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Memories of Sasha Puma
I have so much to say about my Sasha and how I adopted her at 8 weeks old from Jess Moore of Jalerran Huskies in Clarion PA. It all started when I met Kodiak my friend Joe's male Husky. It was love at first site and from there Joe had adopted Naya on June 17th 2006. The next day Sasha was born on June 18th and we missed seeing the birth by hours.

Afterwards Jess started sending me pics and after weeks of viewing I chose my Sasha, so on August 12th 2006 I jumped in my CRV and drove to PA to pick up my new family member. It was a bit frightening being that this was my first time as a pet owner and of all breeds, a Siberian Husky. My little pup cried a bit on the way home and my heart felt so guilty taking her away from her Mom and siblings. So driving home I had Sasha in the front with me and too my surprise she was a climber. She managed to climb on me and found comfort between the seat neck rest and my neck all the way home.

To greet her when we arrived in Prince's Bay was her new Grandpa and Nanny, she immediately bonded with my parents and it was love from that moment on. Immediately she met her new family and from that day forward Sasha began to live her new life with her Uncle Joe assisting in the training as well as her extended canine family Koda and Naya. The joy they all gave us playing in the backyard and learning.

Sasha loved jumping the back fence and visiting our neighbors Bill and Linda. In fact the most memorable was her jumping over the fence and walking on the in-ground pool cover. Without any hesitation and fear I panicked and ran on the cover to grab her fearing the cover would give way and she would fall in the pool. There are so many Sasha stories I can tell about raising and training her, some difficult but most a blessing. I would do anything to turn back the hands of time and relive those wonderful years.

Sasha brought so much joy to my family and friends. She welcomed each and everyone and had many adopted Aunts & Uncles who adored her, she greeted them all as they entered our home with love, excitement and sniffs. Sasha knew how to open doors, get my attention when wanting water, food or a treat. She loved relaxing on the front porch and kept her eyes on me at all times. People would pass and say look at the beautiful wolf dog.

I can go on and on about my special angel that gave me unconditional love, happiness, companionship and a reason to come home. She got me through hard times and sadness and was with me by my side all the time. She had no restrictions in our home because she was so careful and graceful and was with us at every holiday or dinner party. I made sure she got all the hugs and kisses each day of her life. All I had to say is Sasha give Daddy a kiss and she would hold her face up to my face.

I was blessed by God to have such a wonderful loving Sasha and THANK God that I was with her to the end. My dear baby girl I know you are at peace now and I know you waited for me on that beautiful Wednesday afternoon to spend your last hours giving me hope. You passed peacefully in my arms with Aunt Terry at our side. You will always be with me my little girl, your paw prints are forever in my heart and no matter where I turn I see visions of you in all corners of our home.

I know you will be waiting for Daddy at the Rainbow Bridge when my time comes. But in the meantime stay close to Koda, Buffy, Misha, Toto, Niko, Rusty, Zachary, Chelsea and be happy.

Always in my heart my baby girl!


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