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Memories of Sasha
I thank God for allowing Sasha to be part of my life and to love me unconditionally. Sasha was always there for me with her playful spirit and precious humility and her eyes full of love that reflected her sweetness within. She was the most amazing mix of strength and dignity & sweetness and innocence, wrapped up into a beautiful furry Akita with a bear face and white tipped feet & curled tail. She loved to play with the pull rope and to run in a figure eight pattern around the backyard trees. She loved to romp in the snow and to stand and smell the breeze. She was my baby and my friend. She knew how to make me feel better when I was feeling sad. She was a loyal and faithful friend. Thank you God for Sasha's life and letting her be part of mine. I will never forget you Sasha. Love you forever.

My Beautiful Sasha

My sweet darling baby, where did you go? I miss you from the deepest place within. You were all love and sweetness my precious angel.
Soar, soar above the pain and suffering of this world little one. Over the hills and valleys and sun and sky. You are free -- from pain, from confinement, from all evil.
My sweet little Sash, go with God... for He created you, Special One. He created the most beautiful creature when he made you. He knew the day you were born and He was with you in the moment when you left this world. He breathed life into your little fur-ball, round, roly-poly, puppy body.
He created your loving eyes, cute nose and mouth, and little white feet. I loved the softness of your coat when I pet you sweetie. God gave you a beautiful fur coat and dipped the tip of your tail in white angel dust. Your sweet humility almost looked like a sad expression on your face at times, but that was you, Sasha. You were also a bit of a wild child at times and loved to play. A snowy day was a great day for you. And you were so kind to tolerate the pesky kitten and other feline friends that came into your life in later years. I have to hand it to you Sash...you are an angel for putting up with them. 
I miss your smell. I miss your paws. I miss the way you looked at me, and your wagging tail that told me you were happy to see me. I miss your perky ears, and your nose, and your kiss. Most of all, I miss your heart.
You gave me so much hope. You gave me joy, and a feeling that I am always loved. I will treasure you in my heart for as long as I am alive, and sincerely hope that I will meet with you again one day. You are my forever friend.
I love you my Sasha. Baby girl... Sasha dog, (or as your Daddy called you) Pilly.
Rest in the arms of Jesus and breathe in the sunshine and warmth of His Love. I can see you sitting next to Him in guard dog pose, with His hand on your sweet head...
"Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father." Matt. 10:29
" 'It will also come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear. The wolf and the lamb will graze together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox; and dust will be the serpent's food. They will do no evil or harm in all My holy mountain,' says the Lord." Isa. 65:24-25

Softest fur
Curly tail
Tender heart
Faithful friend
Largest paws
With white socks on
Standing tall
Upon the lawn
Sweet sad face
Loyal love
God sent you
From up above
Ears perked high
Stoic stance
Long pink tongue
Smiling pants (breaths)
Smell the air
See the land
Running hard
Feeling grand
Collar on
With charms jingling
About your neck
As you prance into the room
Sitting in front of my legs
With back towards me
Ready to defend
Your human friend
You have burned an imprint upon my heart
You have been a gift of God
to model His unconditional love
for me.
My forever baby. I will never ever ever forget you.

Thinking of you again Precious Girl...my Sasha Girl. Love, Mommy. I miss you so much.

I am thinking of you and missing you Sasha. I am so sorry that you had to leave. You are in my heart forever, Baby Girl. It's almost Christmas and I wish you were here. You knew how to help my de-stress, and I always loved picking out a present for you. Sleep sweet lil' Sasha. I really hope to see you again one day. I cherish precious memories of you by my side. I know you loved me dear Girl. I will think of you this Christmas and always. I miss, miss, miss you Sasha! I miss saying "Good Girl" so I will say it now anyway to you..."Good Girl...good sweet baby girl." Precious gift to me from God for 13 years. I love you.

Missing you Sweet Sasha. I placed daisies and forget-me-nots on your memorial and finally updated to summer background scene. I am wishing you were here with me. I promise that I will never forget you Baby Girl. You were always so sweet and humble and kind...precious to me. It still hurts so much to think of what you went through that last week, and I wished I had more time with you. I'm so glad that we had an extra week with you to love on you and to say goodbye, but at the same time...I'm sorry for how much you had to bear through with surgery and swallowing pills, and syringe feeding, etc. I'm sorry for what you felt when you gave us that very sad stare the night before you passed, and can't seem to grasp that you are gone. It's like an ache inside my heart. I need to be grateful for the life you did have, 13 years. I miss your soft thick fur and touching the top of your head, then running my fingers around your ears. I miss the way you tilted your head and curled up your tail. I miss miss miss you Honey. I cherish my memories with you, and so glad God put you in my life for the time that He did. I will always love you, and will remember your unconditional love and loyalty. You are truly an angel.

For my Beautiful Sasha. Rest in Peace in God's Love. Play in His Kingdom. Remember me. For I miss you so much my dear sweet friend. I honor your memory today, Sasha. I am thinking fondly of you and our time together. Thank you for your sweet, loyal, unconditional love. I can't put into words how much your love meant and still means to me. Wishing you were here. I will love you forever. Your paw prints are imprinted on my heart. I will never forget you my precious girl. Beautiful sweet you. Sasha. I love you.

Dear Sasha, Life has been stressful and hard lately. I feel particularly alone lately. I still miss you honey. I have a new baby to take care of and his name is Buddy beagle. He needs me but I feel unequipped to care for him on my own sometimes. I guess he and I need each other. I wish you were here to meet him. I think you two would be great friends. I love you Sasha and think of you across the rainbow bridge. Thank you for being so sweet and part of my life. Hugs and kisses forever, Sweet Sasha.

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