for Sassy today 2/24/2014.

An angel was sent to me, you see. She had 4 paws and love that shown. My life was blessed by this furry friend. My love to her I shall forever send. On wings she came into this world. What am I to do now with all this void? Don't grieve for me, I hear her say. I shall see you soon another day. Take my love now and open your heart...don't close yourself off and fall apart. Yes, I hear you and know that selfish in grief I am now, but gently and slowly I will continue somehow. Holding your memories close to me and forever will be all I will need. So go now, Sassy, and run wild and free. Go hunt lizards and chase squirrels up a tree. I am happy knowing you can do it for now you can see. Your hearing restored, your eyesight anew. Why look and see in the mirror, it's a young new you. Go play with Roxie. Give mom and dad a kiss. Give them that look you can give...you know...the one I will miss. Someday soon, when it's my time to pass, come and meet me, my sweet Sassy, and we'll be together at last.

Written for Sassy by me. My love forever you little sweet Cairn Terrier. This photo was taken at our house. I call this picture of Sassy "THE LOOK". It was captured in a split second as she was giving me that look and telling me it was time for a treat.

Sassy was a feisty Cairn Terrier. She was bubbling over with love, personality, and the intent that everyone that she encountered in her life should be made happy by a wig of her tail, a kiss on the cheek. She loved to play, and she loved her toys. From the moment she came into my life, we started walking. And we have walked many miles in this 15 1/2 years. She loved to look for lizards and dig a hole. Bunnies and squirrels were on her priority too. The thrill of the chase was what she lived for. In the last year, she had lost her sight and hearing, but she was still as feisty and full of life as ever. Six months ago, we noticed her breathing was not normal while she was sleeping. She was diagnosed with nasal cancer and we had her another six months. I am thankful for that extra time we had together. Now, I know that she is once again doing what she loves and feeling good doing it. She is with her step-sister Roxie, and my mom and dad. They were waiting for her when she passed. I am thankful for that.

So Sassy, what can I say now that I haven't repeatedly told you? You were the love of my life, my best friend, walking buddy, and my heart is breaking with grief because I miss you. My life has come to a 90 degree turn and now I must find a way to go on without you here. But, I know your spirit will be with me until I cross to the Rainbow Bridge where I will see you again and we will be together forever and ever. I love you always and forever. Be free, happy, and go get some lizards! Momma

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