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Memories of Sas
The only comfort I can find right now is knowing that my 4 legged family has been re-united.
You know the joy's you brought to my life.
Forever you will be missed.

December 25,2007
Your first Christmas at Rainbow Bridge and I hang on to the belief that Jor, Jam, Pandy and you are celebrating this holiday together, and with all of your new friends.
Many of my thoughts and memories of you continue to fill my eyes with tears and my heart with sadness. I cherish the moments when I'm able to smile remembering your little antics, my little Mischief maker.
I've made a memory tree to honor your life and the life we had together.
Merry Christmas my Little Sas Fras-forever my love....

Just stopping by sharing my love with you today on your 9 month anniversary. I miss you Sas-always and forever my love~

October 4, 2008
Today on your 1st year anniversary at the Bridge I hold you close in remembrance.
They say sadness is a wall between two gardens.
How lucky I was to be blessed in sharing the many colors and shapes of our garden of life.
Your loyalty and unconditonal love placed in my care from our first meeting formed what I believe to be the root that bonded our hearts forever. Though my heart still feels so empty I continue to find some semblance of peace in knowing that you are with your sisters and new found friends and that gives me comfort in believing that our garden continues to grow and bloom.
Forever my love...

October 4, 2009
They say time heals all wounds. Just how much time I ask myself?
2 years ago today you crossed over to your next journey and left me having to begin navigating through my own. My prayer is that journey has been safe, peaceful and a celebration for you in joining your sisters. I send my love for you today and always...

December 25th, 2009
Your tree is decorated with mini ornaments and handmade milkbones with each of your names engraved. A candle lit to the side each night to shine my love to you. Merry Christmas my lil SasFras, sleep in heavenly peace.

January 31, 2010
Hi my precious SasFras, I come today to visit you today as my heart is feeling so very heavy right now. I can't help but think of the comfort I would feel with you in my arms, rubbing your belly and your making those moments into our own special "story time". Its funny Sas, the other night I was laying on the couch playing with Lucia and I couldn't help but feel how she has so many of your characteristics. Obviously the beauty of my love for Shih-tzu's, but there is something in her eyes that is so deep and mystical, I experienced those deep penetrating eyes with you and always found such comfort in the communication of them.
I do need to tell you that you taught Lucia well in the art of eating a spaghetti noodle. My lil SasFras you live on in my memory and in my heart forever...

October 4th, 2010
Hello my precious Sas, today is your 3rd anniversary and I come to celebrate what a wonderful girl you were to me. I was looking at some of your pictures earlier, such a beautiful Shih-tzu you were. The laughter and good times that you brought to my life are sacred in my heart and will remain there for always. Your second mom sent an email a few months back of a pup that had gotten into lipstick, how we both so wished that we could have had a photo of you and Pandy and the tp episode. That memory and memories of you remain with me always. Someday we'll all be together again, until that time my love...kisses and belly rubs

October 5th. 2012
Hi my lil SasFras,
Today, your 5th anniversary in crossing over to Rainbows Bridge I wanted to come visit with you and tell you just how special you were and are to me. They say there is a season to reap, to sow, to love and to grieve. Living on an island has taught me a new way of approaching each changing tide I encounter. I would so love to still have you sharing each day with me in the physical sense, but I have you within my heart sharing my life in a soul connection that cannot be separated. I send my love, kisses and belly rubs until our tides meet again....

October 5th,2013
Hello my precious SassFras. I cannot believe it has been 6 years today. My love for you remains...always

October 5th,2014
7 years since I last held you in my arms-
My love for you remains...always...until we are together again

Oct 5,2016
My lil SasFras 9 years have passed and I only hope that you and your sisters have reunited with Grandma....until we meet again, my love

Sept 25,2017
Its hard to imagine that it has been almost 10 years without you. Sweet kisses my precious Fras...my love

Dec 25th, 2018
Merry Christmas my Lil SasFras. Always my love.....

November 8th, 2021
My precious Sas, Lucia crossed over the Bridge this week. My heart is broken. I am reaching for comfort in that my 5 girls are re-united. Each of you remain in my heart forever. Love you

Christmas 2021
Merry Christmas my precious SasFras. Forever ny love

October 2022
Holding you close in the forever etched memory of our lives together, forever and until,,,my love

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