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Memories of Sassie
Sassie was a beautiful blue merle sheltie who came to live with us on Valentines Day 1997. She was love at first site and gave us so many days of pleasure. She was loved by all her family and especially her mom. She liked other dogs but cats were a different matter. She loved to chase and bark at them endlessly. She most certainly ruled our home and her siblings. We took her to obedience training when she was young ( she needed it) but after a few classes she was expelled (Ha! Ha!) She refused to participate and would turn her back on the class. She did learn some basics so we could go out in public but I could tell she was on her own terms. Sassie was well cared for and spoiled with love, play, toys, treats and food. She will forever be in our hearts and will be missed! I know her Sheltie sister Zoe will be there to greet her like Sassie greeted Zoe when she came to live with us. Take care of each other and play well with your new friends.

She was preceded in death by her uncle Bo, aunt Krissy, and sister Zoe, her closest sibling.
She left behind her BIG sister Aubrey, and her kitty sisters Lili and Ruby, who will miss her chasing them to their high ground and sharing her treats with them.

She also left behind her Mommy and Daddy who loved her so much and will always hold her close to their hearts!!!

Feb. 22,2013

Sassie, I miss you so much. I go to your room several times a day still, to check on you . Still hear your little paws clicking around, especially at dinner time. I find myself still getting out your food bowl, then realize you're probably eating much better where you are. Aubrey has been sad and still goes out to do surveillance in the yard for you. Making sure there.are no strange creatures lurking. I wish we could have had you with us.longer! Thank you for the wonderful, fun, and exciting time that we did have, you were something!!

March 7,2013
Sassie, tomorrow will be a month that you have been gone. There isn't a day that I don't think of you and miss you. You were always so special and loved. I only hope that you knew how much you meant to me. I'm still finding your hair around your favorite places, want to just leave it, I'm afraid one day there won't be any more to find. I will always have a special place in my heart for you. Soon a new spring will be here, you loved to sit in the warm sun on the deck and watch me garden. I will think of you when the warm sun hits my face and smile for you! I love you little girl!

March 19,2013
Sassie, I am thinking of you and missing you so. I wish that I could have had more time with you. You were a trouper and you tried to stay strong and go on longer. I hated to see you in such discomfort. Where did all that time go? You were such a rascal and so full of mischief and fun. You kept your daddy and me running all the time with you. You were always the Queen around here, even with your sisters, cat or dog. I don't know what to do ,you were with me so long and was so precious to both of us. I hope that you are being yourself and having all kinds of fun and are being cared for there as well as you were here. You were well cared for and Loved so much and can never be forgotten. I love you little girl!

April 1,3013
Sassie, as usual, I'm thinking of you. I am really trying to let you go and rest at Rainbow Bridge, but I still wish you were here with us. I put your guardian statue at yours and Zoe's place here. Your flowers are blooming as it is spring, your favorite time of the year. They are purple and yellow of course. I shamefully want to tell you that we got a new puppy, named Riley. He is not you and never will be that special, but I am so broken hearted over you and Zoe being gone away. I thought that he could help keep me busy. He is not the same color as you or Zoe, and of course it's a "He". I do and always will love you and Zoe so much and have already told Riley about you. Aubrey isn't sure she will tolerate him yet. I hope you will understand. I feel so guilty,as I love you so! WHe will have a hard time growing up in the shadow of you two, lots of stories and events to live up to. I will tell him something about you every day, try to withhold the crazy stuff,ha,ha. In the mean time, stay happy and healthy and have lots of fun. Stay in springtime forever.
Just want you and Zoe to know I am thinking of you always and love and miss you both. You will never be forgotten or replaced in my heart. I love you little girl!

April 25,2013
Sassie, want you to know you are in my thoughts every day. Still begin to call your name for eating or going outside. Lots of crazy weather down here rain,75* cold 40* next day, Alabama weather, you didn't like. Hope you run into Zoe at times to reminence about your earthly home. You were and still are loved,just like Bo and Krissie were before you. Art still brings you cookies, although Aubrey gobbles them up of course! Aubrey has calmed down quite a bit, not as grumpy.ha,ha! Haven't spent much time outside in yard yet but can't wait to. The flowers on your grave are beautiful, blooming purple and yellow, your
favorite. Well I just wanted you to know that you are in my Heart and Thoughts everyday! Daddy loves and missed you very much. Any other pets will have Big Paws to fill and not much room in my heart. I love you little girl!!!

May 22,2013
Dear Sassie , just to let you know that I am thinking of you and missing you so much! Life is so lonesome without you! You were my little precious, and still are. Aubrey is still wild and sometimes unpredictable, but she has matured some. She is up to 110 lbs. a bit more than you remember. She still goes out to do surveillance at night for you, but not as enthusiastic as watching out for you. Hope you are happy at The Bridge and are running and playing with Zoe. I look at both your pictures everyday and can see you like you we're when you were puppies chasing each other around pool and standing on your rock or on your hillside. Anyway I wanted you to know we miss you and love you both very much as we always will! We love you little girls!dns

June 8,2013
Hello Prescious! I'm just missing you and thinking of you and Zoe ,as usual. I still think to take you out to potty frequently, but you're not there. Oh, to be able to pick you up and hold you! I do miss you, you were here for me for so long it's so hard to be without my little babies. I look at you and Zoe 's picture on the frig. every day. You two were friends at some point ya know. I remember when you used to run around in Cahaba Heights, lay on the hillside, and bark out the side window over the drive. Really miss those days, I'd move back there if I could have you back. But I'm sure you are chasing Zoe around in Rainbow Bridge and making new friends. I hope you are both pain free and happy! We love you both!

You were so Beautiful and Zoe had the sweetest face, I see you every night, and smile!

July 9,2013
Hello Prescious! Just thinking about you and Zoe. Hope you are both happy and running and playing. Love to see you run around ,and around the pool like you used to do in Cahaba Heights. That was our exercise! Ha!!

You are both in my heart and my thoughts. Miss you! I see you and think about you both every day. We love you both!

Aug. 1,2013
Hello Prescious! Thinking of you as always. Hope that you still remember me and daddy. We miss you and Zoe every day and hope you are running in the cool air and chasing kitties thru the flowers. You were always such a spirited little one! I can think of a different adventure you went on and took us along with you. Every day you gave us a different, and memorable experiences to think about now. We miss you and love you both so very much! Good night Prescious! Luv!!!

My sweet Precious! I think about you everyday and still miss you so much! Getting colder now and windy up here on mountain! I know you would not like it , but Zoe always liked cool air. I'm sure she will keep you warm. Wish we could have had you here longer. Hope you are running about chasing kitties and barking all you want. Found myself looking for your Christmas present then realized you have all you want where you are. Maya looks for you in the closet every time she comes over,she doesn't understand why you aren't here. She misses you too. I will be glad when I see you again. I can't wait for that time to come. It will happen! Merry Christmas precious and I love you!

Hey my sweet precious! I'm thinking of you so much lately and miss you so. I hope you are happy and healthy and running the hills. I'm sorry you had to leave us so soon, but we are appreciative of the time we were blessed with. You were such a rascal,but a smart rascal! Your earthly gravesite is here so that I can visit anytime. We take good care of area for you and Zoe. You both have special crosses there to mark your space, I have a stool there to just sit there with you like you sat with me near the Koi pond at our other home. We keep spring flower and fall flowers growing there for you. You also have a special Guardian of Pets Statue there to watch over you both at all times. Of all the shelties we have been privileged to have lived with us, I think of you and Bo every day. You two were so much alike and so different at the same time. Aubrey and Lili are still with us and they miss you as well. We will be thinking of you more thru Christmas and hope you have a special time. Merry Christmas you you my Prescious Sassie! Love you bunches!

Miss you Precious, just as much as the day you left us. It's close to Christmas and found myself looking for you and Zoe a toy or treat. Maybe I will buy something anyway. Still have your Christmas scarfs and stockings and will put them up , so you know that you are always in our hearts. Warm tonight but will be colder soon, so I hope you are both comfortable and happy! It's been a Long ,Hard time without you both. Merry Christmas to you my Prescious Sassie and Zoe and I will be thinking about you as always!

Dec. 25,2013
Merry Christmas Precious! Sure do miss you baby. I know you are happy and healthy and feeling good. Hope you remember your mom and daddy. You are in our thoughts as usual, so want to say I love you and wish you were here with us! Luv you as always my Prescious Sassie

Jan. 13,2014
Hello Precious! Just want to say that I miss you so much. Aubrey misses you as well. She has calmed down quite a bit and is sorry she was mean at times. I hope you are running in the Spring flowers and are not in any more pain. Wish I could say the same for myself. Cold weather is ruff. Luv you my precious Sassie!

Feb. 8,2014
Dear Precious Sassie, today marks the one year anniversary of your trip to Rainbow Bridge. Seems like forever!!! I think about you every day and hope you are running and playing with Zoe in the forever springtime of meadows and flowers. Has been a very cold and snowy wikinter so far, you would not like it. We still have your pictures up and we found some from when we lived in city. You loved running through the house from window to window looking for Any movement to get excited about. Found pictures of you and Zoe dressed in Halloween outfits, wow so cute. You were both so good to wear those silly things, you did love your scarfs though. We were reminded of the destruction you did to our kitchen cabinets, very funny now, Mark never knew that I put you up to it so we could get new ones. Ha! We both still love you and Zoe and miss your presence and the love you gave to us. I refer to you both now as "Little Darlings" that never got into any wrong doings, but daddy reminds me that I just loved you so much that those mischiefs were easily forgotten. What I would do to have you with us now, but you were treated like queens here and I know you are demanding the same at Rainbow Bridge! Waiting on spring to see the flowers we planted at your grave here to bloom again. Won't be too long now. Was reminded of a song today which is really how I feel, called "The Dance" by Garth Brooks. Hurt so much when you left but wouldn't have missed a minute with you! I know you have heard it many times. Makes me cry and be happy at same time. Luv to you as always My Prescious Sassie!!!

March 11,2014
Hello Prescious Girl, miss you so much every day. I'll never be able to find another like you. Love you so much! Flowers are blooming on your grave now. Beautiful yellow and purple. Makes me feel like you are smiling,hope so! Luv you Prescious girl!

March 20,2014
Still cold here Prescious! Still miss you and Zoe so very much. Don't think I'll ever get passed this pain I feel for your loss to us! You were a rascal but I love you so very much. Nothing is the same. Your' little cousin Phoebe is sick. She is 16 or 17, and will probably be there with you soon. She has bad eyesight,hearing,arthritis, and has been having seizures lately. Will bring flood of sorrow here on mountaimjn again. When she gets there, please comfort her and show her to a happy place. I know you will do that for me! Even though it's still cold flowers are blooming just for you! Forsythia is in full bloom, cherry trees are too. Aubrey is having a horrible time with allergies and has to frequent MD. Will keep you updated. I lov you so. Have fun running in grass and playing with Zoe. Luv you Prescious! Would love to hold you and rub your little head sit with you on porch like we used to at this time of year. Was so relaxing, we would fall asleep on wicker sofa in warm sunshine. Miss those times!!!",,,

April 6,2014
Hello my Prescious Sassie. Need comfort, so decided to talk to you, at least in my own mind. Hope you are happy and healthy. Still cold here on the mountain! I wish it would warm up soon! Spring storms are beginning to start, so spring Is near. Purple flowers at your grave are blooming, very pretty, makes me smile to think of you! You are still my little girl. Aubrey is still having a rough time with allergies, think now it's food, how horrible. You had such a healthy life until a few months before you left us. Glad you had such a healthy life here with us, for the most part. The new puppies, Riley and Skye are a little over a year old now, some better with the potty part, but had to put up a fence, kept running off into the wild woods, not at all like you. You were so perfect, I hold all our pets up to your standard. Maybe they will learn to appreciate living here and there are lots of dangers beyond the perimeter !
Daddy is still working , but needs to retire. Me I'm moving slower and slower. Arthritis, the worst kind of life for me, you know how I love to work outside. Wish I had more stamina like you and daddy.
Anyway , I feel a need to talk to you periodically , to cheer myself up. Hope you feel me in your heart where you are and know how much I still love you and miss you, every day! Every day!
Take special care of yourself, think of me and feel me with often! Love you my Prescious!

April 26,2014
Hello my little Prescious! Letting you know that your little cousin Sweet Phoebe, came to Rainbow Bridge today. I hope you have found her and will help her find Zoe and show her the beautiful meadows. Your Aunt is very distraught, as I understand. It's very hard for us humans to let go of such wonderful babies. You and Zoe and Phoebe were such great babies and will always be missed and Never, Never forgotten. Love and miss you as always my little Prescious girl!

July 4,2014
Hello Prescious! I haven't stopped thinking about you a day. Know you are not in pain and are happy running and barking all you want! Thinking about how you ran all over living room in Cahaba Heights, from window to window, wasn't funny then, but is a great story to remind everyone just how Wild you were. LOL! Miss you and Zoe so very much, but we tried to give you both a wonderful home. You were in our life for quite a while, but still not enough time. I have wonderful memories of you both and will always miss you and love you. Hope you feel me in your heart as I feel you! I love you my little Prescios girl!

July 7,2014
Hello Prescious, thinking of you and sending sad news. Miss Lili, your kitty sister of 15 years passed away today. Know you loved to chase her. Hope you welcome her to RainbowBridge when you see her. We will miss her too. Hope you are having fun and thinking of us at times. Miss you as always Prescious! We love you!

Hello Prescious! Thinking of you so much! Makes me feel better to talk to you. Hope you are happy and running around playing with Zoe and Lili. I will always think of all my babies and the joy they brought me. You were all a bit lucky too, had a pretty good life I hope. We tried to take good care of you and spoil you. Think we did pretty good at that. We love you still and miss you all so much!

Aug. 5,2014
Hello my Prescious Sassie. Just have you on my mind and missing you as usual.Hope you are having a happy, healthy and fun summer. The flowers are beautiful in summer. Hasn't been so hot this summer yet so you would like it now. Just right really. Your Koi friends have been having a hard summer, algae problems. Hope you see Zoe and Lili some to play. I miss you all very much. Stay happy and healthy. We love you as always! Mom

Sept. 6,2014
Hello my Prescious Sassie, just thinking of you. Hope you are having a fun Summer with all your new friends. Still hot here, you would not like it, been hard for me to. Can't stand to be outside, I used to like it,working in yard and playing with you and Zoe. Miss sitting on the screened deck with you and napping on wicker sofa. I really miss those days. Life here is harder than I thought it would be, not getting any easier. I have not had a great summer, stomach pains and just getting old. Of course you were much older than me,ha! Oh well , I hope I have as much grace as you when my time comes. So much for my pity party, I love you and miss you! As always love you and miss you Prescious

Hello my Presciousness! Always on my mind and in my heart, I miss you so! Someway you became my special,special girl! We had a little rough start in the beginning with the training and Dr. Friddle, but we had a long ride. You became so very special to me, I can't seem to move on. I know you are happy and not in pain anymore. I hope you didn't suffer too long. My how the time flew by! We have a lot of stories from all that time, all funny now. I still think to check on you every night and take you outside. You were and are the most beautiful baby in the world! Hey, are you still stopping all the guys with that sweet smile you had? Are the flowers still all a bloom around you? I hope they are. You would be really cold over here. It's getting hard for my bones this time of year. There have been lots of ?coyotes around already so I'll bet we are going to have a cold, cold winter. Please stay warm and happy as you are always on my mind and in my heart. I will always be thankful for you being in my life and will never ever forget you! All my love Prescious!!!!

Hello my Prescious! Thanksgiving was just over and we had lots of food. Today we had your favorite, Mings Chinese food. Your daddy got extra fortune cookies for you,as he knows you loved them. Guess it was an instinct! Wish you could have had a bite! They were good. And next up is Christmas. You know how I feel about it, regardless , have to get ready. I will of course put your Christmas stocking in it's appropriate place and fill it with your favorites. Aubrey,Riley , Skye and Ruby know a little about Christmas goodies, but we have toned things down quite a bit. On a different subject, AU. Played Al. Football Ironball game Saturday. You would have had to hid in closet, as to say we lost. At least this keeps AL. In playoffs. AU will go to a Bowl game, hope AU. wins thi one. Weather has been irrational here lately, expecting for a full blown cold season coming up pretty soon. I already have had a hard time keeping warm, guess I will have to wear triple layers. At least I lost lots of weight when I was sick. Well I be keeping a warm place in my heart for you as it gets colder, so you stay warm little girl! Until next time Prescious, I will be thinking about you with love in my heart!

December 25,2014
Hello my Prescious, it's Christmas Day. Am thinking about you and also Skye. You know her name I'm sure. She was your sister. Well she is missing. Took her for a bath and she got off her leash and ran away. It's been a whole week now, no luck. She just disappeared into thin air. She was very shy ,like you and very timid. We have been looking for her every day since last Thursday . Been very hard not knowing what happened to her. If you see her she will need you to help her. She was only a baby and won't understand why I couldn't find her. We have really tried desperately! You know we wouldn't have let anything like this happen to any one of our babies. I do miss you both. I really hope she can make it back home. If she isn't there maybe she can get back. She was so much like you . She was petite ,feisty, loving, and exciting.
December is getting colder not. Dread cold weather. Wish I could live in Spring. Forever! Oh you are so blessed.
I'm in better health now, since the last time we talked. But you know how stressed I get very easily. But am holding up at this time.
I miss you Prescious! And hope that you have a great Christmas Day. Will be thinking about you. Watch for Skye and make her comfortable , if she is there. She will be so afraid. Love you and keeping you in my heart forever!!!!!

Feb. 7,2015
Dear Prescious Sassie, haven't talked to you in a while. I miss you so! Life is just not same here without you, you were so special. The weather here has been so cold, the older I get the colder I am, I guess. I can't wait until spring. The flowers will cheer us all. Aubrey misses you as well. She has not had a great winter either. The good news is that we were able to find Skye. She was hanging out in a cemetery in Oneonta. I was very happy to get her back. She was gone for 2 weeks and 4 days. She has so many traits like you that I think it was even harder for her to be gone. She sort of keeps something going around here all the time.
We have been without you now for 2 years,and it has been so very hard for me. I look back at your life in Cahaba Heights and smile so much. There are so many fun and happy time there. You loved to look out all the windows in front and run back and forth from den to dining room windows chasing anything that moved. You and Zoe chased up and down Erols side of fence and you and I loved to sit on screened porch. I hope that you were as happy with us as I was happy with you. I will always love you and be grateful to have had you in our life, even for the short time it was. I got you for Valentines day. I remember so welli came in the day before and it was love at first site for me anyway. Mark came back with me the next day with a strong will to not proceed with a new puppy, but he was immediately in love too.
It was love for us for the # years. I will miss you being here forever! You were so very Beautiful!! My Prescious!!!!!!
There will never be another beautiful Sassie! I love you so!

Hello Prescious, missing you very much. Just want to hold onto you and keep you warm and healthy. Tried to keep you healthy, but things creeped up on us., like with uncle Bo. He is there I am sure. He was the sweetest tri color sheltie. I'm sure you would love him. It's still cold here, don't think spring will ever come. Well wanted to be close to you for a little while. I love you Prescious! Check back in soon! Love!i

March 27,2015
Hello my Prescious . Thinking of you as usual. Miss you so very much,so needed to talk to you . Want to tell you about a Facebook site I look at ,all about Shelties. It is so much fun,I see lots of babies that look like you but not nearly as beautiful as you. It's fun to see all the people so in love with their shelties as I am with you. Of course it is still cold here, we had a few days of spring like weather, but another cold snap now. You know how I love Spring time. Aubrey is ready to get outside more too. Skye and Riley are busy as usual, actually Wild like you and Zoe were at that age . Look for Lili and give her love for me. I hope you are enjoying your eternal spring. Oh warmth, I can't wait. I will be outside soon and enjoying the sun ,and will be thinking of your sweet self and all the times we shared in Cahaba Heights when you were such a little rascal. Anyway, wanted to talk to you and feel better. I love you my Prescious Girl. Be back soon.love!
Hope you are running and loving Rainbow Bridge and are happy.

June 29,2015
Hello Prescious girl. Hope you are running and playing hard. I think of you everyday. I have seen so many pictures of Merle shelties and they are not as pretty as you. But some do look identical . Hope to see you one day so I can hold you. But you will have to share me. Zoe's there, and Bo, and krissie, as well as miss Lili . Your cousin Jackson is there too. Also Phoebe arrived not too long ago. Hope you are all together and are playing . Well this year has been tough on my and your dad.'s health problems. So your Dad is retiring in August of this year. Do you believe that? Well we will see! I know he. Will be bored. Well honey stay cool and happy and healthy. I love you so much it hurts.. Your new brother and sisters are keeping me busy. Not. Very trainable. You trained very quickly.

Well honey I will be going to sleep here soon, just want to tell. You that I love and miss you! Love you Prescious!!!l

July 13,2015
Hello my Prescious, want to let you know that I love you and miss you ! The weather here is extremely hot,been staying inside most of time, very little yard work. You know how I love yard work! Hope you are running and playing with all your sheltie friends and with Lili. I've noticed that lots of your sheltie friends have recently crossed over to the bridge. Wow how shelties love to chase and round up everyone possible. Sure you are all competing to gather every squirrel , bird or sheep into one section of Rainbow Bridge! Well your Mom is 63 years Old today. Sounds scary to me when I have to admit it.. Your sister Aubrey had a major problem with her knee, will need surgery in next few days, she is in lots of pain. Her recovery will be hard because , like Zoe she has a weight problem. Been hard to get her in and out. But sure things will settle down. At least Hope so!
Thinking of you and missing you everyday! All my love Prescious.

Oct. 13,2015
Hello my Prescious. Thinking about you every day and hoping that you have met new friends. You have been there a while now and can help all the newcomers. I tell some of my facebook Sheltie friends about you. You are still the most beautiful blue merle baby I have ever seen. Talk about you all time. You were such a funny girl barking and into something all the time. I really miss our time hanging out on screened porch reading and napping. As you can tell I LOVE YOU! I will always keep you in my heart so you will be close to me at all times. Sure you have found Lili by now. Please love on her for us. And she will love on you too. Your sheltie sister and brother are going on 3 years old. They here about you quite alot. Skye reminds me a lot of you she is shy, feisty, snippy, and most loving. Your big sister Aubrey has been having a very difficult time. She has had 3 difficult surgeries on her knee. She is learning to get around on cast, will have to wear it think 3-4 more weeks. Tough to keep her down and keep her from running. You could get the better of her now.LOL! Always thinking about you and loving all my babies at rainbow bridge. Be sweet my

Hello Prescious. Hope you are warm and happy as is getting colder here. Guess it's about time. We've had some warm and pretty days until this week. I put up the Christmas tree this past Sunday , so you know it's that time of year. Still have your ornament , put it in the top of tree, your earthly brother and sister keep taking their ornaments off the tree. Think they are afraid they may loose their stuffie dog ornaments. Agree
Your big sister Aubrey has been having a very hard time. She tore a tendon inher right rear leg. It's been tough for herAs she has had to have 3 surgeries. Been very difficult. For her, but we must think positive. And hope to get results tomorrow ! Will be starting physical therapy on her leg soon,we have gotten so old and it is hard to stay on top of her problems, new ones seem to come up as soon as we get one in control.we had a great visitor here for a few days. He was a male Great Dane very beautiful, black, and search,ing for a lady. I told him sorry he missed you. He was so tall. He was very intimidating to the others. Riley and Skye were very nervous of him. He went to a vet until maybe his family find him. Sure someone will adopt him ,it's been 2-3 weeks. Now,.
Well Prescious you will been having a birthday soon. Hope you know we will all be thinking of you and we will have a party in your honor Daddy and I miss you and love you so very much. Let you know how it goes! Remember Prescious, we will be thinking about you . We love and miss you so very much, SAVE ME A SPOT THERE with you! We all love you Prescious! Talk soon

Dec. 7,2015
Hello Prescious! Today would have been your Birthday so am sending your birthday wishes to you there! Oh how I miss you so much! Hoping you have a fun day today. Sure the weather is just as you like it, your not hurting, and you can run with all your friends! Hope you can find some vanilla ice cream and cake! You just have a beautiful day with lots of fun! I love you so much and will see you ,just look for me! We are thinking about you Prescious and we love you So! All yor earthly siblings send love to you and good wishes................

Hello my Prescious girl. Christmas is almost upon us. I miss you so much! Hope you have are having a happy day with all your friends.. So guess you all have a Christmas tree. With lots of goodies to share. Am sending all mine and daddy's love to you . ....run and play and be happy! Love you Prescious! Merry Christmas love!

Merry Christmas my Prescious girl. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Sure one you are having lots of fun with your friends. Wish I could see you just one time. I think about you every day and I do miss you so very much. Especially today. Aubrey, Ruby, Skye and Riley send their love to you! We have had a lot of rain and bad weather here today, sure you remember the day in Cahaba Heights when you were outside and weather turned really bad. I was calling for you and You took off running into house. We gathered up Zoe and Lili and went to basement. It's funny now. We've had lots of rain,flooding. Good thing we live on a mountain. Please find new friends every day to welcome to the bridge so they won't be lonely! Keep running and playing and be your sweet self. We love you so very much and miss you every day! Talk soon Prescious . 🎅

Hello my Prescious girl. Thinking about you today as I do most days. It's getting much colder now, so glad you are warm and fuzzy. Very glad the holidays are over. Now we have to look forwar to cold maybe snow and ice. Hopefully we won't loose power. If we do, we have lots of blankets. Forgot to tell you that Daddy finally retired from work and is home lots. He is a busy person, can't sit still. Always piddling around at something. Glad it's less I have to do. All your siblings are fine. Want to stay in due to cold. Aubrey is still suffering with her leg. We don't see it ever getting use back. At least she couldn't catch you now. Not funny,Huh? Hope you Re finding and greeting new friends everyday! Remember to be sweet. Miss you so terribly. You were so very special to me and I will always cherish you. Talk soon my Prescious girl. I love you as always!

Feb. 8,2016
Thinking about you Prescious,, Thinking good thoughts about you today girl. Makes me smile to remember you as a puppy. You were such a little rascal. You looked so tiny in the laundry room. Then you learned how to jump onto the sink and over and out into the kitchen. Such a doll. Everyone loved you ,except the people at the door or out the window. Such a barker you were..you were beautiful when I brought you home. My valentine present.you were the most beautiful little creature . I will have you in my heart forever and love you till I die!

Feb. 14,2016
Hello my Prescious,Thinking of you today. Miss you terribly........ Many years ago you my Valentine gift from your daddy. You were love at first site for us both. You taught us to be more patient, tolerant, calm, and loving. You can teach all your friends those things too. I just came by to say I will never forget you, Zoe,Bo or Krissie or stop loving yo, any of you. Hope you have a great hearts day. Love you Prescious!

March 17,2016
Prescious, Prescious, Prescious, hello from mom and dad. Always thinking about you. Hope you are running free and playing with all your friends. Aubrey sends love. She has had a rough time this year with leg injury and surgery. She has something else going on now, ulcer maybe. She misses you too. We are hoping for a spring here in a couple of weeks you know how I dislike cold weather. Can't wait to get out and plant flowers and check on growing fish. Your other siblings aren't too sure about weather change. They have so much hair ,as you know, warm weather coming. They are more difficult to bathe.than you or Zoe were. So can't get rid of undercoat. You had an easy coat to clean and brush . Always so beautiful and elegant looking. Really miss you so much though I'm happy you are pain free and happy. I will see you one day though, and I will be happy and running free as well as pain free. Hope you has lots of bunnies to chase for Easter, just don't hurt then. Ahhh. Know you wouldn't anyway.. Happy Easter my Prescious girl, also to Zoe ,Lili, Bo and Chrissy. Love you all!,ute as fall down my cheeks as I think about you. Miss you so very much sweetness!

April 1,2016
Happy spring Prescious ! Wanted to say hello from mom and daddy and all your furry siblings. The flowers are beginning to bloom and temperature is warming some. I know you are running and playing with all your buddies. It'll be time soon for me to work in yard and plant some flowers. You know how I love the springtime. Think about you and me and Zoe sitting on screened porch at old house. What fun that was. Riley and Skye are hard to get into the fun of spring like you , they just want to run away. Don't get that. Afraid the coyotes will get them. Aubrey is still having a hard time with her leg and now her lab work. She still misses you and looks for you just like I do. I am glad though that your are free and playing all time. I can see you in my heart! You are always going to be in my heart,thoughts and prayers. Love you my Prescious !

April 3,2016
Hello my Prescious , a poem I read made me think of you. 'So this is where we part my Prescious. You'll run on and on and around the bend. Gone from site but not from mind ,new pleasures there you'll surely find. But your place I will hold. You will be surely missed. The fur I stroked, the nose I kissed, and as you journey to your final rest, take with you this,I will always love you the best' .you were my Prescious love and I will see you again at rainbow bridge. Love you Prescious.

April 30,2016
Hello my Prescious! Been thinking about you so much. Hope you are running wild in the spring meadows. Wish I could love on you and sit with you like we used to do. But I know you are healthy and not in pain anymore. I do enjoy thinking about our fun times and your mischievous adolescence. You were such a little rascal. So very Beautiful and loving you are......"I love you with all my heart and always will! Someday I will see you again! I promise! Love you O

Hey Prescious baby, please look for your friend Mesa at The bridge, she came over today and will need some love. Please show her how wonderful it is to run free! Love you so much!

June 17,2016
Hello My Prescious Girl! Thoughts of you and how much I love you came to mind. Want to say hello and bring a smile to my heart! Glad you are running free and in good health. There have been a lot of Sheltie babies crossing over the Rainbow Bridge the last week or two. Sad for families but they are not in pain and are playing with you and all your new friends. We have had some stormy weather here lately. Your siblings have been so very nervous and barking at every clump of thunder. Don't know what to do to help them any more than confining them and sitting with them. Your sister Aubrey has had some problems related to her leg injury and has been through a lot of surgeries, hopefully she is now on the right path to feel better? Riley, Skye and Ruby are all just traveling along. Skye reminds me a little of you, she can be sassy and sweet. Riley is always even tempered. Well just a little update on all of us, I miss you everyday, you are always in my heart and soul! Play hard and think of your earthly mommy and daddy and feel us in your heart too. I love you

August 23,2016
Hello Prescious Girl! Thinking of you little girl. Update you on your siblings . Your big girl sister has had a really rough year. She has had lots of problems with her leg and eventually had to have it removed. Has been rough but know you love her and she loves you. I really miss you sweet girl, every single day. Your new brother Riley and Skye and sweetie Ruby send their love to you,Zoe, Lili, Bo and Krissi. They head about you guys all the time. Try everyday to live up to the tales you all left behind. Of course they are all making their own wild adventures. Well run free girl and miss you so much. I love you my Prescious!

November 10,2016
Hello my Prescious girl! As usual I'm missing you so much. Your sisters and little brother are keeping us busy but they are not you. Aubrey is getting better a little better in a slow pace. Riley, Skye and Ruby are all enjoying this odd weather. We haven't had rain in nearly 2 months and the ponds are struggling. I know you are still welcoming other babies to the Bridge and making the transition easier for them. I am trying to do the same here with their families. We have had lots of Shelties leave for the Bridge in the last month or more. It is so hard for us left here to let go of our special babies. You are thought of every day with love and admiration , but I know you are running around without pain and suffering ! When you come across all your previous siblings, give them a wink for me. Love to you Prescious !

Dec. 5,2016
Hello my Prescious! Getting close to Christmas and much colder. Sure am thinking about you and missing you so! We have been looking thru pictures of our life throughout the years. So sorry I made you wear all those Halloween costumes and Christmas wear. Very cute at the time but you looked somewhat misirible. Was an adventure though. We had lots is adventure ans fun together and I treasure every thought so it. Daddy was enjoying the photos as well.all your siblings want to say hello to you. Looking forward to running free with you! I will find you when I get to the bridge. Dream about you lots and wake up sad to realize you aren't really here! But feel a sense of calm about the dream. I was closer to you. Never forget how much you are loved and missed. Take care my Prescious girl!

December 7,2016
Hello Prescious! Daddy and I miss you so much. Today would have been your 20th birthday. WOW! We were so blessed to have you with us for that time. All your siblings send Birthday wishes and love to you. They hear stories about you every day and think you must have been a Goddess, little do they know you were. Forever love to you my Prescious girl!

December 21,2016
Christmas season is here Prescious, missing you especially at this time. Hope you get to have a special day like this at Rainbow Bridge. Jesus birthday. I know you will be running and playing, sunning and chasing kitties. We put your Christmas ornament on the tree with a few tears in our eyes. Miss you so much. We were so loved by you and Zoe, and you warmed our home for many years. We truly were blessed to have had you with us. We will all say a little prayer for you on Christmas Day and know that you would love to tear up the gift wrap. Ha.....our earthly pups and kitty have a giant shadow to fill. They hear about you almost daily so they love you too. Run,play and make friends. We will be dreaming about you! Love you so much My Prescious!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas

December 25,2016
Merry Christmas my Prescious girl.thinking about you this special day. As I do everyday. Hope you had a wonderful day. We sure do miss you being here with us but know you are healthy, safe and free. Your sisters and brother send their love and warmth to you. They have eaten their treats and played until they are worn out. The company was really rough on them as you know, but we made it through. Run free my Prescious Girl. I love you so much!

December 27,2016
My Prescious Girl, I love you so much!,,

January 5,2017
Hello my Prescious! Want to tell you how much I love and appreciate you so. Such a hard day today for many sheltie mom and dads. A new little one crossed over your way today. Please look out for a puppy named Popper. She was in a terrible accident and was brought over today. Her earthly mom and dad are so sad as I am about you leaving me.. Please guide Popper around as he is a little bitty guy and maybe afraid. I love and miss you ever day and wish you could be with me here. I know that you are happy and pain free. You were my soul mate. I love you so!

February 1,2017
Hello my Prescious! The time is nearing to the day that we lost you to the Rainbow Bridge. So sad for us here but know you aren't in pain anymore. No more needles no more hospitals. But Lordy I miss you So much. Hope you remember me and how much alike we were and how much you mean to me to this day. There have been so many Shelties coming to Rainbow Bridge in the last 2 weeks. Guess you've noticed a crowd coming thru. Must be very hard for the newbys as well as for their families.. Other news big sister Aubrey is having a tough time getting around and problems with her blood. Know it won't be long before she is there with you! I will be very sad then too. Riley and Skye just turned 4 ,as you know. They had a little bit of party. Guess what! A Sheltie mom friend of mine is painting a piece of artwork of you. I just can't wait to see it. Sent her my favorite pictures of you and she is so excited to paint such a beautiful girl. I will be so happy when she is finished with it. You know so many times I think I see you around the house or feel you laying in bed with me. I'm so comforted for a little bit thinking you are right there with me. I will continue to think that you are. I will keep looking for the signs that you are watching over me, cause you know I need you to. I think about you everyday and love and miss you so much My Prescious Girl. Run free and feel me in your heart because you are in mine forever!

February 8,2017
My Prescios girl, today you've been gone from us for 4 years. I think of you everyday and miss your sweet loving face. Have a friend who has done some artwork for me of your sweet face although it is burned into my heart. I love you still and always will my Prescious !

February 14,2017
Hello my Prescious! Today is Valentines Day and I was remembering the time I brought you home. I had seen you and fell in love immediately. Of course Mark wasn't ready to bring another baby home yet, it hadn't been that long since we lost our Bo. But he agreed to go with me on valentine day ! And he fell head over heals for you too. So the story began! Just want to tell you that it was a wonderful life with you! I love you my Prescious girls

March 23,2017
Hello my Prescios, missing you and thinking about you laying on the porch with me in the spring. We sure we're good napping buddies. Aubrey will stay close but the other two aren't as lazy as we are. You would get right up here with me. You know spring is my favorite time of the year. Won't be able to do much this year though, I am having a very hard time with my hip. Aubrey hasn't been doing so great either. She is having kidney problems like you did and other issues related to her leg infection. You know she is a big girl and it's harder for her. Hope you see Miss Lili every now and then. Know she is up some tree there running after the birds and chipmunks as you are. So much fun...... DADDY AND I TALK ABOUT YOU SO MUCH AND WANT YOU, Zoe and Lili to be happy and healthy, that's what matters. Even though we miss you here. We were so lucky to have had you all with us. Happy springtime my Prescious, I love you dearly.

September 12,2017
Hello my Prescious Girl! Sorry I haven't been around in awhile. I've been with you in my heart every minute! I've been very busy the past few months. As you know I am much older and need lots of maintenance . I had a hip replacement surgery and have been moving Slow. No fun for anyone. Haven't been able to have any garden work fun or grass cutting fun. We have had some messy weather here lately not nice like your new home. Am so glad you are safe! All your earthly siblings want to send you and Zoe and all your friends a lot of love as well as your Daddy and me! I love you and think of you every day and want dearly to see you again

December 7,2017
Hello my Prescios girl! I hope that you have had a fun birthday with lots of friends. I've been thinking about you all day, you were such a darling little girl and still are! I do miss you so much and enjoy telling stories about you , looking at your pictures and just reminiscing about our adventures. Daddy has been going thru pictures and found so many cute photos of you running around in our backyard. That was such a fun ,fun time. Mommy has gotten so much older and less entergetic. I'm so glad that you can run and jump and play with all your new friends.
Good night my sweet Prescios girl, have great fun and happiness , we love you so much

December 25,2017
Merry Christmas my Prescious girl! I miss you and love you so much!

February 26,2018
Hello my little Prescious girl. I miss you so much every day. There have been so many Shelties that have come to Rainbow Bridge over the last few weeks. Feel sad for pups momma's. So hard to loose a wonderful friend. Hope you see some of the new arrivals and help them along. Sochi Strong and Lil Man need extra love please. You are the sweetest baby and know that you can help them. Well the weather here is getting warmer so Our favorite time will be here soon. You and I love Spring. The flowers on your gravesite are now blooming. Makes me smile. I feel like you are speaking to me when your flowers bloom. Aubrey is still getting thru every day with con't. Health problems, Riley has had skin infections going on and he is somewhat overweight. Skye is feisty as usual. And Ruby is well ,a kitty. A kitty with an attitude. .

Daddy has come across lots early pictures of you lately. We've had some lovely memories of you and Zoe. I am just happy for you that you are well and back to your spunky self.

Well your Mom and Dad think about you ever day and we love you so very much. Be happy!


Hello my prescious girl. It's been a long time but I still think about you every day! I miss you terribly. Always talking about you Or talking to you. You are so special And always will be. it's Christmas day and things are really tough here right now.
Your daddy is very sick and we are so worried about him. He has had a hard year and going on 2 years now. The treatments have been rough and are changing as he needs.
Hope you and all your sisters and brother are playing and running around.
We have another rescue, her name is Bella. She looks like Aubrey a little. She is very rambunctious and has a very loud bark Riley and Skye are in charge still. Ruby is showing her age more and stays inside mostly.
Besides the coyotes have really been active this year and don't want her to get in trouble.
Been very cold last couple days and as you know Shelties love cold weather. Been hard to get Riley inside.
I hope all the weather there is just perfect for you to play .
Well I didn't want you to think you are ever forgotten so wanted to check in and tell you that I love and miss you everyday. You just be happy there and run hard.
I plan on seeing you again. So don't forget me. Love you so much.

April 11,2022

Hello my Prescious. I'm sorry I haven't been talking to you very much. We have been very busy . You are always I. Our thoughts.
We sent you a little brother today. Riley developed the same disease that you had. Please take care of him for us. He will need you and Aubrey to show him how to have fun and run and play again. .
We love you and miss you all but we will find you at the bridge when we come!
Y'all don't forget us We love you !

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