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Memories of Sasha
I remember the day I brought home you and Satch. I had you both on my lap while I drove home from Virginia's house. You both slept most of the way. You were 8 weeks old. Seems like yesterday. As you got older you were so entertaining with your playfulness. We would come back from walks and you would go to the plastic pool on the patio and splash water on yourself, along with anyone nearby. Water went everywhere and it was hilarious to watch.

When you slept you would often chase rabbits in your sleep and your legs would move as you pursued your target. I loved having you curl up on the bed with me.

You did a great duet with Satch when he began his morning ritual of howling as my alarm clock for minutes at a time. If you were outside, a siren would get you both going again. I miss that now.

When we went to the park it was fun to watch you interact with the other dogs. Your first move was to give them kisses on the nose. You were such a sweetheart. You, Satch and Flame would walk and run around the perimeter of the park, checking out everything. Watching you run with your little pitter-pat gait was the best.

When you were diagnosed with cancer it ripped apart my insides. I saw your health decline slowly, and then the seizure. You didn't deserve that fate.
On that final evening I hope you know I sent you to the Bridge out of love, and I didn't want to do it. I held you in my arms until the end and when your heart stopped, my world collapsed. I miss you so much. I have your paw print and remains with Sybil and Flame. You are now reunited with Flame. Play with him and Sybil while you wait for me. Thank you for 14 dedicated and loyal years. I am hurting now, but you are at peace and pain-free. You have my heart, my snow dog angel.

(April 16, 2014) Today would be your 14th birthday. I lost you just 12 days before we could celebrate it together. I'm so sad you aren't here with me and your brother Satch. Happy birthday, my little girl. Wait for me.

(April 4, 2015) Hello my little girl. This is such a sad day for me. Your brother Satch is laying here by my feet right now and we both miss you so much. I'm looking at a photo of you when you were 11 weeks old. I wish we could go back and start over again. We were together a long time but it never seems enough. Run free like a Husky runs and save some playing for me again when we are together. Cancer is a horrible thing and you didn't deserve it. Enjoy the Bridge and keep waiting for me.

(April 4, 2016) Another sad day for me,Sasha. I took the walk around the block we did so often today, and I carried your leash and collar. You were here in spirit. I miss you so much. Your brother Satch is now with you at the Bridge. You two can play together again. You and Satch were my first Huskies and I'm so glad you picked me to be the home for both of you. Sasha, you were such a sweetheart. We will have a great reunion some day at the Bridge. Be happy, my little girl!

(April 4, 2017) To say I miss you is an understatement. I have many photos I look at to remember you. But you are in my heart always. I took our walk around the block with some of your fur I saved. It's sad to take that walk without you, Satch and Flame. We have Noelle now who reminds me a little of you. Teach her from heaven how to be like you. You were such a sweet girl everyone loved. I wish we had another 14 years and more.

(April 4, 2018) The sweetest dog to walk the earth. I wish I could still get the wet kisses you enjoyed giving everyone and all the dogs you encountered. You and Satch were great companions and filled the huge void I had when I lost Sybil. I hope you are enjoying the Rainbow Bridge while you wait for me. I will take our walk today, as usual. I miss you so much. A sad day that I try to make better by remembering you. Thank you for being with me.

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