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Memories of Sasha
Daddy posted pictures of you all over our apartment and in my car when you were just a pup, to convince me to let you come live with us. Your cute little poofy head cocked to the side got me, and we rescued you.

We bought our first house a couple years later, you got your own back yard! No more leash/chain every time you had to go outside. You loved it! In fact, you loved it so much that you would claim the neighborhood as yours- jumping the fence and running all over, forcing us to put up a privacy fence. You still loved your yard, jumping on the trampoline with the girls when you were all still young. Playing with your daddy was always fun too. Of course, you also enjoyed digging! You and our neighbor doggo Max would have play dates as we would remove a panel between our yards.

The snow, how you love the snow. We loved watching you run and play in it. You enjoyed it even in old age. Arthritis may have prevented you from playing, but you still loved to lay in it- even if your body didn't like it as much as your heart did.

You were always keeping us on our toes and acted very much like a puppy until a few years ago when arthritis kicked in along with other health issues.

You gave us a few scares along the way...including eating a pound of chocolate fudge, constantly eating raw meat and other goodies from the fridge (forcing us to put a lock on it since you could open it on your own). The most recent was the mass growth on your chest, it grew rapidly and ruptured on NYE 2020. You had emergency surgery to remove it a few days later. We opted not to have it tested for cancer since you were almost 15 years old and we knew your body and our checkbook couldn't handle the treatment. The surgery went well and your recovery was a long process (for both you & us) but you pulled through, and seemed to be brand new. You enjoyed a great quality of life again, and could even go on daily walks once more. You never failed to let us know it was time for your walk, followed by a yummy treat of wet food or doggy ice cream...then a few months ago your back legs and hips started to fail you, making it hard to walk and stand. Your daily walks turned into every other day and became shorter since it was so much work for your old body. Daddy noticed you had a new mass growth where we had the other one removed about a month or two ago. We knew your time was coming to an end...last night, you fell or collapsed outside and cried like we never heard, and you were bleeding from your throat/mouth. You couldn't get back up.. you wouldn't eat. We knew it was your time. We wanted you to have a little more, but you were in no shape and we couldn't let you suffer for us. We made the call we had to for you. You went peacefully and quickly on a rainy night. Your pack was with you, and stayed. Our lives are forever changed.

You gave us 16 amazing years, a long and wonderful life...but it's never long enough.

You're free of your pain. Enjoy your carefree runs in the snowy plains that you loved so much. I know grandma Kris welcomed you with loving arms and will keep you company til we meet again. Your buddy Max is running and playing with you too. Say hi to your feline siblings Dixie Kitty & Trigger. We were truly blessed with a great dog, companion, fur baby. We miss and love you all, Sasha Poofy

March 31, 2023: a year has passed since we last saw your beautiful eyes. I've taken your ashes outside when we had a good snow. I imagined you loved it, while I froze- just so I could imagine you running and playing in it like you once did. I hope you've found Dixie and Trigger, and I hope you are all getting along well. You are very much missed and loved Sasha.

April 3, 2024: It's been just past the 2 year anniversary of you crossing over. I still miss you and think of you often. I wish we could've had just a little more time, but it wasn't meant to be. 16 years was a great gift, but it's never long enough. Enjoy your eternal snow and aimless running, I know your happy there. We love you Sasha Poofy, until we meet again.

Please also visit Dixie-Kitty and Trigger.

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