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Memories of Sasha
I remember when you first came to us, how you couldn't walk too well on the kitchen floor (kind of slipping your legs out on all fours). I'd rush home at lunch to see you and play. Never could wait to get home at night. You were so much fun and so-o-o- cute. Boating with you was a real thrill-I remember how you wanted to go for a swim and Dad said ok, as I worried, you jumped in and showed me how you really loved swimming. We loved taking you to the mountains every weekend and long walks. We remember how you loved the squirrels, rabbits and birds and pacing and running back and forth across the deck watching them. Your beautiful face, freckled muzzle, long curly ears and docked tail was truly a picture to behold. How perfect! Talking to you was always great-you were the best listener-cocking your head from side to side like you understood. As grandkids came along you showed how much love you could share with kids. How all three kids loved you too. You were the perfect dog getting along with all dogs, children and every person you ever met. In our retirement, our snowbird lifestyle agreed with you also. You always enjoyed car trips and loved those 1200 mile adventures. You were fascinated with geckos, palm trees and the beaches. Especially those long legged egrets. I miss you so very much every day. Dan, who always brought you biscuits was asking Dad last week how you were. Dad told him you were in heaven and he said he "kinda thought so" - he knew you weren't doing so well here in Florida this year. He gave us his condolences as did Carol, Bertha, Ellen, Hector, Lil, Jerry, Mary June, Kevin, Betty as well as many others. The trip in October was sad without you. Coming into the house was uneventful without you following us. Every day I think of you, I miss you not napping on your blue blanket next to me. At night, not sleeping on your pink blanket (although some nights I still hear you snoring). We cleaned the house thoroughly when we arrived in October, but yesterday, Dad found a small chip of dog biscuit in the sliding glass door strip. I was excited and happy, I felt it was found to show us you are still part of our life and we will see you again in Heaven. Sasha, God gave us you for 15 loving years- you'll never be forgotten. Every memory I have of you is still with me. How you loved to be primped and bathed, such a proud dog. And how near the end you didn't enjoy your baths, your whimpers were sad, Dad having to carry you up the stairs every day, I know you were not yourself. Never once did you complain, as you'd try to get up and not succeed until your third attempt. And I know, Sasha, our bond with you was that of great strength. You've been my best friend when I was sad, my confidant when I could just sit and pat you as those beautiful eyes looked up at me with such deep understanding. You were a treasure worth more than any gold, the "First Prize" for capturing hearts. We put your full name on your papers as: Sasha the Duchess of Ariel. You'll always be "Queen of Hearts" to me. So, I'll close for now as I did every night, "Good night my little Petine", I love you. XXX OOO XXX

Dec,23, 2006 Sasha I'm missing you at Christmas. But I loved the dream of you the other night. In it you were playing with other dogs in a field that had a white picket fence with beautiful green grass and you were jumping and running. You looked beautiful and happy. I, especially loved when you turned your head to me and I was able to see your face and eyes. I will always remember this dream and find peace in it. If it never happens again it's okay. I know I will see you again....there is no doubt in my mind. Love you, Sasha, with all my heart. Merry Christmas!

Sept.8,07 Sasha it's been one year today and I miss you. You will never be forgotten. Dad and I put some flowers on your grave today. Five months ago we got
a wonderful little dog from the Underdog Animal Rescue League. We missed you so much that our house did not seem like a home without a dog in it. I am sure you would love Bailey, he hasn't replaced you but rather compliments your spirit. I hope you've seen Uncle Jerry....he wanted a dog so much but got so ill. He always would say what a great dog you were. Hope you and he are going for walks on beautiful hills in Heaven. Love you always, Mom & Dad

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