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Memories of Sashy
Hello my beautiful baby Sash I'm so sorry I haven't visited you for a while but please know you are in my thoughts every day. I miss you as much now as the day you took your last breath.
Please remember Mummy loves you will all my heart we are together always
Lots of love forever
Your Mum. Xxoo 11.11.22

Hello my beautiful Sashy yet another year has passed without you. It doesn't get any easier sweetheart. I can't wait until we will be together again with you and Nanna.
I know I don't visit you as often as I should online but your ashes are with me every day.
Seven long years have passed since I put you to sleep forever. I don't think I will ever forgive myself Sash.
I hope you can find in your heart to forgive me.
I will love and miss you forever baby girl.
Lots of love forever.
Mummy. 02/11/2016 xxxxxx

Hello my beautiful fur girl, Merry Christmas my sweet, yet another year has passed since I lost you, you are in my heart and soul forever Sash. I wish you a Very Merry Christmas honey, I will be with you tomorrow and always. Take care be happy and healthy sweet, Mummy will visit you again soon.

Love you forever Sash
Mummy 24.12.14 xxxxxxxxxooooooo

Hello my baby girl time has flown since we were torn apart. Mummy still cries
For you I long to hold you and feel your kisses on my face. I hope you are doing well my sweetie and are happy and without pain. I cant wait to see you again. Mummy loves and cherishes you with all my heart. Sleep well now and forever until we are together again.
Lots of love & together forever Sashy.
Mummy 4.12.14 xxxxxxxxx

Hello Mummys Baby Girl, Merry Christmas, I hope you and Nanna are looking after each other, I miss you both so much. My Christmas was spent with the family as usual, had a good time. Angie and Angel send you lots of kisses as do I. I also send you special hugs and cuddles baby girl. Mummy is with you always sweetie.

Until we are together again honey

Lots and Lots of love always
Mummy xxxooo 25.12.12

Hello My Darling Sashy, it has been so long, please forgive me, even though this is the fourth year of your passing and it isn't getting any easier. Mummy just misses you so much honey.

My life has never been the same since you passed away, I just wished it hadnt been on my say so. Please know how much I love and miss you sweetheart, Mummy is with you forever.

Lots of love always Sashy
Mummy 8/11/13 xxxxxx

Hello my baby girl, I have left to visit you until now because today marks the 3rd year since you have been gone. My heart is still so broken since you have gone, I am so sorry I could not make you better. I have to thank you for letting me know you are ok, I am getting your message sweetie. I hope you are spending lots of time with Nanna and drinking lots of choclate shakes that I know you love.

Please remember honey, a day doesnt go bye that Mummy doesnt think of you.

I miss you more and more each day.

We will be together soon Sashy, love you lots and lots and with all my heart.

Love Mummy xxooxx

Hello Mummys special baby girl, another year has passed since you went away, time doesnt heal the loss sweetie, Mummy misses you as much today as the day I had to put you to rest. I will live with the decision I made for the rest of my life. Annie and Harley send you hugs and kisses and I send you all my love and kisses forever. We will be together again honey, I cant wait to hold you again.
Rest easy my sweet baby girl xxxx

All my love forever
Mummy xxxx

Hello My Beautiful little girl, it is so hard to believe it has been 12 months today since Mum lost you. Not a day goes bye that you are not in my thoughts and heart. I so wish I could have you back again even just for a little while. Mummy hopes you are resting and having so much fun with Nanny Zac Casey Ratty and Pen and now Nugget. Gee life gets harder the longer I am apart from you my little girl. I hope we can be together soon.

I will never forget you my darling, be at peace and know how much I love and miss you.
Together always baby girl.

Lots of love and kisses always my little girl
Mummy xxxxxxxxx

I hope you are playing in the rainbows my little girl, and getting plenty of love and lots of friends.

Mummy's sorry I couldnt make you better darling, all I wanted was to bring you home, we didnt even get to spend a last night together did we. I had to leave you at the vets. I hope you can forgive me sweetie, I kept hoping that you would be ok and I could bring you home.

I hope your not angry that Mummy put you to sleep, I did what I thought was right.

Mummy loves and misses you with all her heart honey. I will visit you again soon.

Until then, sweet dreams, lots of hugs and kisses to you my darling.

Lots of Hugs and Kisses Always
Mummy xxxxxxx

Hello My Darling Girl Sashy, hope you are doing ok, bye now you would know Zacky passed away after alot of pain, Aunty Kylie, Aunty Carol and Uncle Merv miss him so much, just like I do you, please look after him for them. You will also know that we laid Nanna to rest yesterday. I hope you have found her now and are together along with Pen Jen.

I really hope you are ok my little girl, Mummy misses you so much, the tears still flow with ease and I cant wait until I see you all again.

Im so sorry I couldnt take your pain away and make you well, all I wanted to do was to bring you home with me. I hope you can forgive me honey.

Mummy loves and misses you with all her heart, I will never forget you and the love we shared.

I will visit again soon darling, until then have fun my little fur girl and look after everyone for me.

Lots of love and kisses always

Mummy xxooo 14/6/2010

Hello My Little Sweetheart, Mummy hopes you are doing ok, are you having fun with Rats and Casey and Pen? I hope you have all become great mates. Mummy still stuggles without you everyday. My life will never be the same without you honey, but I do my best to keep going as I know thats what you would want me to do. Mummy cries everyday for you Sashy, but only because I miss and love you so much.

Can you tell Ratty that his Mummy misses and loves him very much too and sends him lots of kisses. Ratty, your Mum and I have become good friends, so I will always look after her. Your Mum can always leave messages for you as I know Sashy will always pass them on. I hope Sashy and you have become the best of friends and take care of each other. Lots of Love from your Mum and many kisses.

Angie sends you lots of kisses and hugs like I do Sash, I think of you every moment of every day honey we shared such a special time together you and I and I know we will be together again soon.

Enjoy the gifts I left you Sashy, I send you all my love hugs and kisses sweetpea.

Lots of Love Always

Hello My Darling, it seems so long since you have been gone. I miss you more and more each day honey. I cant wait until we will be together again.

My life is so different now without you, I remember all the good times we had Sash, but I would prefer to have you by my side not just memories.

Dont know if I told you, everyone gave me the most beautiful painting of you (on the grass near the pegola) I put it on the wall so you can keep an eye on me. I look at it all the time, it makes me feel like you are always here with me.

Nan is doing ok, Ky,Lisa and Aunty Carol and Uncle Merv are all ok too. Hope you have met up with Casey and Penny and are looking after each other?

Mummy just tries to live every day sweetheart, but its so hard without you.

I will visit again real soon my precious girl.

Lots of Love Always
Forever in my heart Sashy
Lots and Lots of Hugs and Kisses
Mummy xxxooo 10/3/2010

Hello my baby girl, I hope you are doing ok, Mummy is still so sad and missing you so much. I know I have angie now to keep me company, but shes not you my darling. We had and always will have a very special bond that even distance cannot break.

My life is so different now without you, I just hope you know that Mummy did what she thought was right, I never in my life or yours wanted you to suffer any pain. I know the last 12 months was very hard for you, I did all I could to make your life worth living. I just wish we could have stayed together.

When God says the time is right my sweet, we will be together again. Please look after yourself have lots of fun and most of all dont be sad, Mum is always with you.

I love you with all my heart darling.
Until next time.
Lots and Lots of Love and Kisses
Mummy xxxxxooooo 18.2.10

Our life together was so wonderful my little one. I could never explain how much I love you and miss you. Im sorry I had to make the difficult decision, but I knew you were only holding on for me.

Sashy Girl, I will be with you no matter where you are, we will be together again soon. I will walk with you always honey.

Lots and Lots of Love Always
Mummy xxxxxxooooo

It has only been 3 days my love and I miss you more than ever. Please know Im beside you and will never leave you.

They will deliver your ashes on Monday, so I will have you home again my Darling. Will visit you again soon sweet pea.

Love you forever Sash
Mummy XXXXOOOO 28/11/09.

Hello Darling, another day without you has gone by, I love & miss you with all my heart, be at peace now mummy's special girl.

Love you so much
Mummy. 29/11/09

Hello my special girl Sash.

Hope you are doing ok, Mummy is so sad without you. I received your ashes the box and photo is a testament to what a special girl you are.

I have made a shrine with your blanket, special dog toy,collar and ashes, and kneel beside it everyday to give you a hug.

I am walking and laying beside you my darling, I will never leave you. Thankyou for 13 wonderful years I will cherish them forever. Maybe one day I can again appreciate the start of a new day.

Dont be sad for me, how I feel is what happens when you love someone with all your heart and they pass away.

Lots and Lots of Love forever my darling
Your Mummy xxxxxxoooooo

Hello My Little Darling, its Friday, missing you so much. Just dont know what to do with myself. I have let Nanna know of your passing and she is very sad too.

Thinking of you and love you with all my heart
Lots of Love Always Mummy xxxooo 4/12/09.

Hello my little one. I am still missing you so much, thankyou for sending me Angie, she is helping to heal my broken heart slowly.

Not a day goes by when I dont think of you, and shed tears my sweet pea.

Mummy will be with you again one day, until then my sweet, take all my love and kisses and know Im with you always.

Lots of Love
Mummy xxxxoooo
PS. Annie,Nanna,Aunty Carol,Kylie,Lisa,Jodie and Zoe send their love too.
Night honey sweet dreams.

Hello My Little Darling,

Hello My Darling Sash,
Mummy hopes you are doing ok, I hope you Casey and Pen are all looking after each other.
Mummy misses you so much, I have a silver heart necklace now, in it I carry a lock of your hair, so I always have you close.

Thankyou for so much my darling, I miss you and think of you everyday.

Have a wonderful Christmas my love, Mummy will be thinking of you and missing you.
Always remember God created dogs, and because he loved them so much he decided he would give them his name spelled backwards. So I know you are being well cared for, until we meet again, I look forward your kisses again my little one.

Lots and Lots of Love and Kisses
Mummy xxxxoooo

Merry Christmas my special fur girl Sashy.
Your Mummy loves and misses you more and more every day, I find it very difficult without you today and everyday. I hope your having lots of fun and not in any pain now sweetie.
Remember, Mummy is with you every single day and night, you will never be alone.
I will love you forever my Darling

Lots and Lots of Love Always
Mummy xxxxxoooooo

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